Hayedeh VS Hadadian (saghi)

by MM

These animals are running out of material and making a mockery of some of the greatest treasures of Iranian music.  Pay attention to the words where the words saghi, mey, mast, masti, meykhooneh, meyhadeh are uttered and I guess people are crying because they terribly miss the good old days when they could drink in public.

Which one do you like?  Absolutely no comparison, haj agha.

Hayedeh VS Hadadian (saghi)

Some comments from youtube

میان ماه من تا ماه گردون  تفاوت از زمین تا اسمان ااست

 معلومه تو هم دیوسی که این قدر کونت سوخته.....تو حلق رهبرتون



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Mehrdad - that was a contrast to appreciate original Hayedeh

by MM on

That is why I had the original track opf Hayedeh included as well.


PS, In the original poem, count the number of times, mey, meykadeh, saghi, saboo, ..... are repeated and this bozo is singing it like wine is sacred.  Which shows the hypocracy of the whole rozeh, and the fact that these guys do not care what is being said in the rozeh, as long as they "pretend" to cry.


MM jan, you owe me big time

by Bavafa on

I was having such a beautiful Sat morning, sunny good weather nice and relaxing getting ready to go for a joy ride in the RV. This is till I saw your blog and thought to myself MM has good material in his blogs specially with Hayedah clip, what could go wrong, till I click to play the youtube video.

There it hit me and nearly fell out of my seat, an ugly, pashmaloo man, rozeh khooni. The perfect way to ruin one's Saturday morning. I will be looking for ways for you to make it up to me :)

Hope your Saturday is well.


Sargord Pirouz

You guys' criticism is

by Sargord Pirouz on

You guys' criticism is actually a lot softer than I anticipated.

I did have a Hayedeh song with a simply wonderful piano accompaniment on my iPod at one time, but I'm sorry to say it seems to have been lost.

It's a different form of pop, I'll agree. Hayedeh is certainly more artistic, but the Lebanese girls have got it goin' on- if you know what I mean. And I like the Middle East tunes behind Wehbe's singing (yes, my eyes do not override my ears, and the music behind her :)


OK, here is the original - no need to look at a crying copy

by MM on

Hayedeh Saghi Selamat Dost By omed525


سلام من به تو یار قدیمی

منم همون هوادار قدیمی

هنوز همون خراباتی و مستم

ولی بی تو سبوی می شکستم

همه تشنه لبیم ساقی کجایی

گرفتار شبیم ساقی کجایی

اگه سبو شکست عمر تو باقی

که اعتبار می تویی تو ساقی

اگه میکده امروز شده خونه تزوير

وای شده خونه تزوير

تو محراب دل ما

تويی تو مرشد و پیر

همه به جرم مستی سر دار ملامت

میمیريم و میخونیم سر ساقی سلامت

یه روزی گله کردم من از عالم مستی

تو هم به دل گرفتی دل ما رو شکستی

من از مستی نوشتم ولی قلب تو رنجید

تو قهر کردی و قهرت مصیبت شدو بارید

پشیمونم و خستم اگه عهدی شکستم

آخه مست تو هستم اگه مجرم و مستم

همه به جرم مستی سر دار ملامت

میمیریم و میخونیم سر ساقی سلامت

میگن مستی گناه به انگشت ملامت

باید مستها رو حد زد به شلاق ندامت

سبوی ما شکسته در میکده بسته

امید همه ی ما به همت تو بسته

به همت تو ساقی تو که گره گشایی

تو که ذات وفایی همیشه یار مایی

همه به جرم مستی سر دار ملامت

میمیریم و میخونیم سر ساقی سلامت

همه به جرم مستی سر دار ملامت

میمیریم و میخونیم سر ساقی سلامت

همه به جرم مستی سر دار ملامت

میمیریم و میخونیم سر ساقی سلامت

سر ساقی سلامت وای سر ساقی سلامت

سر ساقی سلامت وای سر ساقی سلامت


SP - J Boutros, N Ajram & H Wehbe sing in Arabic

by MM on

Julia Boutros, Nancy Ajram and Haifa Wehbe are cute, but they sing in Arabic.  Tell us that you watch them for their looks and not the voice/words!


Julia Boutros, Nancy Ajram and Haifa Wehbe

by comrade on

No one should get slammed for his/her DNA-derived preferences

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Sargord Pirouz

Hate to admit this, and I'm

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hate to admit this, and I'm sure I'll get slammed for it, but I much prefer Julia Boutros, Nancy Ajram and Haifa Wehbe. 


people are crying- they miss days when they drank in public

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