Bahram Beyzaie at Stanford University - بهرام بیضایی در دانشگاه استنفورد

by mihanyar

Bahram Beyzaie at Stanford University-بهرام بیضایی در دانشگاه استنفورد from Cyrus Omoomian on Vimeo.

Iranian Studies Program presents fourth annual Bita prize for literature.

The recipient is Mr. Bahram Beyzaie who is one of the most talented, internationally acclaimed artists, scholars and public intellectuals of his generation in Iran. He has written more than thirty-five plays, and fifty screenplays. Though a filmmaker for over forty years, and recognized as one of the masters of Iran’s much-celebrated new-wave of cinema, he has been allowed to make only ten feature films and four short films.


// :متن کامل سخنان بهرام بیضایی


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