Israel Threatened to Bomb Iran Yesterday - MSM Didn't Report It


Israel Threatened to Bomb Iran Yesterday - MSM Didn't Report It
by MaryamJoon

That is the headline from an Israeli newspaper, which main-stream media (MSM) generally hides.  

The criticism of groups and people remaining silent cannot simply against the MSM, who have long have been accused of serving the Interests favorable to the Israeli government.  

Criticism must also be against Iranian Community Groups (PAAIA, NIAC, etc.) that also refuse to say anything, and of course, the US Government (Where is Mr. Obama's condemnation of Israel's threats ?  Where is Hillary's 2 minute soundbite on CNN 'expressing regret' and calling for rhetoric to be toned down ?  Where is the UN's statement ? )

In a similar vain, as Israeli interests are often accused of suppressing information concerning issues of interest to Iranians, a recent video posted by a 40 year veteran of the Bahai Faith also made that charge against member of his own faith (see Bahá'í Brainwashing Corporation ).  The gist of what he says, in paraphrased form, is as follows:

VIDEO INTERVIEW: "The US government needed a propaganda bludgeon to beat Iran and the Bahai faith is useful for that purpose.  The Bahai faith often utilizes US and Israeli government officials against Iran. ... The Bahai administration misleads people about what it is. ... Bahai doctrine manipulates its followers ... Bahai conduct is ruthless ... Bahais harass people, engage in personal slander and abuse to obscure downplay and conceal facts.  The whole focus of the Bahai faith is on self-serving censorship and manipulation.  Their websites are highly censored and manipulated to a point that is almost unbelievable and include methods to manipulate internet searches."  (see also Baha’i Child Rape Court Case - Implications for Iran )

Iranians have a right to know what political forces are suppressing their voices, interfering with their criticism of issues, and why community groups (like PAAIA and NIAC) that claim they are protecting Iranian interests say nothing in the face of threats by Israel.  Likewise it is important to know why the US government and MSM take an uneven approach when it comes to speaking out about issues of concern to Iranians, and whether there are other groups (religious, militaristic, or political) that seek to reshape or suppress information Iranians might want to know.

Israel's threats are in the headline you see.

Read and be informed. 


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Mullahs sent Iran back to stone age

by Shirzadegan on

That was mullahs job for last 33 years to send Iran back to stone age, NOT Israel. Never make mistake and don't try to substitute something imaginary to reality. Mullahs are number 1 enemy of Iran and Iranian people. Period


We're talking about today- not the Persian empire of antiquity

by MaryamJoon on

Finding fault with the Persian Empire of ancient times does little to solve problems today. 

Moreover, if you want to go down that road consider that other people during that era were living like wolves in the forest, with little civilization, hygiene, literature, or sciences.

It's actually an honor to the Persian Empire of the past that people try to compare it to modern situations.  Nevertheless, it is better to talk about the modern era.  Compare apples to apples.  



by John on

Amirkabeard4u, re: your statement "For your information the Persian empire was one of the peaceful ones. That is why it had a sort duration in history", I have the following comments:

1) The Persian empire, in its various incarnations, was definitely not of short duration; au contraire, it had a long and fascinating (and violent) duraction.

2) I started to investigate the "...peaceful..." hypothesis with the intention of listing here the wars that Persia was involved in, but I gave up that idea when I saw the huge list and realized how much "cut-and-paste" I would have to do.

Don't make the assumption that I'm a supporter of Israel or of Jews, because I'm not, but I can try to see both sides of the story.


That's already been proven about Hitler

by MaryamJoon on

Look up the book "The Transfer Agreement." 


a correction for John

by amirkabear4u on

By my statement I really meant middle east alone. Since the creation of that country, there always been trouble in middle east. Yes I agree muslems are bad too BUT do we ever hear about jews. No because if anyone mention them he/she branded as racist.

Just in case you did not know, the first terrorist bomb in middle east was planted by jewish activist inside a british embassy building aimed at killing british soldiers.

Also if you like have a look at this link;


I will not be surprised if one day it is proved hitler was half jew.

For your information the Persian empire was one of the peaceful ones. That is why it had a sort duration in history.





Historically, Iran has been a standard bearer of stability

by MaryamJoon on

Were it not for Iran, the Mongols would have ravaged much of Europe; it was at Iran where their forces were significantly slowed; and though Iran's government collapsed at that time; it's culture did not and contributed to adding a dimension of civility to the marauders that did not exist before.  

If it wasn't for Iran, during the Armenian genocide people would not have had one of the few places of refuge when Ottoman Turkey attempted to kill off the entire Armenian population.

3 million Afghan refugees were taken in by Iran due to a proxy war b/w the USSR and US: Whatever complaints there may be, one should say how many refugees the belligerents took in? (Israel even has apartheid policies towards its own Ethiopian Jewish population.)

Even in antiquity, for its time (and perhaps even today), Iran's dynasties were well-regarded, they were advanced civilizations for their time, and sought to establish the rule of law.  The postal system was first implemented; money was coined; barbarians that looted on the silk road were policed; advances in writing, mathematics, literacy, poetry, architecture and many things that still are found in the west came from Iran.   

Iran has not invaded any of its neighbors in the modern era: you would have to go back hundreds of years.

Israel's record in the modern era is one of apartheid, ethnic cleansing, state-sponsored racism, and regional barbarism with numerous countries.   


A question for amirkabear4u

by John on

So, according to you, prior to the creation of Israel in 1948 the world was a peaceful place?!  What a joke.  There has been no peace since day one, millions of years ago.  Humans, ALL humans, are by nature violent.  It is certainly nothing to do with Israel or the Jews.  Would you care to inform me how peaceful the Persian empire has been for the past 2,000 or more years?


I do NOT care

by amirkabear4u on

I really do NOT care what the bloody jews think or say. Since the creation of israel there there been no peace.




Thanks for asking Raoul ...

by MaryamJoon on

MSM = Main Stream Media. 







Your local news ... 

... and so on. 


Friends, pick a group: NIAC, PAAIA, PDMI, PMOI

by MaryamJoon on

Pick any group: And ask them:

"Where are your statements regarding the YNET story?'"

"Why weren't you the first to blog this when you are an organized group that claims to represent Iranians' interests?"

Remember the stink they made about the girl who couldn't by an I-Pad ... well what about this?  


What is

by Raoul1955 on

Do others use this 'MSM' thingy or you are the first?