"Capture pictures on real U.S. Postage" - عکس ندا آقا سلطان روی تمبر پستی؟

"Capture pictures on real U.S. Postage"   - عکس ندا آقا سلطان روی تمبر پستی؟
by MM

The US Post Office now offers a unique Zazzle program where you can create your own stamps. I can imagine a letter my friend or relative receives with a picture of Neda Agha Soltan / the Green movement avatar /  etc. on the stamp that is on the envelope.

I will try USPO Zazzle program with the picture of Neda as my first trial. We, in the Iranian Diaspora, can use this program to publicize our needs. I invite our talented cartoonists to design pictures and logos for causes that can be posted on Iranian.com and we transform into postcards/stamps. I would not even mind if JJ sold them on the website to raise money for Iranian.com. Here is an excerpt from the where custom pictures can be transformed into postcards and stamps, etc.....:

“Make every letter a special delivery with your own customized postage! Add your own photos, designs, business logos, and text to design your own custom postage that can be sent through standard U.S. Mail. Perfect for wedding announcements, birthday invitations, holiday cards, and promotional advertising. Make a unique and useful gift for friends and family.”

“Need stamps for business? Now you can add your logo, URL or address to real US Postage, shirts, prints, mugs, cards and more! Learn More


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* seda-va-sima said she was martyred, then no reason to block!

* i do not think they pay attention to every stamp.

* this is a form of protest / a symbolic gesture, just as our blogs, our demonstrations or our vote!

* could be a source of funds for JJ



by yolanda on

Hi! MM,

    Thank you for the very interesting blog. I have a hypothetical question: Do you think IRI will allow the mail with Neda stamps to go thru and reach the intended destinations?

I understand that we can use the Neda stamps anywhere, not just mailing letters to Iran..