Recipe for Khoreshte Khalal


by javaneh29

Its pretty easy to make but like so many iranian dishes it is a little time consumming so you need to allow about 4 hours to prepare and cook . Its best cooked the day before eaten.

Khoreste khalal serves 4

500gr lamb

1 large onion

4 medium sized limu ormani

100 gr zereshte black or red

100gr sliced khalal

1/3 tspoon zarchube



1&1 tomatoe paste



1. chop onion and cut lamb into small cubes. Crush limu ormani by hand and remove pips.

2. grind a few pinches of zaffron with a cube of sugar and pour on 1 medium cup of boiling water. Cover and allow to infuse for at least 1 hour.


3. Gently fry the chopped onion in enough oil to cover the pan until it changes colour and when golden add zarchube and continue to stir. You may need to add a little more oil.

4.Add small cubes of lamb and continue to fry until lamb changes colour and then add the limu ormani. Continue to stir gently until you begin to see the oil from the limu.. it should appear as darker brown dots and usually takes about 3-5  minutes. Add a little water and stir in. By now the meat and sauce should be a dark brown. Add more water, enough to cover the meat and simmer on a low heat for about 1/2 hour.

* If you are using 1&1 tomatoe paste you dont need to add salt at this stage. If you are not you may want to add salt now.

5.After 30 mins  add approx 1 tblsppon of !&1 tomatoe paste and 2 cubes of sugar. Taste .. it should be a mix of sweet and salty/sour and the colour should be a rich dark red. You may want to add more salt or sugar according to your own taste.

6. Continue to cook on a low heat for about 1 hour, stir occassionaly and add hot water as needed. The sauce should always just cover the meat.

7. Wash and drain the zereshte and khalal. Warm a small pan on a low heat and add the zereshte and khalal. Stir and when steam has more or less stopped add oil and fry until the zereshte begins to look a little darker and the khalal begins to turn a little pink. Add the cup of zaffron and allow to cook for a minute. Add to the meat and allow to cook for a further 30 mins, stir gently now and then.

Khoreshte khalal is best cooked the day before you want to eat it!





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Leila jaan

by javaneh29 on

I should have writen yek o yek and made it more clear ... sorry:)

Im sure you must be able to get 1&1 tomato paste from your local iranian grocerie store and khalal badoom is traditionally used( sliced almonds). If you cant get them peeled and sliced, you can probably buy them whole with the skins on... just soak them over night and you will find the skins peel off easily. This however makes it a very time consumming process.  

Thanks for your comments .... actually I do look very Iranian and it  confuses everyone to learn that Im not born in Iran! I have naturally black hair although these days it needs a little help! I kind of like the lighter look myself !



Javaneh joon,

by Ghaza doost/Leila (not verified) on

Javaneh joon,

Yes I do know what '1&1' products were in Iran, but it somehow didn't ring a bell as I thought you were referring to a brand name in the UK called 'One & One', and it didn't register! Of course you are referring to Yek-o-yek!

I've never seen the products here in the US -at least I haven't seen them on the East Coast- maybe California?

Since I'm not a good cook anymore these days, cause I only have time every now and then to
cook Iranian food
I'm not 100% sure of this , but as far as I know we have khalal-e badaam/badoom, khlal-e naarenj, khala-e porteghal and as Ebi says Khalal-e pesteh...and maybe more that I'm not even aware of.

Ebi Jaan perhaps you can help, I'm sure you have lots of knowledge regarding cooking and more.


I just read your new article.
I'd have never guessed you were half Iranian!

I just thought you were Iranian but were born and raised in the UK.

In both your avatars you look very Iranin, especially in the previous one with dark hair!
You look great both as a blonde and brunette.



Ghaza doost thanks for

by javaneh29 on

Ghaza doost thanks for pointing out the errors.. farsi khele khob baladam vali be inglisi nemitonam karmal benivisam, bebarkshid.

Ok on the subject of namak ....1&1 tomato paste is a brand name yes. It is well known to most iranians. I am surprised you dont know it! but maybe you didnt do much cooking in Iran! Anyway it is made in iran, and is saltier than brands you can buy in the UK... I dont know about US. If you use this brand you dont need to add much salt. If you use another brand, you might need to.

I dont know what you mean by orange?  Khalal badoom yes .. sliced almonds.

I hope despite the errors you enjoy the recipe.

Ebi jan I have never heard of using pistacheos but ok!!




Dear javaneh, I always like

by ghaza doost (not verified) on

Dear javaneh,

I always like trying new Iranian foods that I've never had before.
This is going to be one of them!
Thanks for the recipe.

If you don't mind there are a frew things I'd like to point out-- these are probably either typos or due to the fact that you haven't learned these Persian words in Persian first.

Zereshk - Limu Ommani(some say Ammani)
Khalal(badoom?), cause you can have many different slivers like almonds, orange... - Zardchubeh - also what is "1&1" tomato paste? a brand name?
I imagine any kind of tomato paste can be used, right?

Please continue to write us unusual recipes - if you have any from different cities of Iran too - and a few Farsi errors are, as we say in Farsi, just the Namak of the recipe!

Omidvaram hamisheh khoob-o khosh bashi o khosh-mazeh bokhori!

ebi amirhosseini

Javaneh Jaan !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

I hope by Khalal you mean "Almond"/khalale badoom!?That's how I learned to cook it from my Kermanshahi's friends.


I have had this khoresht with mix khalal(Almond & Pistachue) too!

Yummy .


Darius Kadivar

Honey with Your good Looks, I will eat anything ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Like your new Avatar Javaneh Jan here is to you and your cooking :







Javaneh jaan

by Anonymousman (not verified) on

I really want to make this dish but what is zereshte and sliced khalal? Are they some kind of vegetables?