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by javaneh29

Iran Air advert in the 1970's. If only it were so simple!


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Iran Air Syndrome

by amirkabear4u on

Ms Javaneh this is a good one.

I used to work at Mehrabad airport at one time and can tell you what Iran Air Syndrom or their disorder is if you like,

- Iranian oil money buys their equipments and aircrafts but we have to be grateful for letting them making money from it. The idea of customer is king does not exist here because they earn more than everybody else in Iran its the customer who has to be grateful.

- This brings us to the complain a lot of people have. They are rude and have minimum training.

- The best pilots in the whole big wide world are IA pilots (probably because they fly old aircrafts!)

- The pretyiest hostesses are IA's.

- The best hospitality is provided by IA air hostesses because they ignore passangers and everyone has to bring their own food with themselves.

- From the Iranian hospitality they only carry the name, that's all.

- Not being rude, majority of their passengers are Iranian who fly IA because they do not speak any foreign language. They have no idea with the amount of money they paid for their tickets, what an airline's service should be. In other words service is mullahs standard (partybazi).

- IA's crew lugauge does not get searched at airport therefore some of them running a second business by buying and selling luxury goods. Some of them even have links to boutiques, yes those very expensive ones. 

- They take food and IA products home, if it is theirs. Some of these products are called perishable products and PASSENGERS paid for them, so they should be provided to passengers.

- IA pilots think the world airlines are dying to recruit them. Not mentioning they think they are clever than everyone else.

- Before revolution they kissed shah's hand and after revolution they kissed mullahs' hand for money. They usually earn more than everyon else in Iran. BUT then they claim they are serving Iranians.

-  It seems in the name of security they give jobs to their own relatives taking the right from other people to have a job. A lot of them are related to each other.

- Eventhough they do travel abroad but if their aircraft is hijacked these clever ladies and gents of IA are the only airline crews who have tendencies to defect too, along with the hijackers. Almost like they did not know about it before.

If I remember any more I let you know. If anyone travels a lot using different airline can easily notice IAS.


current Iran Air!

by mnb (not verified) on

I am living in Europe and I travel a lot.Onece (first and last time) I traveled to Tehran with Iran Air.I must say current Iran Air=most disgusting Airline!!


Recipe for Nan-e Nokhodchi

by Erika at Sweet Pea (not verified) on

I have been reading through the great advice you have given others on your blog and was wondering if you could help. I am looking for an authentic Iranian recipe for Nan-e Nokhodchi (I think this is the correct name) they are roasted chickpea clover leaf shaped cookies, made with cardamon & rose water). Could you please contact me on my blog if you have a recipe. Many thanks


former iran air hostess

by javaneh29 on

Im sorry if you took offence .... I think you misunderstood my intention. It was not to mock Iran air at all. Rather if only it was so simple to take the flight and go back to the days when things were less restricted than they are today, 'paradise' . When ever I have used Iran Air, the experience has been a pleasure.



Now it should say

by MRX1 on

we try to take you there hoping that we don't have any crash,cause our planes and equipments are old.

We on't guarnty you can return back. consult imam zaman before taking a trip to islamic paradise.


You seem to have an attitude problem

by former Iran Air hostess (not verified) on

What do you mean if it were so simple? It was as simple as this. If you didn't take an Iran Air flight to London when you arrived there for the first time, well that must have been your problem, not Iran Air's.