Federal Court Confirms Religious Group is Security Threat to Iran


Federal Court Confirms Religious Group is Security Threat to Iran
by MaryamJoon


The Federal Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has slammed the headquarters of the Haifan-Bahai organization (which is the main Baha'i organization) on that grounds that it: (1) engaged in Fraud Upon the Court, (2) engaged in service of process fraud in contravention of the rights of others in order to obtain a fraudulent order from a lower court where the adversaries were given no notice of the hearing (which is a crime), and (3) for attempting to exert monopoly rights to use of the word "Baha'i" by deception so that no other individuals or organizations could criticize them or create an alternate Bahai congregation (violations of speech and freedom of religion rights).  The fraudulent order they attempted to obtain by subverting the legal system would have given them power to take down critical videos, articles, and suppress Baha'is who have made their own groups and even suppress the voices of their own followers.  This is important: The Haifan-Bahai's committed several massive crimes and ethics violations to try to silence critics, to take away free religious choice from others, and to control their own members.  The U.S. Appeals Court's official documents are at this link, and summarized below.  (See Federal Appeals Decision & and Full Audio of Oral Argument; transcript below: Appeal from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division. No. 1:64-cv-01878.)  Notably the Federal appeals judges stated, "It is a principle of general application in Anglo-American jurisprudence that one is not bound by a judgment which he has not been made a party by service of process." (They were obtaining false orders against people to silence them.)  And the Court further stated,  "Considered First Amendment limitations on the court’s authority, certain aspects of the 1966 injunction (the fraudulent order Baha'is obtained) are troubling. The decree declares that “there is only one Baha’i Faith,” that [an Israeli man connected to the Zionist criminal mafia called 'Irgun'] was its last Guardian and none has come since, and the National Spiritual Assembly was its representative and 'highest authority' in the United States and was 'entitled to exclusive use of the marks and symbols of the Faith,' including the exclusive use of the word 'Bahá’í.' "  (In plain terms, what the Court says is that this so-called "faith" had the audacity to try to restrict the speech rights of critics and to restrict religious freedom in the United States by obtaining a fraudulent lower court order that could not be contested on the merits.)


Dear Iranians, hamvantans that genuinely care for the security of Iran, and all with open minds to consider facts, this is precisely one of the reasons the Haifan-Bahais are extremely dangerous to Iran.  So the next time someone comes along and refers to the "Baha'i Censorship Cult" on this website or any other, be certain that this allegation is supported by U.S. Appellate Panel's findings of facts and conclusions of law and that the U.S. Supreme Court did not revisit this decision, making it the final law of the land and binding precedent.  When I use the term "appellate panel" it means that multiple Federal appeals court judges unanimously ruled on review against the Haifan-Bahai organization without one single dissenting judge.  If you have any sense of reason, you will quickly understand that despite their denials to the contrary, the Haifan-Bahai Group (a/k/a the main Bahai Organization) is an extremely political group, to the point that they will even attempt to subvert justice and make U.S. judicial officers accessories to the outrages, crimes and ethics violations.   

The picture above is a conversation I was having on this website with another person.  This site has frequently been mentioned as a hotbed of Haifan-Bahai activity.  When I mentioned to the person with whom I was chatting that ordinary Baha'is (the followers) could join other congregations to avoid less ties to Israel my comment was flagged (something they have been doing to my comments from the first day I signed up for this site).  The person with whom I was chatting explicitly says in his reply that he did not flag my response to him and that there was absolutely no reason for doing so.  In other words, they attempted to intrude upon and silence the conversation of two consenting adults.  And you still wonder why this group is considered dangerous in Iran if they manage to get even the slightest foothold in any position of official power or even cultural influence under this government or any other future government?  Let me remind you that for approximately 160 years this organization has been rejected by both secular and religious governments in Iran, including the people of Iran, and members of other minority faiths such as Christians and Zoroastrians which describe the group as "predatory" towards other minority groups.  

To answer the question as to why the Haifan-Bahais do the things they do, like any historical analysis, is difficult (but not impossible) to account for in a single short article, however, I will show you one of the reasons, which is also backed by official government records.  The Bahais' holy figure was a man by the name of Abdul Baha and about one third to half of his followers disputed the authenticity of his will which supposedly appointed a successor. (Who came to ultimately control the Bahais after his death is important) .  At the time of Abdul Baha's death those disputing his will obtained an official forensic and handwriting analysis of the will, which was proven to be false by the appointed expert who also expertise has been used in authenticating documents for major groups including museums, the Library of Congress and courts.  I have tracked down the original copies of those documents for you at this link.  The bibliography of the expert that determined that will was fraudulent is archived by the U.S. Library of Congress at this link.  What appears to have happened is that the Haifan-Bahai group was quickly taken over by members of the embryonic zionist criminal gangs, members of which later formed "Irgun," that would later come to fill official positions within the government of Israel; much in the same way that a McDonald's hamburger franchise can change owners and reformulate its policies.  The Israelis have done similar things before; If they can infiltrate Hamas, they can certainly take over an unarmed religious movement to offload their agenda in countries (particularly Muslim dominated ones) that require non-zionist fronts to effectuate the agenda of the State of Israel.  (See Wall Street Journal"Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel's creation," says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades; See Video of U.S. Congressman, "Israel created Hamas to destabilize Arafat"; See Video of Sec. Hillary Clinton, "America created militant Wahabi groups in Afghanistan in the 1980s with Saudi help.")  The examples that could be given of both Israel and the U.S. infiltratign or creating religious organizations is vast; I will leave it to the reader to pursue the further examples.  (See Excellent video showing threats to Iran & their sources .)  

 Haifan-Bahai Lawyer:  Appearing Jeffery A. Handelman, for Defendant-Appellant National Spiritual
Assembly of the Baha’is before the U.S. Court of Appeals:  

Judge William J. Bauer: Do you know of any case involving that particular rule that you enunciated to us in a civil rights case?

Handelman:  Your honor, there are a couple of cases on point….

Judge Bauer:  That had to do with a patent infringement case?

Handelman: That is correct.

Judge Bauer: Other than a patent infringement case, do you have
 civil rights cases that involve that theory that
you just enunciated?

Handelman: The two cases we rely on-- one is a patent infringement case and the other one is a trademark infringement case.

Judge Bauer: Let me intrude myself again. Was the original injunction (restricting criticism and religious freedom)
a consent decree or was it a fought out battle?

Handelman: No the scenario leading to the injunction, the...

Judge Bauer: No, all I ask is a very simple question. Was it a consent decree?

Handelman:  It was not a consent decree.

Judge Bauer: OK

Handelman:  There were findings of fact and conclusions of law...

Judge Bauer: Based on a contested argument before, and presentation of evidence before Judge Austin?

Handelman:  The... my understanding is that the NSA...

Judge Bauer: See you weren't around in those days.  I was.

Handelman:   There was a findings of fact and conclusions of law.

Judge Bauer:  After a hearing?

Handelman:  I do not know if there was testimony at the hearing. I do not believe there was testimony given at the hearing by both sides but Judge Austin...

Judge Bauer:  What was the predicate for the decision? Stipulation of facts? (Where both sides agree about facts.)

Handelman:  No, there was no stipulation, the NSA (Haifan-Bahais) ...

Judge Bauer: Then how did he arrive at a decree at all?

Handelman:  The uh, I believe, the NSA submitted, appeared at the hearing and presented to Judge Austin. I don't know if there was live testimony at the hearing or not but it presented evidence on which the findings and conclusions were based.

Judge Bauer: What evidence did they and how did they present it?

Judge Bauer:  Was the evidence you submitted accepted by both sides as factually true?

Handelman: The testimony was sworn deposition testimony of the Chairman (of the Haifan-Bahais).

Judge Bauer: There is sworn testimony on each side of the case normally but I want to know, how did Judge Austin arrive at the conclusion if there was no presentation of live witnesses?

Handelman:  Um

Judge Bauer: Was it a stipulation of facts?

Handelman: No I do not believe it was a stipulation, your honor. We can look into …

Judge Bauer: I have no idea how the decree came to be, that’s my problem

Handelman: OK

Judge Diane S. Sykes:  Do you know whether the constitutionality of issuing such an Injunction was litigated, given the religious context?

Handelman:  Yeah, I believe … this case involved a blatant infringement of trademark rights that were recognized under federal law.

Judge Sykes: We are talking of, about an injunction issued 40 years ago.

Handelman:  That is correct your honor. With respect to, first of all the validity of the trademark and the finding of infringement, those issues are not open to be retried in the context of a contempt proceeding as a prefatory matter, but beyond that the law is well settled that religious organizations as I mentioned are entitled to the protection of the trademark laws and in this case...

Judge Sykes:  But you are not entitled to a judicial declaration that your church (Hafain Bahais) is the ‘one true church.’

Handelman:  Well if, your honor, [lawyer pretends to quote from the law].

Judge Bauer:  Who are you quoting at the moment?

Handelman: Professor McCarthy, his treatise on Trademark and Unfair Competition.

Judge Bauer: The Supreme Court is more significant than Professor McCarthy I would suspect, wouldn't you?

Handelman: But the point is that this case does not call upon this Court to evaluate religious doctrine.

Judge Sykes: Well to the extent that you are reading the injunction as prohibiting anyone other than the NSA (Haifa Bahai Organization) from using the word Baha'i that clearly raises some constitutional concerns. Is that how you are reading the injunction? That you have exclusive, that your client has exclusive rights to the term Baha'i and no schismatic organization, schismatic group, breakaway group could ever use it into perpetuity in the United States?

Handelman:  That is correct, as Professor...

Judge Sykes: The word Baha'i? So to use a hypothetical. Someone could copyright Christianity. Somebody could copyright Judaism, and that would prohibit anybody else from using that terminology in the title of their religious organization?

Judge Sykes:  But what is the response to the hypothetical, though?

Handelman:  The hypothetical is yes. No one else is permitted to use the term Baha'i.

Judge Bauer: How about Reform Baha'i? Can they use that term?

Handelman: That would be a hypothetical that...

Judge Bauer: That's my hypothetical...

Handelman: It would...

Judge Bauer: And I want a hypothetical answer.

Handelman: If...

Judge Bauer: I just gave you the question. Reform Baha'i?  Can they use it?

Handelman:  No that would be prohibited. The injunction...

Judge Bauer: Yeah, I read the Injunction. I just don't know how it came to be. But you're going to enlighten me on that subject.









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it is Maryam's fault

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that is it!! I need to get out of this site and breathe some fresh air!!

I wont be back any time soon!!u , Maryamjon, keep up the good job, hopefully when I m back, u will still be here!!

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Dear Mamoor what about this?

by MaryamJoon on


اگر خوشگلکی من را بکشد


I want to be killed by bahais, 

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Asadabad: True or False?

by MaryamJoon on

For approximately 160 years the Bahai organization has been rejected by both secular and religious governments in Iran, including the people of Iran, and members of other minority faiths such as Christians and Zoroastrians which describe the group as "predatory" towards other minority groups.  Numerous Iranians have described the Bahai organization as a national security threat and have given facts in support of that claim - none of which you address.  


Long live the Bahais

by asadabad on

As long as the Bahais and freedom-loving Iranians kill members of the shia terorr regime, they should be respected.  The war on terror should have started with the fanatical shia regime in Iran.


Let's Make it simple

by MaryamJoon on

1. The Israeli-based Bahais are the most populous group (Let's call them the 'mainstream' Bahais).

2. They got that way by forging a Will.

3.  They have tried to use American law to bring severe economic sanctions on their own followers that believed the Will was forged and to even try to prevent them from calling themselves Bahais.

4.  A neutral expert evaluated the Will and said it was forged.

5.  The mainstream Bahais try to censor everyone - one way they have done so is by violating criminal statutes to try and obtain judicial orders by fraud. 


If you don't understand this - Just look at their attempts to silence people all over this website, call for war against Iran, and celebrate sanctions. Now bear in mind that nobody in Iran can explain it as clearly. This is what is called a serious national security threat - Can you imagine this type of stuff getting loose in Iran?  They're doing this misbehavior in the US !  They're not afraid to try and dupe Federal Judges.  Look at the quote from the court's decision I placed below.  See where the court says their behavior is "troubling" and then goes on to identify which group.  Again, this is a serious problem were it to get loose in Iran.  Do you think any Iranian government is going to let the Israeli mafia teach "religion classes" in Iran?      


Here's what the Court says ... CASE CLOSED

by MaryamJoon on

"Considered First Amendment limitations on the court’s authority, certain aspects of the 1966 injunction (the fraudulent order Baha'is obtained) are troubling. The decree declares that “there is only one Baha’i Faith,” that Shoghi Effendi (the person mainstream' Bahais follow) was its last Guardian and none has come since, and the National Spiritual Assembly was its representative and 'highest authority' in the United States and was 'entitled to exclusive use of the marks and symbols of the Faith,' including the exclusive use of the word 'Bahá’í.' " 


is it safe to say?

by مآمور on

we can agree on one point and that is, there are two competing bahai organizations??

people with high knowledge from either group, please, shed some lights!!

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by delldaar on

what is the case number and date of ruling by seventh circuit. you know fals referrence to a federal court in united state is a federal crime.


iraj khan

by MaryamJoon on

The branch of Bahais that have the most members (maybe 90%+) are the Haifan Bahais, including in Iran.  In Iran I believe they are almost exclusively connected to the Haifan Bahai organization, which makes it problematic.  If they were part of another sect (e.g., Reform Bahais), maybe that would make their situation easier.  The problem is that the Bahais in Iran don't even know half the information I'm sharing here - they just don't know.

The other thing about other groups like the Reform Bahais is that they do NOT try to control their members; free thought and debate is encouraged; they are not tied to Israel; and if you asked them to come to this website and act crazy or threaten people, I don't believe they would do it.  And certainly they don't have connections to the mafia apparatus in Israel.   



by مآمور on

if somebody is interested enough to come to IC and read all these 'Iranian' bs that we daily post here, then he or she is an Iranian.

To me, u r an Iranian, maybe not by birth but even better by heart!!

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Mamoor please feel welcome to do so ...

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You are also welcome to use the other names they give me ... For example, "Trita"


A love story

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U know Maryamjoon? everybody has stories , I just always have one too many!!

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Also known as OCD.


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یک داستان در مغزم نوشتم که اتفاقأ عکس جالبی هم برایش دارم!! خیالات مکرر این شخص که فکر میکند من و مریم جون یکی هستیم! مشوقی شد که این داستان را بلاگ کنم.
راست و دورغ را قاطی میکنم و یک آش شله قلمکار برای عصر یکشنبه شما!!

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Iraj - a quote from Abdul Baha's Will ... sound Iranian to you?

by MaryamJoon on

"The Center of Sedition, the Prime Mover of mischief, Mírzá Muḥammad ‘Alí, hath passed out from under the shadow of the Cause, hath broken the Covenant, hath falsified the Holy Text, hath inflicted a grievous loss upon the true Faith of God, hath scattered His people, hath with bitter rancor endeavored to hurt ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and hath assailed with the utmost enmity this servant of the Sacred Threshold. Every dart he seized and hurled to pierce the breast of this wronged servant, no wound did he neglect to grievously inflict upon me, no venom did he spare but he poisoned therewith the life of this hapless one. I swear by the most holy Abhá Beauty and by the Light shining from His Holiness, the Exalted One (may my soul be a sacrifice for Their lowly servants), that because of this iniquity the dwellers in the Pavilion of the Abhá Kingdom have bewailed, the Celestial Concourse is lamenting, the Immortal Maids of Heaven ... BLAH BLAH BLAH."


Somebody was reading some Shakespeare ... cough ... cough.  ; ) 


Iraj Khan

by MaryamJoon on

First you had Mirza Noori (called himself Bahalluah); then Abdul Baha, his son (he then dies) and they skip over some of his immediate family members and give the leadership to what they say is one of his many grandsons (Effendi) who by  that time was a playboy in England and mixing the gangs that would later become the Israeli government.  They skipped over many of Abdul Baha's more immediate family members and gave the whole operation to this kid.  Also zionist gangs that operated in Palestine and would not have just let these guy's operate without reaching a deal & coordinating with them - See for example - Zionist Irgun Paramilitary Gang. Gangs still operate in Israel and getting a piece of the action is very real, especially from the aloof Effendi who was a youngster and a happy go lucky playboy.  Then the leadership started passing to a series of pretty mysterious people and councils of all types which the followers at that time even objected to.  In other words, the McDonald's burger franchise was no longer owned by Mr. McDonald. 



by MaryamJoon on

You can join whatever religion you want: But Iran's security is non-negotiable. 

Haifan-Bahais should perhaps look into the Reform-Bahai movement because at least its not a totalitarian spying agency.   Just a thought.

iraj khan

Take 1

by iraj khan on


So here is your narrative as I understood it:

1. Bahaies organization is run by those who are residing in Israel.

2. Those people faked documents to get to leadership position.

3. They are millioners.

4. They act as 'front organization' and let Israel to infiltrate countries that Israel is banned from.

5. They are in bed with rightwing zionists of Israel promoting sanction and war on Iran.

Question: Who was Afandi?


This is a blog we should

by vildemose on

This is a blog we all should al be reading and discussing...Maryamoor's job is to distract us from real discussion..

He is the consummate detractor and distractor-in-chief in IRI's propaganda machinery.

Please ignore maryamoor as much as you can...note to mysef...




All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


To Loony Maryamoor

by vildemose on

 by MaryamJoon on Thu Sep 20, 2012 05:06 PM PDT

Great link. Wake up people.


And Maryamamoorjoon is the one to wake up the massess to Haifan bahai..Before Maryamjoon, I did not know much about th bahai faith or the Haifan bahais or other kinds of bahais. Now, thanks to mamoor the crusader to annihilate the bahais filth on earth, I have learned more about their peaceful philosophy.

Thank you maryammamoorjon..You are the best....

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Read article above ^ ... then read comment below: CASE CLOSED

by MaryamJoon on

"by vildemose on demo mammor, first amend,,maryamjoon, wahid, thought, jackson, shahb ferdows, noor, tavana, iranlover,Iranianmilitaryforum, mommad alireza, pndar nik, comrade,iran2050, CIM, ashkdovom, etc..this guys is mentally ill...] He suffers from MPD. The poor guy needs to be locked up."


People can speak their minds around me

by MaryamJoon on

I like your name "First Amendment" ... goes with the article. 

And I know you understood the article, but for those that missed it: The Haifan Bahai group is antithetical to the basic rights of free speech, conscience, and religion, according to the Court.    

First Amendment

I beg the Admin...........

by First Amendment on

.............to let our lady vilde to post as many comments as she wants in here..............I'm sure maryamjoon can tolerate the new trend in the spamming industry....................


TO: vildemose

by MaryamJoon on

Did you ever live in Israel? NO

Are you connected to Mossad? NO ... I'm Iranian. 

 Are you an ex-disgruntled Haifan bahi,  mamoormaryamjoon? Nope - I try not to believe in hairy wizards of any type.


What is your personal vendetta against the Hifan bahais and bahais in general?  Don't have one except they pose a clear national security risk to Iran, Iranians, and even their own followers.  

Have you tried to sue them?  Why do you think I would reveal something like that when 5 minutes ago people were calling me "Trita" and "Wahid"?  Couldn't you accuse me of being someone that has an established singing voice and plays piano?    

All Truth Creates a State of Bliss--Maryam De Beauvoir




by vildemose on

Did you ever live in Israel??

Are you connected to Mossad?? 


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Are you an ex-disgruntled

by vildemose on

Are you an ex-disgruntled Haifan bahi,  mamoormaryamjoon??

What is your personal vendetta against the Hifan bahais and bahais in general?

Have you tried to sue them??



All Oppre ssion Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Bravo to Demo and First Amendment

by MaryamJoon on

Great link.  Wake up people.


The injunction was invalid b/c Bahai Inc. hijacked civil rights

by MaryamJoon on

Title 18 United States Code section 242 (criminal violation of civil liberties):

"Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both."  (Penalty life in prison for certain offenses.) 


Did we read it all together?  Good.   Know what happens when you try to trick judges into violating others' civil rights?  read § 242 again if you still didn't get it.