Trip to northern Sweden

Trip to northern Sweden
by javaneh29

I am in Sweden again and this time we went to Ostersund in Northern Sweden to visit a friend. It was really beautiful there and I much prefer it to Stockholm for a few reasons. I was really hoping and dreading at the same time that we would encounter a mouse on the road. I think Im glad that we didnt.

One of the stranget things though is the 24 hr daylight thing. It is quite weird. This picture was taken at 2.30 am for example half way between Ostersund and Stockholm. It makes you forget what time of day or night it is and puts your body clock right out of kilter. Back in Stockholm after 3 weeks I have adjusted a little and here in the south it does have a few hours darkness.

I would like to share some of the other pictures I have from this trip but have no idea how to go about it???????????


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