Most Bitter Grain

Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia

Your Excellency; your bloody reign

For the world as whole yielded only pain.

As the right result of your policies,

On many cities, bombs showered like rain.

No village is safe from your pillage

Your hand's stretched to mount and plain.

Like the arrogants who are gone before

In power you want forever remain.

That is the reason, you are fully dull

Towards the concerned, those who complain.

By ruining others, you want to be safe?

Those who sought that end were also insane.

I am so afraid, you be told one day

Whatever you did were, indeed, in vain.

It is no wonder, any way you turn

People receive you with a full disdain.

Have you ever thought in the field of life

Most bitter grain to become your gain?



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by ALII (not verified) on

great poem !



by Abarmard on

Very true