Please tell me what you think?

Please tell me what you think?
by mohammad reza razavi

I do not know if you had similar problem! Few days ago, one of my friends has asked me about a strange technical problem in Adobe Photoshop! This problem is a very specific scenario when you want to edit the picture of Iran president (Ahmadinejad), I have attached the captured screen of the photo. Please tell me what you think?


Do you have any solution for this critical problem?!

Best Regards,

Mohammed Reza Razavi


Please Don't tell anyone but Mohammad Reza Razavi is a well educated young man with considerable experience in management, finance, marketing and PR. He has worked with such recognised companies as CIA, FSB, SAVAK, SAMVA, MOSSAD, MI6, MI7 and MI8 (although only for a short time because of fear of high numbers). He is currently conducting research into "how to survive on minimum wage". His earlier researches includes " how to leave home without being arrested" and "how to speak your mind and stay alive". He is also writing a book on "The road to the inner circle: how to use beard and sandals to your advantage". He can be contacted by email:


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by Mehdi on

Import a picture of Olmert. Perform the same steps. It will copy a huge chunk of manure (horse shit, to be exact) into clipboard. Then Paste that any place you like. That should fix the issue.