The Human Wall... in NY

by javaneh29

Im so impressed by the creative thinking of this group of people.

I dont know about you but Im so excited and hopeful about Ahmad's visit to New York this week. It is a real opportunity for Ahmad to witness the strength behind the protests of the rest of the world against what he stands for and there is nothing he can do to silence them. That is what is soo exciting. 


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Darius Kadivar

Make Sure to Protest against France's latest decision too.

by Darius Kadivar on

Speaking of Human Rights ...  Hope you will Also protest against any attempt by foreign governments to cut deals with the IRI regime in the months to come!


Ali Vakili Rad who cut the throat of Chapour Bakhtiar and is currently condemned to life imprisonement may well be exchanged with French Student Clotild Reiss (currently Free to stay in French Embassy in Tehran) in what seems to be an improportional exchange.

See Le Figaro:


One is a Real Assassin (Ali Vakili Rad) the other ( Clothild Reiss) only a suspected "Spy" ...

If this news proves true then indeed Politics Has No Moral Standards ! ...