This make sense as why Alireza took his life

by عموجان

He was cornered! and if this is true that really sucks. دلایل واقعی خودکشی شاهپور، علیرضا پهلوی، چه بود؟


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I personally have a great respect for Pahlavis,

by عموجان on

They did good for Iran. But sometimesMr. Moshiri has an interesting point of view, I never knew Alierza or Pahlavis’s private life personally but I was sadden by his death and wished there was a way to stopped him from what he did. As somebody who knows how older brother can over shadow younger brother’s life in Iranian culture I thought this is something to look at especially when these are royal family and people have interest in them.

 I agree, Mr. Moshiri need to eat more and I can get him some good batch if he likes. He is okay he knows his history but sometimes he goes on and on and on.      


Pahlavi's have been attacked and harrassed.


Why hasn't Mr. Moshiri offered to interview with Alireza Pahlavi? Why hasn't Mr. Moshiri interviewed Crown PRince Reza Pahlavi? It's people like you who have cornered our Pahlavi Princes. You people are at fault for harrassing and attacking his father and destroying the great legacy of this family. It is you people who have forced both brothers into a corner. Even, Reza Pahlavi has been cornered. How many universities have invited Reza Pahlavi to speak? How many mainstream media's ask for his opinion?

You anti-Pahlavi anti-Iranian traitors, supporting the Islamic Republic and that ugly vile old Qajar Prince, Mossadegh, are complicit in his murder. 

Look at yoursefl in the mirror? And ask these questions from yourself, you old man... where is your sensibility? why do you put the face of the biggest traitor to Iran, that Qajar Prince, Mossadegh, on your desk next to you? Why do you show us this vile old manipulative deceitful demagogue instead of the beautiful, handsome, kind, benevolent, young King Pahlavi who liberated Iran?

You Mossadeghi's are a problem. Look at yourself in the mirror.  You have monopologized the media, the acedemia, the internet, the mainstream press with your bloody lies. 

Show respect. 

Do you know how many attempts have been made on the life of these people by these Mossadegh supporters? All these mossdegh supporters and families live to the ripe old age in luxury, while our Pahlavi Family -three members are forced into isolation/exile and murdered by your people.


Anahid Hojjati

This guy needs to eat more

by Anahid Hojjati on

His face does not look skinny here but in person kheili ghalamee ast.

Esfand Aashena

He can use a fresh batch of opium!

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Everything is sacred