Sky in Water

Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia

It is time again, you and I alone

To leave behind us concerns of unknown.

To come together on green grass

On a riverbank to a calm zone.

Dive in cherishing each other again

Like a queen bee and a lone drone.

Let our grief be blown by wind

As our happy time we want to clone.

Grab little rocks with smile on lips

To clear water, let's throw stone.

Correspon our thoughts, by means of verses

Become jubilant to the core of bone.

Walk along the day, admiring the sun

With the amazement it had never shone.

After the sunset, gaze in the sky

As star crops everywhere grown.

Then, we talk of them in the softest tone

Like they were with us, part of our own.

We point to moon for one another

As the ones in love before us have shown.

Thus, we walk along vigilant stars

To the far conrners of the world known.

Let's never forget after you and me

The bells for lovers toll the same tone.

Sky in water will ripple with waves

Picture of the moon follows in atone.

Heart is a river where stars blink

Only if flows in a path well known.

My Sweet Darling, life without a love

Like murky brooks, flows sad and lone.

In heart of no mud stars have blinked;

Moon has glittered; sun has ever shone.



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