یاران چه غریبانه رفتند از این خانه - Calling All IRI Sympathizers

یاران چه غریبانه رفتند از این خانه - Calling All IRI Sympathizers
by MM

To all IRI sympathizers: Please tell us why these young men and women in the embedded video were killed?  And, don't tell us Mosaad, CIA or that it was the Brits.  We think that even the physics professor was killed by IRI agents.

It just makes me sick that you, the IRI sympathizers, boast on the montage of 40-60 year old technologies, jump up and down on the capture of Riggi, someone who if Palestinian, you would have labeled as a martyr "soon", cry foul when a Hamas terrorist is killed in Dubai, and yet, you are deadly silent when this Islamist regime tortures, rapes and kills young Iranians in the name of god.

Shame on you and the Islamist IRI regime you cover for.

Ohhhhhhh, and the embedded picture of a faux-soldier/terrorist with a suicide belt and a turban, standing in front of the regular Iranian armed forces, is what we think of you when you open your mouth, or rather write.


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capt_ayhab / Paidar Iran / Fair / jamshid / maziar 58

by MM on

capt_ayhab, Paidar Iran, Fair, jamshid,

Thanks for your description of these Islamists.  They behave just like a cult where only what they hear from their spititual leader matters.  No conscience at all.  Sargord, in a different blog, showed more passion towards a dog he had a while ago than the boys and girls killed in the video.  This video was especially hard to watch for me because the age bracket of the murdered folks represented the future of Iran who could have been our kids here at IC. 

While our kids worry about iPod, friends at Facebook or their studies at the universities, these boys and girls face torture, rape and death every day with IRI.  And, I really feel for their parents, close relatives and friends as well.

What can I say: No Fear showed himself to be just as heartless as Sargord.

maziar 58,

Please elaborate on your comment.



by capt_ayhab on

Every time I watch  clips of beautiful young women and men who gave their lives for what they beleive and for VATAN, I can't help it but weep and be filled with pride to be called their hamvatan.


They did not die in vain. 



Paidar Iran


by Paidar Iran on

It is amazing that after viewing this video (or a samll part of it as Sargord Pasdar confessed to), the only comment that he/she has is to make correction about the belt of the mollah in the pic. He has no feeling or comment about and for the young Iranians murdered by the satanic regime and is only concerned that Mullah's belt doesn't get confused with a suicide belt.  How observant and patriotic.  Bravo. 

Marg bar Jomhoori Eslami Iran and its prostitute supporters. 



No Fear, and also No Clue

by Fair on

once again as usual

waffen SS major insult anybody?  Of course not.  Other than call millions of innocent Iranians "subversives".  Or some of the most patriotic Iranians here "anti Iran cheerleaders".  Need I go on?

sticking to the "main subject"?  You must have Alzheimer's then.  Read all the threads here, whenever the "main subject" is unfavorable to him (he cannot defend fascism successfully), he changes the main subject to Israel, Hezbollah, and American actions of allegedly similar gravity.

And finally, no fear, the worst insult of all is to the dignity of those in Iran fighting for a better future for our country- and that is to come here and attempt to rewrite history.  To whitewash the crimes of the regime.  To pretend like the death squads and thugs of the Islamic Fuehrer are "law enforcement" just like in other countries (like in US and France) , and to completely ignore their systematic rape of Iranian girls, and the execution of thousands of innocent Iranians, and day after day, despite being completely disproven and disgraced, continue to repeat his lies and attacks on the Iranian people, and his blatant support for their oppressors.

What greater insult is there.  Of course, what response can I expect from yet another human parasite of this regime.  Go on, keep trying to jam our communications.  You tried harder and harder for the last 30 years, and the discontent and protest has become more and more widespread.  Keep this stupidity up, and see how far it will take you.  You are doomed and cannot stop the Iranian people.




No Fear - sargord bored us with ignorance - you, w/ ur kisses

by MM on

Let me paraphrase Sargord: "Sorry, I didn't have the patience to watch the entire 7 minute slow-moving video filled with stills I've already seen multiple times".  That is all he could say about the video I have here instead of a comment on why the young boys and girls in the video were murdered. 

And you....  All you have to say about the blog is to come to your sargord's help and try to kiss his (_o_) because we kicked it hard. 

I will watch whatever movie you ask me to, as long as you go review some of the old Khomeini cassette/video tapes and tell us if this is the Republic your ruthless leader promised everyone before he took power.  He fooled a lot of people, but fortunately, not me.

I am still waiting for you Islamists to explain why these boys and girls were killed.


No Fear

by jamshid on

Is your avatar a reference to the IRI's face? Because if it is, then job well done.

"i have yet to see him [sargord] insult anyone and he always asks for sticking to the main subject."

You have yet to see him insult anyone? Yet? Are you waiting for him to return to Iran? How are the likes of "Sargord" treating people in Iran? With insults? Oh, that would be too gentle! How about chomaagh? How about hangings? And how about rape?

I think people can see why I use the word vaghih, or as another commentator put it, "razl" for these sweage of humanity. While they are imprisoning, executing and even raping our youth in Iran, here in the west and this site they "demand" to be treated with respect.

You people have redefined the word bisharaf and have eliminated any boundaries this word once had.

maziar 58

bull shi....

by maziar 58 on

actually these clip and music is put and approved by IRR since they are produced under ERSHAD ministery............

so is just to give average gholi a sense of FREEDOM .  Maziar

No Fear

A sharp tongue does not mean you have a keen mind

by No Fear on

Ever since Sargord has joined this forum , i have yet to see him insult anyone and he always asks for sticking to the main subject.

On the other hand, you retards are lost in reasons or any logical thoughts which seems these virtues are lost territories to you.

So , give yourselves a pat on the shoulder for besting another episode of dumb and dumber.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on



thanks Mardom Mazloom, Hovakhshatare, Fair and vildemouse

by MM on


I am so sick of these people who boast on old junk, put up multiple blogs/news on the capture of Rigi, someone who if Palestinian, would be labeled as a martyr, weep when a Hamas terrorist is killed in Dubai, and yet, they make such heartless comments on poor Iranian victims.

cannot shame the shameless 


Mardom Mazloom

SARettooGOhisstkeRahbarreeD (SARGORD)

by Mardom Mazloom on

Do you know what your name really means?

If not, here some clues: Look at the amameh around the head of the rishoo in the first picture. Now, imagine that this is what your Rahbar has put on your head and which has now become so hard that you can't get ride of it. This is the reason why you can't apprehend what other people here  try to tell you.

Begam? bazam begam ...ya fahmidi?


Thank you fair for

by vildemose on

Thank you fair for eloquently describing  sargord 'janavar'...lol


Keep their names, faces, bios, and memories alive

by Hovakhshatare on


Sargord - you are wretched

by MM on

You can go through a whole blog and pick out a spelling mistake so you can comment in your feeble sarcasm, but are so lethargic towards torture, rape and killing of young Iranians in the hands of your Islamic buddies.  Then, you have the gall to introduce yourself to Vildemouse as a peace-loving human.  Oh, just because you want a peece of me, a peece vildemouse, a peece of greens and …..? 

Do not worry about my spelling.


Please excuse waffen SS major

by Fair on

He actually is a stateless terrorist, and has no spine or country, and has nothing  to say about the murder in the streets and dungeons of innocent Iranians.  He would instead like you to discuss something else.  Something "worthy of discussion".  Like the colors of the uniforms of the thugs who beat women in the streets, and the quality of their batons and the acronyms of the death squads they are part of.

You see, the fascist dictatorship that he supports closes down and prosecutes every voice of dissent and media outlet that it does not approve of inside Iran.  Those that broadcast to Iran get jammed and blocked and the airwaves in Tehran are flooded with high power microwave radiation, which is  a huge hazard.  Such fascists are way more afraid of alternative ideas than of F-22's and Tomahawks.

That leaves media outside of Iran read and viewed by people outside of Iran.  They cannot block or jam it with physical means, so instead they recruit traitor weasels like waffen SS major and south lebanese chicken little.  Their sole purpose is to be a human "parazit".  And human parasites they are indeed, in more ways than one.

Here you have it folks- the regime that Iranians installed to replace a dictatorship 30 years ago is this one- the biggest threat to it is ideas and thinking and information.

In the end, that is what will bring these scumbags and their worthless mercenaries like waffen SS major here down.

Of course, parasites and traitors like this will surely find employment after that, I am not worried about them.  The world is full of scumbag leaders who need apologists.




MM: I wouldn't be surprised

by vildemose on

MM: I wouldn't be surprised if Sargord is one of those esteshadis in the West ready to detonate at the request of their masters....lol


targord: Truth to be told ,

by vildemose on

targord: Truth to be told , It's my utter disgust at the sight of your silly name and ludicrous avatar. I'm amazed that you're allowed to run a mock in Ohio without impunity promoting and cheerleading the terrorist IRI...

Sargord Pirouz

Right MM. (sarcasm) What did

by Sargord Pirouz on

Right MM. (sarcasm) What did Pee Wee Herman say when he crashed his bicycle? Oh yeah: "I meant to do that!" :)

Sorry, I didn't have the patience to watch the entire 7 minute slow-moving video filled with stills I've already seen multiple times.

Anything new to contribute? Or a fresh perspective, worthy of discussion? If so, I'm there.  


Sargord, don't change subject - comment on killings in video

by MM on


Sargord Pirouz

vilde-jan, I'm not a

by Sargord Pirouz on

vilde-jan, I'm not a terrorist sympathizer. Truth be told, when it comes right down to it, I'm anti-war. (It's not as uncommon as you might think for persons of my background.)

As usual, have you anything meaningful to contribute- on topic- towards this discussion? Or is it just more of the same personal attacks, accusations, invectives, etc. ?

I'm beginning to wonder if this is more than just intellectual laziness, and perhaps simply that of vacuous intellect. Maybe you would know? Maybe you wouldn't.


you should know sargord pirouz - pls show us your suicide belt

by MM on

I just knew that you would bite the bait and could not wait to comment.  Does the turban look like yours, or is yours black?

But, while you are chewing on the bait, please comment on the killings in the video as well.  Or, is that all you could say about the blog? 

So mundane!


sargord: Does your mother

by vildemose on

sargord: Does your mother know you're a terrorist  sympathizer?? How does she feel about that?

Sargord Pirouz

MM, your ignorance is

by Sargord Pirouz on

MM, your ignorance is astonishing.

That's not a "suicide belt."

That's an AK-47 type 3-cell magazine pouch.

Now you know the difference. Your welcome.



Vaghih is not the word. RAZL Va PAST are more appropriate

by mehdi2009 on

Dear Jamshid,

Vaghih is way too polite a work for these SCUMS and Mercenaries of the Mullah's Murderous Regime. The Appropriate FARSI Word is "RAZL va PAST". They always talk about the glory of their Beloved Thuggish Regime and their Blood sucking Henchmen, however, none of them have been to Iran for years and at the same time are enjoying life in the so called decadent West.

They give Sang-e Paaye Ghazvin a run for its money.

Dear MM,

Thank you and all the other TRUE Iranians for keeping the Iranian People's Movement in the minds of all to see.

Salutations to ALL the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran. 



At least a regime

by jamshid on

At least a regime sympathizer who lives in Iran, you could argue with him. But those who could not tolerate living in IRI's hell hole and chose to live abroad, mostly in Western countries, and then tout about how "fantastic" things are in Iran, they are the true spineless and shameless individuals for whom bioligists should define a new subhuman branch.

A prostitute that sells her body for money has more honor than these bunch.

Our own Farsi word "vaghih" describes them well.


Thanks Divaneh & Paidar Iran - I am still waiting for response

by MM on

Everyone here knows who they are. 

After the news of the last killing in the prison, I almost went in the IRI sympathizers' blogs to multi-spam with the news of the latest killings.  But, I thought that you cannot shame the shameless, and besides, that just provides more attention to the useless blogs/news bids that they put on Iranian.com.

I also thought that the picture would prompt them to tell me how they look like the picture, but I guess they are a bunch of spineless moftkhors who prey on the lives of helpless innocent Iranians.  Nonetheless, I am still waiting to see if the IRI sympathizers dare to explain tortures, rapes and in this case: murders. 


Very Touching

by divaneh on

Thanks for posting MM. You will not get an answer from IRI sympathizers. They have sold their souls to the devil.

Paidar Iran

Dear MM ..

by Paidar Iran on

Beautifully said.  These bastard sympathizers are getting their rations over here to support the murderous regime in Iran.

 Marg bar Jomhoori Eslami Iran and its supporters for killing our best Iranian youth.