The Best Ever Striptease Video

by MM

This is the best ever striptease video on the web, however, if your parents installed Terra Parental-Control software on your computer, you will have some trouble since Terra will try to stop the video.  But, keep clicking play after Terra stops the video, and you will have a surprise at the end. 


1. Click on the link, allow the video to load, turn on the sound and click play.

2. Warning: if Terra Parental-control program is on your computer, the video will be stopped by the program, but keep clicking "play" to bypass stopage by Terra.

3. Good luck finishing the video.



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benross - some things are best left unfinished!

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Good but

by benross on

I like this one better. And it actually has an end.


That's cool!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


if you reach the end of video, let us know what happened!

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