Obama: Osama Bin Laden is dead

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Osama Bin Laden has been killed and his body is presumably in US custody.

Could not do it as news since it is not on the net yet.


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I gave my goldfish a burial at sea too

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by flushing it down the toilet, but the sea Osama was dumped in will remain najes for a while!

His body could not have been given back, since that would create another emamzaded-type destination for the nut-job fanatics.

Azadeh Azad

Let's look at the body

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I believe the guy has 6 wives and many children........lets see what US is going to do with his body? Keep it or return it to his relatives? I am waiting for his family's reaction and Al Gaeda's reaction!

Kaddafi must be scared of the latest development!

Thank you for sharing!

Osama's compound has been mapped on Google:


Osama's son was also killed:




Congratulations to all peace loving people

by Bavafa on

Only if a few more of those warmonger leaders around the world could join him now, the world would certainly be a better place.

And congratulations to Obama and his leadership who accomplished this in two years when GWB could not do in seven years.



Amen Bro

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 Saw your comment and checked Drudge,Right On!



Osama bin Laden, the face of terror, killed in Pakistan

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