The Revolution will be youtubed

The Revolution will be youtubed
by Multiple Personality Disorder

The Revolution will be youtubed

Turn to your computer
The Revolution is on youtube
Click on play
It's the reckoning day
One dead here, one dead there
Click on pause
The Revolution is going nowhere
Grab a beer
Click on play, have your beer
No commercial interruptions
Only you and your inhibitions

Just sit and relax
Grab some snacks
Have some chips
Have another beer
It’s a diet
The Revolution is going nowhere

Have no fear
It's only dots and dashes
You will not turn into ashes
Have one more
It's a diet
Have a biscuit
Some chocolate
It's all dots, dashes, and digits

The Revolution will be youtubed
Make a comment
Makes you feel good
You're here, they're there
Knock on wood
Have a beer
The Revolution is going nowhere

Shed a tear
Have a beer
Click on pause
That's how it was
Two men were hanged today
Nine more will die another day
Have no fear
You’re here, they're there
Click on pause
Use the crapper
The Revolution is going nowhere

Sit back on your chair
Think abut your lover
One raped here, one raped there
That's the story of our nightmare
Shed a tear
Say a prayer
Have a beer
The Revolution is going nowhere


February 2010





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 I don’t think anyone

by james00230 on

 I don’t think anyone should undermine what the Iranian diaspora does. Most readers here still care about Iran and are looking for ways to help with regime change.


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Footage from the Protests in

by vildemose on

Footage from the Protests in Lar There has been a lot of unrest and clashes in the southern town of Lar in the past few days. The footage is only just coming out and I just love what the crowd are chanting here:

"I won't live under despotism
 I will sacrifice my life for freedom
 Down with compromise"


Nice one MPD

by divaneh on

A very nice and timely poem. I don’t think anyone should undermine what the Iranian diaspora does. Most readers here still care about Iran and are looking for ways to help with regime change. Even Sarkar Barandeh cares for Iran in his own negative way. I know many people who are purely passive. But as this poem reminds us, we need to get in front of the embassies and do more to help the cause. Thank you MPD for that reminder.



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

Thank you for mentioning the 9 people, who have been condemned to die by IRI, in your poem. I have been following their fate....last time I heard they are in the appeal stage.....I am not sure if their conviction is overturned or not......

The last stanza (octave) of your poem really makes me think:


Sit back on your chair
Think abut your lover
One raped here, one raped there
That's the story of our nightmare
Shed a tear
Say a prayer
Have a beer
The Revolution is going nowhere


I know I have not done enough to help out even though I never drink beer!




by masoudA on

that was great - it will be U-tubed


Please do not expect so much from propagandist SS Major

by Fair on

He is following the party line.

He has repeatedly made these Orwellian comparisons which are ridiculous, and as FG and others have made clear, Waffen SS Major will never dare answer the very basic questions about this regime's nature. He will only repeat like a a parrot completely invalid comparisons with the US. When did Nixon or Johnson go on national TV declaring war on the American population, or the head of any national body publicly go and call for execution of protestors.

Will the waffen SS major run away once again? I thought so.

Just watch.



AMIR1973 readers: please check out this link

by AMIR1973 on



The author of this piece, who goes by the name "Mark Pyruz" sounds a lot like our own "Sargord" Pirouz. Mark Pyruz, Sargord Pirouz. Hmmm.....  


"Sargord": let's see your evidence

by AMIR1973 on

You state: "The US movement also suffered a large number of imprisonments and protesters gunned down by security forces."

How many protestors were killed by US security forces in the late 1960s/early 1970s? How many Iranians has the IRI killed since June 2009; how many thousands has it executed since coming to power in 1979? 


Thank you FG

by thexmaster on

For taking the time to post all that information knowing very well that such facts will largely be ignored by Sargord Pirouz and other Western based IRI supporters.  One of their main tactics is to distort and rewrite US history in order to make comparisons to the IRI for the sole purpose of making their actions seem justifiable by US standards.

What's perplexing is why he continues to distort when he knows very well such information is easily and quickly verifiable in this day and age.  I suppose the IRI and their supporters are still counting on people's gullibility.  

Just wanted to add one more: 

--Unlike Khamenei's Iran, government officials didn't come out on TV and threaten to kill 75,000 citizens to protect the regime, and they didn't threaten to parade the bodies of the executed to discourage further protests.



Immediate Actions Coord. by Amnesty Int. ca. 02/11/2010

by MM on

The Amnesty International is gearing up to cover the events in Iran and shame the shameless regime on 22nd of Bahman.  The following are some of the the additional actions you can take to show solidarity with the people of Iran.


  • Bloggers Unite: Join our network of blogger's covering Iran and the events on February 11th.
  • Twitter Followers: The hashtag #iranelection was one of the most widely-used in the post-election aftermath. Since the violence is still unresolved, we'll continue to tweet using this hashtag. Make sure your related tweets include: #iranelection.
  • Share Online: Help share the message of February 11th by adding our solidarity image to your blog, website or social networking profile.
  • Take Action to add this badge to your website or blog.

    Cut and paste the code below to embed the Iran Solidarity Badge in your blog or webpage: <a href="//"><img src="//" width="136" height="174" alt="Unite 4 human rights in Iran" border="0"/></a>

  • Watch our video playlist on Iran

  • If you know someone or if you, yourself, expect to be in New York on February 11th, then be sure to wear black and join our coalition of activists as they stand in a silent vigil for the people of Iran.

We will be keeping a close watch over Victory of the Revolution Day events. Our collective voices can help keep high-level Iranian officials in check. If authorities yet again brutally suppress people's right to peacefully express their opinions, we will harness the power of the Internet to push right back!


MPD, Affarin!

by Monda on

Your Best poem so far.


Sargoud's phony history + 5 questions he will NEVER answer

by FG on


 re: The US movement also suffered a large number of imprisonments and protestors gunned down. 

If the US government has behaved anything that,would have lost the support of over 90 percent of its people, as ther Khamenei regime did.  

Conside what happened to Richard Nixon, a landslide election winnner, simply because of Watergate, an incident taken so seriously by Americans but which looks like a joke compared to Khamenei's crimes.  Even most members of Nixon's own party turned on him. 

The total number of peaceful demonstrators killed by any US government forces in the sixties was FOUR, and that was in one untypical (not "standard") incident as in Iran.  More on that later.

Unlike Khamenei's Iran , NOT ONE single was arrested simply for voicing his opinion.  The courts would have released him immediately had the government dared try it. In Iran, the government can act as arbitarily as it wants as it tries to make clear to Iran's people daily in efforts at intimidation. 

--Unlike Khamenei's Iran, the US government does not arrest and torture parents, spouses or children of demonstrators to put pressure on them to confess.  

--Unlike Khamenei's Iran, injured protestors wetre hauled out of hospital to end up being secretly buried in mass gravrs. 

--Unlike Khamenei's Iran, the government didn't dispatch security thugs to raid and trash dorms, homes and places of worship of anyone who spoke up.

--Unlike Khamenei's Iran, anti-Vietnam  demonstrators were not secret imprisoned for months, denied legal representation and visitors,  raped, tortured into false confessions, denied medical care and the right to defense, denied open and public trials, then given long sentences or executed in droves after show trials. 

Unlike Khamenei's Iran, the US government did NOT arrest or round up journalists for reporting on demonstrations.  

Unlike Khamenei's Iran, the US government did NOT shut down papers and arrest those who wrote critical editorials, unlike Iran. 


The ONLY shooting of any demonstrator was unplanned and occurred at Kent State.  Nervous reserve troops opened fire and killed four demonstrators.  Unlike Iran, there was nothing calculated or planned about it.   No governor  or president ordered it, unlike Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, Taeb, the Yazdis, etc.  No officer ordered troops to open fire. 

NOTEWORTHY: Every major newspaper and every TV network not only reported that shooting by national guard troops but headlined it.  They were not arrested or threatened for doing so.   Disapproving editorials were everywhere but none were arresrted and no media shut down.

NOTEWORTHY: no one threatened the relatives of the four killed at Kent State if they compalined.  No one interfered with their funerals, unlike Iran where--while the police do nothing-- Khamenei's vigilantes seize bodies, break into mosques, ban most mourners, etc.


1. Why do you think crimes of the sort Khamenei and thugs have committed against the Iranian people wouldn't make him as deeply unpopular with Iranians as any Amertican president would be had he done things one-millionth as bad?

2. Do you think Khamenei earned his $36 billion or dozens of hardline mullahs earned their multi-millons.  Are they not thieves?  Did you know Obama's whole estate is worth well under a million?

3. Do you think it is fair at the same time that Iranian workers go payless fore months and anyone who complains is beaten by Basilj or arrested and jailed and sometimes executed?

4. Do you think those workers still love the goverrment, considering items #3 and 4 above?  Then throw in inflation, the IRCG economic monopoly, the collapsing banking system, etc.?

5. Can you give one reason--other than money if you are one of the well-enriched insiders--why any normal Iranian with human values find anything to admire about Khamenei or his regime at this point? 

Anahid Hojjati

Dear VPK, you are right and Diaspora did well in past month

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear VPK, you have made very good suggestions.  I think in the past month, Iranian Diapora has done well.  Iranian Diaspora have done their part by demonstrating, raising their voices and countering people like Leverettes, interrupting concerts, writing on web sites and other actions.  Let's continue.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

We will help

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I agree with Anahid. But we also need to do our part. I know some people  are doing their best so I am writing this as a general comment:

We should raise the issue of executions of protesters. If we can get Hillary Clinton to mention their names; we may have their lives spared. 

If we can get international warrants against IRR killers it will put fear of real god in them. It will provide cover for the demonstrators back home.

We should also counter the nonsensical propaganda from IRR apologists: Leveretts; Boyle and Ommani. 

To do so we need to start writing to op-ed pages of major news papers: Washington Post; New York times; Los Angeles Times; Wall Street Journal and so on.

This is a multi-faceted movement. It requires participation from all of us. In Iran; US; and everywhere in the world. 

Anahid Hojjati

Nice poem

by Anahid Hojjati on


Your poem is nice but I think those of us in Diaspora can still help.

Sargord Pirouz

That's Gil Scott Heron.

by Sargord Pirouz on

That's Gil Scott Heron. Believe it or not, I used to have the original album.

That actually makes for an interesting comparison. America's anti-establishment movement of the late 1960s/early 70's, and Iran's current Green anti-establishment movement.

The US movement also suffered a large number of imprisonments and protesters gunned down by security forces. The radicalized element of the movement called for revolution.

After seven years of protest, some of it quite massive, there was no revolution. It simply died down with the changing times.

This may possibly be the same outcome for the Green protests. We'll see.