3 stones thrown = death sentence?

by MM

It is very sad that IRI feels so vulnerable that it needs to sentence young Iranians to death for throwing 3 stones, just to make example of.  These cold-hearted ideologs, some who are depicted in this video, should recognize that they are walking on thin wire and a day will come when they have to answer to these crimes, in this life or the next.  Hopefully, that day will be first in this world, and I am hoping that it will be in our life-span.

Ironically, the same IRI encourages young Palestinians to throw more than stones.


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by jamshid on

I don't know which is more shameful, that our country has regressed to these levels, or despite our country having regressed to these levels, those opposing the IRI still bickerings about their internal differences.



by yolanda on

Thank you for posting the video......I read Valian's story in the news....unfortunately that there is not enough outrage and coverage....when Roxana Saberi was sentenced to 8 years in jail for espionage....there was far more coverage and outcry from international community.......Saberi was able to get out of Evin.....it is a super sad story 'cause the guy is only 20 years old!

P.S. A very good point that IRI encourages Palestinians to throw stones, but executes her own people for throwing stones!