You will find these pictures only in Iran

You will find these pictures only in Iran
by MM

تو هر کشوری، چیزهایی وجود داره که مخصوص همون کشوره!!
مثلا هند تنها کشوریه که گاوها می‌تونند با خیال راحت وسط اتوبان بخوابند!
یا تبت تنها کشوریه که چند همسری برای خانم‌ها وجود داره
و ...
تصاویری که در ادامه می‌بینید هم تنها توی ایران می‌تونید پیدا کنید...


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Majid, ur welcome - Divaneh, my favotite is....

by MM on

the hardy congratulation for the successful completion of a honeymoon, and it sure made me think about the yard-stick the co-workers used to measure his success, but it was hard to decide, though.



by Majid on


Cool, thank you :-) 


Thanks MM Jaan

by divaneh on

This is an excellent collection. I am however not sure about putting the future of Israel in the hands of Lors. Probably they will attack the Palestinian with stick and then come back and do the stick dance.


Thanks Anahid; My pleasure - PS, Majid

by MM on


If you have lots of pictures that you want to line up horizontally and vertically, it may be easier to use PowerPoint, instead of Word, where by zooming down, you have a large area beyond the allotted area to resize, align and even number/comment on many photos, See e.g., //, and then copy and paste them into Photoshop, as per my last comment.


There are much better computer wizards on IC.  VPK is just one example I know of.  I just know enough to get by.  Thanks for your compliment, nonetheless.

Anahid Hojjati

MM jan, thanks for these hilarious pictures

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear MM, what a funny picture. I particularly liked the quote from "Thomas Edison" regarding "esmate khanomha". Only in Iran, you find a picture like this. Also thanks for instructions.  You are quickly becoming our technology guru with your helpful hints regarding facebook, tires shelf life and now these instructions about pictures. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Majid jaan - it is easy if you have some basic tools

by MM on

I use the combination of Microsoft Office 2007 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 (an older Photoshop program, but works).  I think MS-2003 works well too. 

You can also import the pictures directly into Photoshop, but one needs to manipulate the size of the Photoshp page (a pain) with my version. 

Here is what I do:

MS part:

1. copy/paste the pictures one after another into MS-word (powerpoint works too, but need more manipulation).  In MS-Word, you must use the "paste special" button and make sure you click on a photo format like bitmap.

2. Once all pictures are assembled one after another one in MS-Word, select all and click on copy to take them into the clipboard.

Photoshop part:

3. Open Photoshop and click on "file --> new from clipboard"

4. All photos will be impoted into Photoshop, already formatted and ready to be saved as a format of your choice.  I usually go for bitmap since more universally accepted and they take less space. part:

5. I am not good at manipulating pictures in the IC site, but in Photoshop you can go to image --> resize --> image size and set the width to ca.  6.5 inches (almost perfect for the allowed section on IC blogs) and the length will be automatically adjusted by Photoshop.  This way, you do not need to email JJ for help.  If you do not like the size seen on IC, go back to Photoshop, adjust the width again and import into IC under the edit mode.

Good luck.


ام ام عزیز



عکسهای جالبی بود ممنون.

یه سؤال: چه جوری چند تا عکس رو بهم میچسبونی یا ترکیب میکنی؟ به ما هم یاد میدی؟


MM jan,

by Mehman on

خیلی عکسهای با مزه ای بود! کلی خندیدم...


Good ones, though one can find similar ones here as well

by Bavafa on

though one can find similar ones here as well.