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I have yet to meet a less moody man than an Iranian  one! What is it about Irani men that makes them so moody!!! One minute ok and the next .. all hell has been let loose. Really, seriously be khoda  can anyone give me a clue here?



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by javaneh29 on

Thanks for the translation..... not something I could ask my man for! is is true that women queue up to be with irani guys in US  or is it an gross exageration! he he .... he wishes!!

Erooniman .... I am sorry for your hard time with irani women! you dont seem to have had much luck but maybe if you had a more positive attitude toward women it will get better.



Simple: They are stuck with Iroony women!

by eroonman on

Iranian women are often* (*That's my disclaimer)







status seeking

competitive with other women

not risk takers


not good

bad kissers


and finally you can add, "in bed" to all the above.

You Can't Always Get what You want


I was wondering

by another Anonymous (not verified) on

How many different nationality men have you meet in your life to make you question the moodiness of Iranian men versus any other man on this planet? I was wondering.

ebi amirhosseini

Javaneh Jaan !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Tthat was the whole point,just enjoy the music.

As for dear Redwine,here is my rookie translation:

Javaneh Jaan,which neighborhood( neck of the wood) do you live in?!

Get up,come to my neighborhood,where all the women que up to marry Iranian men!!.

best wishes


my own thoughts on the subject

by javaneh29 on

I havent reached any conclusion... as if, but thanks for your comments.

I guess you are right persian westender ... life would be a little flat if we were all in the same mood all the time. I will try to put keep a positive perspective on it from now on ..thanks for reminding me. And if I didnt care I might not have posed the question in the first place. I dont think its about passive aggression... its too complex .

Im not sayng that I dont get moody too but at least I can say somethng about it. The silence is a killer ... it leads others to jump to conclusions of their own and they are usually wrong.

I am not traumatised by the way anonymous .. and he didnt say anything like you suggested. That's maybe a reflection of yourself and what you might say?

Redwine .. I speak farsi but I cant read or write it. So I dont know what you wrote but thanks anyway.

Amirk4u ... yes its true.

Ebi jan ... thanks for the video. it lightened my mood... nice and cheerful although i didnt undestand a word except 'habibi'.

No doubt it will all come  to light in the end!


Party Girl

Hasan Kachal

by Party Girl on

Ha Ha!  amirkabir4u made me remember this!  Could this explain anything?!! I doubt it, but it's a good piece of nostalgia anyway. 




by amirkabear4u on

We Iranian men are moody. I heared this before. Maybe it is cultural maybe just being lazy. You need to remember successful nations care more for PR. We, as a deprived nation, did not have to impress anyone particularly with the hospitality we are famous for. Then some may argue why one needs to impress. For some this may mean acting or may have other intentions!

But look at the bright side. This is not the only thing that Iranians men are good at!!!  Also I once heard one ordinary Iranian saying. A real man should be; Ugly, Rude and Loud. Do not laugh. At the moment I am not in the mood to explain how true this URL is in many corners of Iran.

persian westender

Since I’m registered

by persian westender on

Since I’m registered now, I can give you a bit more formal comment!… I don’t know what you exactly mean about being moody. But ‘ghahr kardan’ is a passive aggressive way of expressing resentment, not only in Iranian men but also for their partners. We might refrain from talking about reason of our unhappiness, but only show that there is something wrong with us, and the other party should care about it!…why we can not talk, I dun no?!


Red Wine


by Red Wine on


جوانه جان شما در كدوم محله زندگي ميكني ؟

پا شو بيا طرف من كه اينورا همه خانمها صف ميكشند كه شوور ايروني بكونند.


good question

by 4711 (not verified) on

Javaneh Jan. A very good question! I don't know the answer to your question. I am not an Iranian man. But I am reading all the comments carefully to see if I can learn anything! All I can say that what you say it's true! Thank you.


Javaneh, being moody is not

by persian_westender (not verified) on

Javaneh, being moody is not that bad. let's look at it in a good way. wouldn't it be boring and predictable for their partners, if Iranian men were 'unmoody' and flat!It is another good thing about iranian men!



by Anonimous (not verified) on

You must have had a horrible and traumatic experience with a moody Iranian man, to come to this cnclusion. What did he do to you? Did he leave you? Did he say you are ugly and immature when he said the opposite when he was seducing you? Did he do even worse than that to you? That is my clue.

ebi amirhosseini

Javaneh Jaan !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

What?,your "Habibi" is giving you the silent treatment?!

Believe me,we men,Iranian or non-Iranian sometimes suffer from PMS too!!.


Dear Javaneh

by jamshid on

I don't think it is Iranian men that are moody. Sometimes, it is our own flawed choices, poor judgment and perhaps moodiness that attract us to the wrong people.

Then we categorize "all" men or all women, or all Iranian men, etc, This won't help. It will only further distance a person from the ability to make the right choice, or the chance to meet the right person.

Please re-evalutate and reconsider your opinion.


Ha ha ha !!

by javaneh29 on

At least you speak!!!!!!


bajenaghe naghi

javaneh jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

to be honest with you i am not in the mood to discuss this very minute. i may get back to you in one minute ok?