Inside the mind of Google - Dangers of doing a Google search

Inside the mind of Google - Dangers of doing a Google search
by MM

Do you do searches on Google on subjects that you dare not even mention to your doctor, spouse, kids, minister, friends or the government?  Are you concerned that the Google search you just did may be available to others? 

Google, along with its new gadgets, Android mobile software, Google-apps and adwords (pay-per-click), is nearly cornering the market on searches and services provided to the consumers.  And, millions of people do Google searches without batting an eye.  However, that information, along with your IP address, becomes stored in Google headquarters for 18 months and are available to the government agencies, to begin with.  As a matter of fact, Google's background search information are subpoenaed in "thousands" of lawsuits, and in some cases, Google is compelled to oblige.  So, do not be surprised if you do a Google search, and as a result, you are not able to board a plane, or your spouse uses the information is his/her divorce proceedings!  Even more scarry, is the thought of this information becoming a commodity being bought and sold! 

If you can stand the initial load-time and intermittent ads, this CNBC 43 min video documentary is a show-and-tell of what happens to your Google searches.



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Thanks Sue - YW Anahid - Divaneh: I am with you on that

by MM on

But, I am pretty sure that the governments have their own gadgets as well to monitor the flow of information/searches in the WWW.  If you remember, Nokia provided IRI with a software that enabled the government to monitor and look for key information for the purpose of prosecuting Iranian cell-phone users.

Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Sue for the link. I will try it.

by Anahid Hojjati on

Thank you.

Sue Zahedi

Safe search engine

by Sue Zahedi on

Try using this search engine which doesn't record your ip add.



I welcome this

by divaneh on

I hopefully receive less sales materials through the door once they find out that all my searches contain the words "Free" or "Cheap".

Anahid Hojjati

Dear MM, thanks for the warning but then...

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear MM, yes, it is true that some times as result of search, you may find information that you did not intend for it to be availavle to so many people. I have to say that more likely is the case that people get access to valuable information that without search engines would take much longer to get access to.

MM jan, but are there any search engines that do not have this problem that you would recommend them? or is this something that people should just know but they will have to live with.