TRUTH TUBE ...... shocking footage.

by javaneh29

I followed through a link and eventually came to a site called 'truth tube'. Hmm.. Ohhhh I thought this might be interesting. I put the words Iran into the search engine and it came back with a few hits.

I dont think I had really prepared myself for what I was going to see despite the warnings about being over 18, or the graphic content therein. We see these warnings all the time on youtube and its not nearly as explicit as you are lead to believe.

However I was so shocked, I almost fainted. I only clicked on two films both of beheadings and murder. I didnt expect it to be so close or to be real.... I wasnt able to continue watching so I have no idea what else was there. To be honest, I felt so unwell, I couldnt. Those of you who are less squimish than I am might find something of interest there.

Im pretty sure this is a christian against Islam group, but none the less, the films look amateur,home made and about things done in the name of Islam. In one of the video's I could hear farsi being spoken but I had my head between my knee's trying not to faint. Im a woos when it comes to blood and guts....

So if you're brave enough and have a head for it, take a look.

I not sure what I think about sites like this, given freedom of expression etc.... It is easily accessible, I didnt have to join up, sign in etc.


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by amirkabear4u on

the link is

not .com

it is a right wing website trying to introduce islam in their own way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

ps: if the above link does not work, first google it then click.


Can't find it...

by Qoldor on

Javaneh Joon,

I went to TruthTube.Com, and all I got was a social networking site. I even searched for Iran, and the page remained frozen,,,

Would you share the link? Thanks in advance.



che khabar e

I found something called

by che khabar e on

I found something called - it appears to be some kind of social networking site.  I type in "iran" but it wouldn't do anything. The site I found seems to require you to log in.  But then I thought to myself... why am I spending this time even trying to find it.  It sounds absolutely horrible and not something I want to see anyway!!!  Sorry you had to go through all that.  :-(



by javaneh29 on

I didnt provide the link ..... but Im sure if you write 'truth tube' into a search engine you will find it. 

Amir .. I dont really understand all that, but thanks. I wont be going there again.




by Iraniandudeee on

the link?



by amirkabear4u on

javaneh29 this is not christian against islam group. Yes the site seems to be mostly against islam.

Recently right wing groups all over europe have been doing well in elections and I think this is one form of their media. This is a long story and I don't have time to write it here but it is questionable if all these groups are really muslems. The website mentions immigration. All the serious muslems I know back in Iran they do not want to leave their country. But it seems some from other countries are just too happy to go and live abroad. You will be even more surprised to know they came from a better government than IRI.