The Shahs generals

by javaneh29

I am looking for pictures or footage of the Shahs generals from the years leading up to the revolution. Or any info about them. Does anyone know where i can find such information? I have looked at wiklepedia. I would be very grateful if you can help or point me in the right direction



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by javaneh29 on

No I never found what I was looking for despite having trailed through massive quantities of videos. Youtube has an enourmous amount.

Hope you find who you're looking for



The Shah's Generals

by SAL (not verified) on

Did you ever find the footage or photos you were looking for? I too am interested in getting information on one of the generals under the Shah


I know who you are looking for :o)

by Anonymous4ever (not verified) on

He is the father of your future son or daughter-in-law. He/She claims his/her father was a high ranking general in the Shah's army and you want to check it out. I am afraid I can't help you with this my dear. There were 4000 of them around!!


Thanks all

by javaneh29 on

Ebi I tried the links you sent and unfortunately didnt find what I am searching ( I am looking for one particular timsar)  for but it was all very interesting and the lists of executed military personel on the ali neshat site is so much longer than I knew. I recognised a few of the faces I found on those links... seems so long ago now,

I will find out about him somehow.

Many thanks to you all for your help



why Shiney Head... for a

by American Wife (not verified) on

why Shiney Head... for a moment there I almost thought you had a sense of humor and were being facetious!  :0)



> Tysons Corner V.A

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

Many of them are still alive. You can find them at the Tysons Galleria mall Starbucks (called ''Tysons 2'') .

I used to work there a couple of years ago, and every coffe break felt like a documentary on the former regime....

Another sad and pathetic aftermath of the revolution.

Shining Head

You will have a better luck if .....

by Shining Head on

You may have a better luck if you ride a cab (taxi) in Washington, DC (Dulles Ariport), or anywhere in New York City, and ask the driver what he did in Iran prior to revolution. Most likely, he will tell you he was a general in the shah's army. There you have a place to start and find the rest! . They seem to be well-qualified for cab driving. What a sad footnote in Iranian history ...


I would ask

by Nadias on

 I would ask Darius KADIVAR. He knows a lot on the subject. As a matter of fact, he is always posting this kind of information that you need. Check out his blogs. Just access, his name in blue in this posted comment and it will lead you to his blogs.

Here is a sample of what Mr. Kadivar posts

The general


Best wishes


solh va doosti/paz a vosotros/paix et amitié





you may want to try

by Monda on

the websites of the Iranian imperial armed forces. For example I saw a website for imperial navy with lots of photos, old and new, of their admirals. If I remember the link I'd post it for you.