sokoot talast

sokoot talast
by javaneh29

Of course silence, the lack of words in social interaction ( and for the purpose of this blog, I include the written word) can be taken both ways: Postively it can mean agreement, like mindedness or consent, even disagreement. A negative connotation could for the originator represent a sign of being dis connected from what is acceptable or it could simply imply a lack of interest but in the main it might be a sign of anger or hostility.

I was watching the progress of a certain recent blog, which brought me to thinking about silence and how we use silence in social diaglogue. Kind of strange as it has featured alot in my life the past few days. As a genuine example, my best friend has a rather bitarbyat child, and I have been advising her to ignore the bad behaviour, no matter how bad and no matter how loud she screams and tries to engage her parents in attention seeking behaviour and of course to reward the 'good' behaviour. Basic psychology.

Silence or the lack of response can often lead the more reflective sort to contemplate on their spirituality or view point and make the necessary adjustments. Not always, but we live in hope. We also use silence to remember ..... a moment of silence for victims of a tragedy or death. We use it as a refusal to engage in our personal relationships, take  time out..... there are many uses for silence! All of them effective in their own way.

Im so proud of our community here.



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Free Spirit

Sa'adi.....on Silence

by Free Spirit on


Chapter 4: On the Advantages of Silence


Great blog

by IRANdokht on

Thank you Javaneh jan

I couldn't add anything except I totally agree and I love our community here too.



Silence is golden

by Lefty Lap Poodle (not verified) on

Silence is golden is actually a cheezy cartoon note when you go to movies in America but it is especially true in The more you argue the nonsense IRI supporter this and that the more brazen these folks become.

Iranians in general ALL have PhDs in politics and one by one stumble upon this website and in the beginning they are like kid in a candy store and as soon as they see couple of words about IRI, Israel and freedom of speech BOOM they must present their thesis!

After a while some of them get tired like an old lion ;-) but some keep going like an energizer bunny. These energizer bunnies thrive on the number of comments and the more you argue with them and bring them to spotlight the better they feel.

So leave them alone if you really think they are not worthy.

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Javaneh

by Nazy Kaviani on

I understand your point fully and appreciate your astute observation. Yep, it's true. Keeping silent speaks volumes sometimes. Just as it is important to rush and say a few encouraging words to someone who is showing up in our community for the first time, it is also important to keep from engaging with people who are only interested in reaking havoc and disrupting the peace. As good community members we must know the difference and act accordingly. I am with you my intelligent and soulful friend.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Well first of all I should congratulate you really for the

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

rare honor of being featured twice almost back to back but I think I know why. It's because j. interpreted the blog the way I did, as a comment not on a particular author but on all the hate that's been being spewed around lately. And silence is something that really could be very useful. As for the writer in question, I've noticed he doesn't last very long so I suspect you have an ally.  :o)

Now getting back to the more general situation. It was even worse than I said. I said that the Martyrs Brigade wants to die and go to heaven but they don't have the right to make that choice for children, so knowing that Israel will use excessive force, they shouldn't do that during a "ceasefire" so-called. That's an anti-Israeli statement and somehow I get accused of being pro-Israel and anti-Arab or god knows what, and even without having seen that gene thing, that can only mean one thing, the a-s word. I have honestly rarely encountered it in my discussions these weeks but when I have it's been just like one in favor of the Israeli regime uses the term "excessive force," it's code...but still I get..well anyway..

point being I think you're RIGHT. I think I should..first write EVERYTHING I'd like to say to these people, everything, and then erase it. And then take a break. Ten minutes, two hours...a short break...and come back and answer calmly. ESPECIALLY because of the general climate these days. I DON'T want to contribute to this snowballing process of hate, I just don't, it's TOO LOADED these days, it's DANGEROUS to do it. So I AM going to take your advice and be quiet...for a while. And then answer when I'm calmer. I'm sure I'll still be angry'll be better, it'll just be better.

So no I DIDN'T think you were referring to me. But thanks for the advice!



Rosie jaan

by javaneh29 on

I totally agree with what you say, it is very difficult. And I was never suggesting that we should refrain from argument. This wasn't about you or anything you wrote.

I thought you of all ppl would pick up on what I was trying to get at without naming any names! Your usually quick to detect these things and Im sorry if you thought I was referring to you.

I was infact referring to a certain blogger who persists in posting blogs that have been the subject of much conversation prior to the matter you are discussing. Ie the blogger that became the feature of the post I wrote a few weeks ago about freedom of speech.


rosie is roxy is roshan

Ya know, Javaneh, it's a very nice thought..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

but when you're trying to participate in a serious political discussion, especially one involving real human lives in actuality and/or potential, as in a war, and someone comes along say...just because you read and posted a news item saying Israel'd retaliated to rockets (from al jazeera no less..)..and you believed it...and possibly misread the END of the piece which brought up further complexities.. 

and so someone comes along and talks about YOUR report that Israeli has been defeated by a terrorist state and mocks you...

it's very difficult to allow something like that to STAND at the top of a thread as not only a characterization of you but something that purports to be documentation of what you said..

and it's very hard to be nice when you rebut it when you know that that person has said that Jews have violence in their genes..

and you also know that tens, even hundreds of people may be reading these feeds..

a political thread is a DOCUMENT. It's hard to keep quiet under circumstances like those...