IIC CALL FOR ACTION for sale of anti-riot trucks by the Chinese government to IRI


IIC CALL FOR ACTION for sale of anti-riot trucks by the Chinese government to IRI
by MM

We were disappointed to see the news (See below) of the expedited sale and delivery of anti-riot trucks by the government of China to IRI to quell the democratic voices in Iran. The International Iranian Counsil (IIC) has started an email campaign to the LA-Times to shame the Chinese government as well as boycott the purchase of Chinese goods for their expedited sale of anti-riot trucks to the government of Iran. The call for action is also posted at the events section of the International Iranian Counsel (IIC) site in Facebook at //www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=244445327930&index=1.

We are calling on an email writing campaign to LA Times (until the end of Jan 2010) who was the first major newspaper in the US to publish the story. Below, please find the step-by-step details on the email-writing campaign to the LA-Times.


ACTION details

1. Please click on LA Times comment page at:

2. enter subject as: Expedited Sale of Chinese Anti-Riot Trucks to Iran

3. enter your email and name

4. copy/past (or your own comment) the following statement into the form:

Dear Editor,
Many of us in the Iranian Diaspora were disheartened by your Jan 1st, 2010 story that the Chinese government expedited the sale of the anti-riot trucks to the Islamic Republic of Iran. We want to express our disappointment and outrage on the sale of these anti-riot trucks to quell the democratic voices in Iran, and call for a boycott of Chinese goods by all those interested in seeing the establishment of a democratic government in Iran. Thank you.

5. click "send"

6. This step is voluntary: Sign the IIC site for the action at //www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=244445327930&index=1 so that we know the number of participants in the said action.


Early news details:

The following are some of the first stories that appeared in the news on the sale of the anti-riot trucks to IRI.

The original article in Persian2English site reports that they have multiple sources for this information, but do not divulge (maybe for obvious reasons?) the sources.

The bandar abbas picture quoted in most sites matches the Chinese anti-riot truck dimensions and the Chinese site.

The Los Angele Times is quoting an opposition sites (the U.S.-based Persian-language news website Rahesabz, or Green Path) on the Chinese anti-riot trucks.

Beirut News is quoting an opposition news website regarding the expedited sale of the Chinese anti-riot trucks.

Lots of talk in Tweeter (2, 3, 4, 5, …….) and Facebook regarding the expedited sale of the Chinese anti-riot trucks.

The US Today story quotes The Los Angele Times story.

And the list goes on.......


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Oxfam has setup a fund for it. It should be blogged if it hasn't already.


I know this is not relevant

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I know this is not relevant but I think as a community we need to at least acknowledge this unfortunate catastrophe. More than 100,000 people perished and counting.


Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake (Morning updates)



Vildemose, please post the footage of the atrocity

by MM on

Vildemose, please post the footage of the atrocity(s).



Dear Lord Help the People of

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Dear Lord Help the People of Iran Against these Tyrants Two new footage that have come from Iran which show the savagery of the regime against innocent people on Ashura.
The first one below shows a demonstrator who seems to have been shot in the head. You can hear a passer by pleading with the lord to come to the help of the people of Iran against these tyrants. The grief of the people on the scene is as unbearable to watch as the shattered head of the victim.

maziar 58

MM .......

by maziar 58 on

But they're all in it together......

one body of united nations......profits keeps us unite  peace keeps us apart.        

they are not looking for peace any where exept their home.        Maziar


Maziar - action towards US gov. does not change Chinese gov.

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Your action is the fastest way of bringing the might of the IRS towards you.  And, even if what you said worked, it would not change the behavior of the Chinese in their actions.

maziar 58

action 101

by maziar 58 on

the best way to react ......will be not filling your tax return ....

till America shows proof where he is standing...

that's civil disobidience a la western.....

at least reguarding Iran and all chinese,russian etc deals against Iranian with OUR TAX MONEY.Maziar


Anahid, I like the way you are thinking

by MM on

I was just very upset when I heard the news about the Chinese sending these anti-riot trucks in an expedited manner, almost as angry as when I saw the millions/billions of $$$ being taken into the Mullahs pockets in the name of Islam. 

But, you are again right, just being angry and complain is not enough.   An initial push by the Iranian Diaspora, announcement in LA-times followed by support by the American public and documenting the loss of revenue will go a long way in barring such blatant interference by the Chinese in the future.

That is why the heading on the blog is "CALL FOR ACTION".

Anahid Hojjati

Don't buy Chinese,document amount not bought & post to website

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear MM, I like the idea that you expressed in your comment where you wrote:"USA government will not call for the boycott of Chinese goods, but people can.  It is very simple: you look at the sticker, where the product was made, and decide whether you want to buy it or not. a novel thought,"... I had the same thought couple days ago.  I think the way to do it is to go to store and do your normal shopping up to actual payment step, then look at the tag and see if it is made in China, then not buy it and also make  a note of it.

 Example is if I go to Macy's, first I decide what to buy based on how good the item is, then before I pay I realize that it is made in China so then I don't buy it and make a note that I refused to spend for instance $100.0 that day since the item(s) was made in China.  If everyone or many of us agree to this action, we can even have a website that tallies all these amounts.  Let's say many Iranians all over US and Europe and even in Iran, decide not to buy Chinese made clothing, etc.  and make note about it and enter the amount that they refused to spend on that website.  

 You see where I am going. In matter of few weeks, you can have a web site documenting millions of dollars that were not spent on Chinese products because of sale of anti riot trucks to Iran. Then we take up an ad in leading newspapers and publicize our action and the total amunt. I believe this will send an important message to Chinese government. 



cost-of-progress - in this case, think communist, not zionist

by MM on


In this case, think a Communist, not a Zionist, helping a theocratic dictatorship so that they are not next on their own people's cross-hair (read the Farsi description in my previous comments).

VPK and Ramin's already commented on the support that the greens are getting from the Chinese people.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Ali9 Akbar

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are right that USA cannot and will not call for the boycott: we do. It is not reasonable to look to the US or any other government to do our job. This is a grass roots operation not a top down one. China has already got a lot of bad publicity. People already have many reasons to avoid Chinese products. My own Chinese friends don't use products made in the mainland! 

As for being screwed, that happened in 1978. We are now working on getting unscrewed. It is possible. But no one other than Iranians will lead it.


USA will not call for boycott of Chinese goods, but people can

by MM on

USA government will not call for the boycott of Chinese goods, but people can. 

It is very simple: you look at the sticker, where the product was made, and decide whether you want to buy it or not.

a novel thought, ayyyyy

Ali9 Akbar

well the USA can't call for a boycott of Chinese Products...

by Ali9 Akbar on

Due to the fact that China holds 10 TRILLION DOLLARS of USA's debt.....


so we're SCREWED.....


Sargord - take a look: hot water/chemicals & plow w 70 m?

by MM on

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These trucks then, are not Zionist

by Cost-of-Progress on







by ramintork on

I found their contact email. Would be interesting to see what happens if I send them our info?


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Thanks Ramin

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Thank you Ramin for posting the link on Chinese opposition. I welcome support from all those who share democratic aspirations. It would be important to find out how the Chinese government will respond.



by ramintork on

They are also extra scare because the Chinese Democratic movement has started supporting the opposition movement.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Chinese sensitivity

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

They are ultra sensitive as how they are perceived. They specially like to portray themselves as innocent victims of Western colonialism. Therefore having Iranian groups complain and accuse them of their own for of interference will have an impact.

I know this because I have Chinese colleagues. Just talking to them makes it clear how sensitive they are.



by ramintork on

Superbly done.

The Chinese toys safety issue a few years ago is an indicator that like any other major manufacturing country they are actually very sensitive to the public perception and consumer power. So it all comes down to how much fuss is made over something. Sometimes acts like ours have a domino effect, if the News is made big enough and captures the public it would have impact and the naming and shaming would work.

Should we really care about the Chinese power? If you support the action and even if there is a slight chance it works, do it!

OK, Iran has riot vehicles. This is still a worthy campaign. If it works it would impact a foreign regime that supports such a tyranical system

People spend days arguing in these blogs arguing whereas they could support an action by a simple click!

Sargord Pirouz

mistaken effort based on misinformation

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hate to break the news to you folks, but Iran's police force (NAJA) has had armored water cannon vehicles (AWCV) in its inventory for years now.

However, to date, there's no evidence they've used AWCVs for antiriot operations post-2009 election. (There were reports of such in June, but I haven't seen any photos or videos turn up anywhere.)

It's misinformation such as this that gives opposition media sources a bad name. And there's been a lot of it lately. Fake statements by the Artesh against the IRGC, fake IRGC defectors, photoshopped pics, etc.


PS, you can comment in this blog if you want to remain nameless

by MM on

PS, instead of the IIC site, you can comment that you send the email in this blog if you want to remain nameless.  Thanks.


Manny2001 - no LA-Times for Chinese, but they understand:

by MM on

You are absolutely right.  The Chinese do not get LA-Times, but they understand:

* loosing face which may happen if enough people talk about this issue as far as the Chinese expediting the sale because they worry about demonstrations coming to China.

* Hurt them in the pocket by boycotting Chinese goods.  The Americans may join us too.

* to me, taking ACTION about this issue sure beats the heck out of arguing, complaining and feeling helpless.

Please join us.


do the chinese even...

by mannya2001 on

get LA times?????????

ghorbonet beram, the chinese dictate to the world not the other way around.  For more info, go and read what concessions Yahoo and GOogle gave to the Chinese in terms of protecting privacy.


Thanks Yolanda - picture is supposedly from bandar abbas docks

by MM on

Thanks Yolanda,

The enclosed picture is supposedly from bandar abbas customs taken by the workers who saw the list.  The picture of the trucks matches those depicted at the manufacturers' website.



by yolanda on

I e-mailed LA Times already. Thank you for the straight-forward instructions, great job! Thank you for your effort.

    Did the anti-riot trucks land in Iran already? in service? on the way to Iran?