A moment of fantasy ....

 A moment of fantasy ....
by javaneh29

The mind boggles at the thought!!!

Reading about the draft bill to make the taking of second wives legal made me think about the value of woman in Iranian society. I had a little fantasy going on about what it would be like if the boot was on the other foot and women had power and control of men.

What changes would we make? Would we seek revenge for all the years of male oppression and  domination ? Would we tell our men what to wear and how to behave? Would we give them any rights ? Would we stone them for adultery? Would we deprive them of their children and leave them to sell their bodies for a few dollars ? Would we consider their committment to us or their feelings and take another husband?

They say what goes around, comes around!!!

The floor is open



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Whose's mind boggles at the thought anyway?

by Javaneh's Teacher (not verified) on

Only traditional women like Javaneh find this idea mind-boggling! She has no natural inclination to think outside of the box.


If I Were God

by AnonymousTheMrs (not verified) on

I would give every man heavy menstruations on flat 28 day cycles comprised of emotional PMS and painful breasts along with maddening ovulations. I would give them horrible cramps (no Midol) and nausea.


Unsuitable for children :)

by Anonymous* (not verified) on

Please use following link:

Click on the "I agree" button in the center of the page then scroll down.

It shows the way that guys are manipulating in that fantasy world...

Name of the folder is "Gender Bending 10" ... :)


ebi amirhosseini

My Fantasy !!

by ebi amirhosseini on


1-Women are in power & absolute control.

2-Women imprison men for their centuries long crimes against the "second sex".

3-Women are the only ones driving in the streets,so no traffic & no need for traffic police.

4-No more air pollution in Tehran & other big cities.

5-Everybody in Tehran can see Damavand peak all day long.

Ebi ,are you dreaming again!? move your .... & go get some milk from Giant.

Yes Azizam.



by Majid on

Since when it's called "sleeve"?


Hit us with your best shot,

by American Wife (not verified) on

Hit us with your best shot, Majid Joon... we can take it...lol. 

I know you've got some good ones up your sleeve...:-)

But you know the one I'm going to come back with...!!


All which you say is true

by t (not verified) on

All which you say is true Javaneh. I don't think the table is going to turn anytime soon. However, as women acquire education, go out to the work force and most importantly become financially independent they will no longer feel obligated to do and act as they are dictated by men and society at large.

The first step starts with us women. As mothers we should treat, expect and provide the same freedom to our daughters as we do to our sons. As wives, we should not become slave to our husband's money. As daughters we should talk back and not be obedient at all times. As women we should not be critical and judge other women just to make ourself look better.


If those women happen to be religious...

by AnonymousThinker (not verified) on

If those women in power are religious,. then I am sorry to say that they will still give away the power to men. To let them choose for them because they deeply believe that they're actually the inferior sex.
In this case, nothing would change.

But if they're not religious, they need to get rid of the religious ones. Once the religion is dead, the real equality of men and women can start.


I don't know why I remembered this joke.

by Majid on

This guy was admitted to a mental health evaluation institute, cause he thought he's a cat!

After weeks of therapy, one day he announced that he was cured and he's not a cat anymore, so he was released.

15 minutes later he rushed back to the center yelling: I KNOW i'm not a cat anymore, but damn dogs in the neighborhood having a hard time believing me!  

(just an un-related joke ladies)


One can only dream... :-)

by American Wife (not verified) on

For just a few moments, I was drifting away in a daydream... Actually,... you're right about women being manipulative...it's the means to an end. We don't DEMAND anything... we subtlety encourage...LOL. As far as taking another husband... GOOD GRIEF, are you kidding! It's taken me long enough to train this one. Like I need THAT headache (Azizam... you know I'm kidding...:-)) No, IRANdokht is right... it would be acceptable just to be considered equal and treated with respect. Now, back to that daydream....no more ironing... no more vacuming... no more dusting...

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

We're selfless, considerate, passionate, peaceful beings

And modest too! Don't forget that one :D

I generally agree with you. I prefer to have a female boss than a male one, and I usually enjoy the company of women more than men. But... I think perhaps you are not noticing soem very common female personality traits? Women can be very critical, very demanding, very manipulative, etc. Maybe that would change of there ever was a role reversal. Who knows? Maybe some day we'll find out :)


Thank you Javaneh

by AnonymousReader (not verified) on

I really like you and your newly-emerged presence on the site. I read the material you post and your thoughtful comments on other people's posts with a lot of interest. If I may, I would just like to give you one word of advice about pacing yourself in the frequency of your posts so that you won't burn out and fizzle fast. I really would like to see more of your contributions on the site. Too many bloggers in the past have gone from hyperactive and highly prolific to burnt out and silent, and I don't want that to happen to you.


If the goal is power

by Abarmard on

Then things would not be much different. The ideology of power creates an atmospher of mistrust that would make the world the way it is today. Unless the world would think and be built on another factor other than power.

Now this:



Good Question!

by IRANdokht on

I believe women are made of a much better fabric than to do such injustice to others.

Women are nurturers by nature; we're the ones who feel and experience the real "unconditional love". We're selfless, considerate, passionate, peaceful beings (well at least some of us are) and I can't imagine us behave in the same way and oppress anyone. Come to think of it, maybe that's exactly why women have been dominated and mistreated for so long...

Personally I just want to see the day we're all considered equal and treated with respect.

Very thought provoking...