Wedding count down .... the stress of it all.

by javaneh29

My daughter is about to get married. We've been planning and more planning for the past year and finally it is only a few weeks away now. For months we've been poring over dresses, tiarers, veils, shoes hairstyles etc and thats just for the bride! So many details have had to be considered... the guest list has been a nightmare process and now the seating arrangements!!! who sits next to who and who sits near the front, the middle and the back... oh my!! Where to sit old aunt Ethel ( grooms side!!) whose as deaf as a door post anyway.. so does it matter?!! From the flowers, photographers, decor, lights, meals, speeches, music,  organising and dressing bridesmaids and she had to have 4 of them, to petals on the marriage bed! You wouldnt believe  the complxity of it all and how time consumming it has all been. I wont talk about stress!  I haven't got time for a nervous breakdown! And I hope my younger daughter isn't planning to get married for a while yet.

However today we went for the final fitting of her very expensive dress and it all seems worth it. She looked stunningly beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes.

I have no doubt the next five weeks will be more crazy than I have time to imagine.

 Javaneh on the verge.


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by kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

them all the best..



by Nadias on

 How exciting! I wish the bride and groom many years of happiness

solh va doosti




American Wife

hang in there Girl!

by American Wife on

I can't IMAGINE dealing with all that.  Thank God we have boys!  I'm one of 3 daughters and our weddings ran the gamet of simple (and elegant..:-0) to formal Catholic Mass. 

I was wondering where you had gone to!  Please keep us posted!

Good luck and God Bless!!



by skatermom (not verified) on

Javaneh Khanoum,
Congratulations to you and your daughter! It was the happiest day of my mother's life. She was glad to be rid of me. I think somebody slipped her a xanax on that day. I'm not encouraging pharmaceuticals. It did make the day much more bearable for her. A calm Iranian mum makes a calm Iranian bride.


Can't hear you...

by Aunt Ethel (not verified) on

write lauder!


Great news

by Abarmard on

As we say in Persian: I hope that they both become old next to each others feet!

Very funny when translated :)


Mona 19

Dear Javaneh,Congratulations!

by Mona 19 on

Wishing them all good things the world has to offer, hoping that the love they share today and the kind blessings being sent their way follow them throughout their years together.

To the Bride & Groom with best wishes :))

Michael Buble' ~ You and I






by Pedram34576 (not verified) on

I really wish the best for your daughter and future son-in-law and I think it is admirable that you are planning such a great wedding for your daughter, but I was wondering if you think it would have been better if the wedding was just a small affair between your daughter, her fiancee, and their close family? wouldn't that saved a lot of money and energy as you said yourself? in today's society where people except maybe your close family don't care about you, what's the deal with spending so much money to have a big affair wedding? I personally would like to keep it intimate and only for very close relatives and friends in my church and even maybe no reception except for a down-to-earth one in my backyard or a small garden, unfortunately, I have attended weddings that I barely knew the bride and groom , they invite you to their wedding even if they have seen you once in their life, it is amazing.

Darius Kadivar

Congrats to Mother and Daughter ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Best Wishes to both for the BIG EVENT 

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