One thing leads to another ...

by javaneh29

A little tired of listening to shajarian (!!!! to appreciate this comment, you will have to have read my previous blogs) and decided to rumage through my old collections for something different. Most of my old collections are on tape and being over 30 years old now, they are not in the best shape.

Youtube is a great place, everything is there and look what I came across ... Dariush singing one of the songs I knew so well from the late 70's.

I have had Dariush on my mind for a few weeks. My dear friend Nana literally bumped into him in a street in London. These things never happen to me!

Anyway enjoy.


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Evoke Memories

by SKazia (not verified) on

Yes, I does evoke memories but I find that fragrance is one of the most powerful accessory to memory. You can smell a scent and instantly be taken back to a time, a place, a beautiful memory. We spend so much time making sure we have the right hair, outfit, make-up but we don't spend enough time creating our scent personality. After all, scent evokes memories, creates moods, set an ambiance and says a lot about our personality. What is your scent personality?

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