Who is Trita Parsi?


Lets cut through the propaganda spread by pro-war pro-sanctions Iranians on this site. Watch this video:


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Faramarz_Fateh makes me laugh


It's rich, coming from someone who not too long ago posted a blog about how Islam bashing is justified. good to know you, heheheh.


user profile.">Reza-Rio de Janeiro, you made the comment about Trita Parsi being a joke. It is up to you to explain to those of us who actually read his book and sat through this hour long video just why you think that? I know its hard for Iranians to set all their biases aside and think from a neutral perspective but do try!



Little Tweet

Dr Trita Parsi

by Little Tweet on

"First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you and then they attack you and want to burn you..." Some day they will build monuments to you. 


MoosircaPiaz finished Akaaber

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Dear Reza,

All the Islamist on here have finished 6th grade in nightly Akaabers.

Their command of the English language as well as their deep knowledge of the geopolitical issues of our time is astounding.


Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Professor MoosirvaPiaz!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Look, If making fun of my comment (about realities in Iran and the fact that a large group of selfish Iranians inside Iran collaborate with the Islamic regime for massive economical benefits) makes you feel better about yourself and makes you feel as a superior individual here on this stupid on line discussions, so be it, have fun, knock yourself out and good luck ...

You are not worthy of reading such book even if I had one to write about it ...

You don't need to be a Political Scientist to understand the simple realities of life and its situations ...

PS. In my earlier comment, I did not mean to disrespect Mr. Parsi. I just wanted to convey a message that so many Iranians inside Iran do not give a damn about what is really happening to this country! They are just after their own personal agenda, money and power... No matter how many of their brothers and sisters get impriosoned, tortured and killed... I can only respect Trita Parsi and others like him for their level of education and peaceful views on so many levels concerning Iran, Iranians and the world. However, since I don't know Trita Parsi, his likes and their motives personally, I can not 100% support him as an Iranian who honestly cares and loves Iran. I don't think, anyone here can claim he or she is sure of anything and anyone about Iran anymore...

Peace and Love


ex programmer Craig

by Jaleho on

I have a 180 degree difference in opinion in many subjects with you, but amazingly, I have noticed that in certain subjects, for example some of US foreign and economic policies, I completely agree with you.

You may have written this before, but I have not read your opinion about NIAC or Trita Parsi.  Could you please elaborate on that if you don't mind. I am jsut curious to know the totality of your point of view better. Thanks.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

You've been an IRI goon since before you ever mentioned Trita Paris or NIAC, and you'll continue to be an IRI goon under that name and any others you use on this website. Don't blame people for correctly identifying your agenda.


You guys don't get it.

by hass on

No no, you don't understand: Maryam Rajavi is the "only viable alternative" and "President-elect" of Iran, and His Unemployed Majesty Raza Koochooloo has learned to say "democracy" three times in a row. Therefore, Trita Paris is a stooge of the IRI and anyone who says otherwise is an agent of the akhunds. Get it?


Where is the evidence?

by Mammad on

Where is the evidence for a link between NIAC and Dr. Parsi and the Alavi Foundation? Give us one credible source, reference. Just one!

Dr. Parsi is a pseudo-intellectual (the man has published the most definitive book about Iran-Israel relation), but the people who baselessly attack him and have nothing to offer other than mumbo jumbo slanders are intellectuals? Amazing! 



Faramarz_Fateh propagandist


throwing bunch of baseless accusations out there to see what sticks? I'm sorry but you gotta do better than that. Like PROVE your claims. Show me the bills. And then I'll believe you.

In the mean time, care to point out which parts of the video you disagree with? If you've watched it at all of course. 


Alavi (Islamic) foundation funding Trita Parsi & others

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Bonyade Alavi, previously known as Bonyad Pahalvi has been funds IRI supporters such as Trita Parsi by buying them spots on faculty of U.S. universities; how?  By giving these universities a whole bunch of money stolen from people of Iran in form of grants for chairs in political science and international relations departments.

Motto of Alavi foundation is "Supporting the teaching of Islamic culture and Persian language, literature and civilization"

Don't get fooled by pseudo intellectuals like Trita Parsi; he is an ardent supporter of IRI.


Reza-Rio de Janeiro the poltical scientist


I would love to read your book on this issue. You must be very informed.


Smart & well informed Dr Parsi causing panic for some...

by IRANdokht on

For anyone who sits through such interview, it's hard to deny Dr Parsi's reasonable, logical analysis and peaceful views. Thank you so much for posting this clip!

I think all the negative propaganda and the most recent attacks have shed a positive light on NIAC and people who might have not even bothered to know more, have an opportunity to learn what Dr Parsi stands for.

The hateful people who'd rather bomb Iranians and destroy the country's
infrastructure are in a panic mode. Look at their reasoning! How do you
counter their pathetic rhetoric? If they're not willing to hear the
voice of reason, they're doomed to struggle with their own ignorance
for a long time.

Thanks again! 


Reza-Rio de Janeiro

News for you...

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

For majority of Iranians inside Iran, Trita Parsi and his likes are a joke! This characters are just designed for the Iranians outside Iran...

Last week I came across a young (32 year old) Iranian man who visited United States for business. He is a very sharp and modern young Iranian man. His buisness is a Travel Tour from Iran. He brought 20 rich Iranians from Iran (via tourist visa from UAE) to U.S.

I spoke to him for at least 4-5 hours about what he thinks about current Iranian political situation, Green Movement and etc.

His response was that besides those very young people and students who are protesting for individual Freedom, majority of Iranians can not afford a regime change due to massive financial and economical interests that they have established with this Islamic regime one way or another... Most of these people do not even think about politics and who is in charge... As long as they do not question or challenge Islamic regime, they can continue doing massive business and make tons of money...

Another words, him and people like him are all about doing business, making huge and easy profits and traveling around the world for business, vacation and have tons of fun at the expense of millions of other Iranians held hostage inside.... And the saddest part is that these kinds of Iranians inside Iran do not believe in Islam and/or Islamic regime and in most cases are more advanced than avarage Europeans and the Americans on so many levels... Their only goal in life is personal success and money.




by timothyfloyd on



Thanks for the post

by Abarmard on

He is right on.




I am not a stooge for Parsi. I am someone who doesnt want war with the US. If it means using people like Trita to reach that goal then so be it.

Why cant you people accept that some of us defend Trita and NIAC not because we may agree or disagree with his worldview but we have a common goal of preventing confrontation between US/Iran.


Parsi's stooges are hard at work on iranian.com

by peace45 on

Paris is an agent of Iranaina regime..so simple..

Then explain how  Parsi set up meetings between U.S. congressmen and
the Iranian ambassador to the UN??? 


Why he would do that??


Brilliant ideas expressed eloquently!

by Jaleho on

This interview captures the best of Trita's book, and much more, thanks to the clever questions by Kreisler.

Iranian community in the US are lucky to have such a smart and hardworking person like Trita Parsi representing a large majority of Iranian Americans.

His intellect, knowledge, and a healthy energy by which he gets things done, clearly scares the dwarfs. Thank you MOOSIRvaPIAZ for a fantastic link. This link should clear the "who" and "why" of attacks against Trita.


And I am just curious how

by Bavafa on

And I am just curious how many of those who advocate military strike on Iran, are willing to take arms and be on the first ground troop to go and fight? Or is it more of a case of some vultures like behavior to say go and fix it so I can come and enjoy it?

Lets take a roll call and sign up here if you are willing to go and fight



mahmoudg supports war on Iran


Yes, let the American justice system prove you wrong. In the mean time, lets talk about how you like to get US to go to war with Iran.

"Precisely whey we need militrary intervention to rid iran of the Mullahs." -- mahmoudg





now now, lets not get on the defensive when he gets caught

by mahmoudg on

The American justice system will prevail.  Something that the regime in iran denies his own people.