Mollah gash kardeh

by javaneh29

When I was 17 I was given my first book of Iranian recipes. I used to pour over the pages and think about the day when I would become a great cook. At that time I didnt know even how to go about making maast o khiar let alone polou or khoresh!

One of the recipes that seemed sooo delicious to me was something called 'mollah gash kardeh' ... the name suggested it must be a dish from heaven and I had never eaten it before and never got  around to making it! Needless to say I lost that recipe book somewhere when I left Iran in a bit of a rush a few years later.

I have never seen the recipe since and although it probably isn't so delicious as it once seemed I would love to try and make it. I came across a turkish recipe for this dish on the net but Im looking for an authentic iranian one.

Does anyone know it?

BTW there seems to be a bit of a demand for a food/ recipe section. So this is a starting place. I am going to think about an article so watch this space.



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This recipe hasnt got a name yet....

by javaneh29 on

I have one recipe that you can use with turkey .. it doesnt have a name Im afriad as we cant decide what to call it! Maybe you can think of something!!

Prepare some zaffron and put to one side ..a small cup is enough.

Cut turkey meat into meduim sized strips, not chunks. Fry an onion with a little zarchube and when brown add the turkey and continue to fry until colour changes. Add some hot water and allow to cook on a low heat.

Then wash some zeresht and khallal and heat in a pan until it stops steaming and add some olive oil and cook for a few minutes. Add most of the zaffron and let it be for about 15 mins.

Boil berenge and rinse. I usually make tachin, (must with the yellow part of the egg and a little of the zaffron) and cover the bottom of your pan with this and add a layer of berenge and then a layer of turkey and so on.

Cook for 3/4- 1 hour.

Its delicious I promise. I guess you could swop the zereshte for dates but the yummy thing about this recipe is the sweet and sour taste.



I need a delicious receipe for turkey please

by Naheed (not verified) on

hey everyone
Can I get some receipes for making turkey I am tired of the usual ones

ebi amirhosseini

Re: Deraar

by ebi amirhosseini on

tnx partygirl aziz for coorection,you know I have food fetish & Deraar was always a part of my fridge stock back in Iran;specially loved it in " Maaste Kiseii".My supply always came  from my Gilak or Maazan friends who knew how much I loved it .I miss it so much.To be honest with you,I tried your recepie before,but it didn't work,since I felt something was missing.


Party Girl


by Party Girl on

Dear Ebi:

Deraar is actually a condiment, not a spice.  It is made of several fresh herbs and A LOT OF SALT!  It is actually called "Green Salt" or "Namak-e-Sabz" in Gilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan (Gorgan) provinces.  Gilak women used to prepare Deraar in large shallow wooden bowls, rubbing the herbs and salt for hours until they developd a paste.  This paste, Deraar, is served with fresh fruits and vegetables in Northern families in Iran.  These days, Gilak and Mazan women prepare deraar in food processors, crushing the herbs with salt.  You are right, there are herbs such as Khalvash, which are native to Caspian Sea coast, inside deraar.  I have made deraar at home in the U.S., using only fresh mint leaves and lots and lots of salt.  This works, too, especially for non-Gilaks who won't be able to tell the missing ingredients!  I'm not a Gilak, by the way, but I learned Gilak cuisine from the very best.  Bon appetit!

ebi amirhosseini

Dear Skatermom

by ebi amirhosseini on

Do you know what is " Deraar" in English?actually is it a herb only found in Maazandara & Gilaan or not!



Oh my god Javaneh, this is

by skatermom (not verified) on

Oh my god Javaneh, this is it! You're a genius! I googled Gilaki dishes before and found nothing. This is exactly the recipe I was looking for. I'm putting this page in my favorites. There are a ton more Gilaki dishes here. Great web site.


morghe torsh

by javaneh29 on

Skatermom I never tasted it but found this link... hope its what you wer looking for. Let us know how it cooks up !


This is a pretty useful site.



Hi guys, I have one for you.

by skatermom (not verified) on

Hi guys, I have one for you. My father is Rashti and my favorite dish as a child was morghe torsh. None of my Rashti kin live here and I don't know the recipe. I do know there is a chicken, lapeh, eggs and a host of unknown fresh herbs involved. If there is a Gilaki out there that has a clue I would love to recreate this. It's best served with a slow cooked kateh.

ebi amirhosseini

Tooti Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

tnx for nice compliment.Well,I donot know where you live (US or..),normally in any area in US that dear Iranians live,you can find different " Advieh" for Iranian recepies in "Iranian food -marts".Like "advieh Lubia polow,Aabgusht &......

I have seen in store where i shop,they sell "Advieh" by trade name of " Khanoum Batmanghelich"( I have never tried them but believe after legendary Rosa Montazeri,her recepie is the best,though to me more westernized).

But,tell me for what dish,I try to help with my limited knowledge to prepare sth at home.

Yummy Yummy


There is always a history behind names,that is true with this name too,since when you can only use one hand to cook ,you cannot use fresh " Nokhod" (since you need your both hands to crush them),instead you just add ready made " Aard-e-Nokhodchi".

ebi amirhosseini

Re : in your recepie

by ebi amirhosseini on

Dear,stupid of me.I meant "Beef broth".I learn by your comments,tnx.It is my first time giving poeple " written Recepie".

Yummy Yummy.


Tooti jan

by javaneh29 on

Go ahead ...and thats what I was writting below,  that its interesting to find out how others make those everyday dishes we all know how to, but with a little something extra.

For example today I made addas polou and my other half came to add his touch with some curry powder and mmmm.... it was delicious. I never thought to add curry powder to this before but now I see its an improvement I will continue to add it!



Ebi jaan, (man of many

by Tooti (not verified) on

Ebi jaan, (man of many trades!)

Baba ayvallah!
Merci so much for your answer.
You are kheili vaared.

For years, since I heard the name of "Kufteh DBG" I've been imagining a Kufteh leaning halfway on a table with his/her(!) hand behind his/her neck, leaning on it!!
Just the image of the kufteh killed me! LOL!

Wonder Who on earth came up with that name and why?

So it's all about the nokhodchi part and herbs...
Whod-a thunk?!

One more Question though:
The most delicious Iranian foods I've had were the ones which had a little extra something added to the basic recipe. The things which made them OUT of THIS WORLD was A little 'advieh' here, a dash of
cinnamon there, or some 'poodr limoo ammani', or za'faroon.... but I've looked everywhere on the INt. but unfortunately cannot find recipes with advieh and the little extra something which I KNOW many Iranians add to their homemade food.

Sorry for hogging your blog Javaneh joon, love your idea... Please pardonez moi! Couldn't resist.


Dear Ebi: In your receipe

by Not Anonymous (not verified) on

Dear Ebi: In your receipe you mention ladeling "hot Broth"?? Which broth??

BTW, Thanks for sharing this yummy receipe. Keep it comming!

ebi amirhosseini

Tooti Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

This is what I know:

The difference between " kufteh dast-be-gardan" & regular one is that, " Aard-e-Nokhodchi" is used instead of "Nokhod" & regular "Kufteh" has some herbs which are not used in this one( Kind of a lzay version of real kufteh).Basically like the difference betwwen "Kotlet" & " Shaami".In "Shaami" , "Aard-e-Nokhodchi" is used but in " Kotlet" we have "potatoes".

Hope sb else has a better knowledge about it.

Bebakhsid,beram ke Aab polow Sar Raft!!.

best wishes


ebi amirhosseini

Here comes Ostaan-e-Hasht !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

  •   "Boz Ghormeh kermooni"
  • For 6 poeple serving ( not if one of them is me or Khar!)

  • "Ingredients"

  • 2 pounds breast of lamb

  • 2 large onions, grated or chopped

      4 tablespoons butter

      2 cups water

      ½ teaspoon salt

      ¼ teaspoon pepper

      2 cups liquid whey (Kashk)

      ½ teaspoon saffron

      1 teaspoon dried mint flakes

      3 cloves garlic, grated (optional)

      1 tablespoon butter (optional)

  • 1 teaspoon turmeric(zaed chubeh)

  • ====================

  • Crack the(lamb) breast bones . Sauté the onions in 3 tablespoons of the butter until golden brown. Add the meat and sear on all sides. Add the broth, water, salt, and pepper. Cover and simmer over a low heat until the meat is tender ( about 1 hour). Ladle a few tablespoons of the hot broth into theliquid whey (Kashk) to warm it up before adding it to the meat . Stir in the saffron. Cover and simmer another 15 minutes.

    Just before serving, saute the mint & turmeric(zard chubeh) in the remaining 1 tablespoon of butter and sprinkle them over the meat. If desired, sauteed, grated garlic may also be added to the top.

  • P.S

  • Dear kermoonis,please comment & give other variations of this recepie,as your Moms did it.

  • Viva Kemroon


  • default

    Anyone any idea what "Kufteh

    by tooti (not verified) on

    Anyone any idea what "Kufteh dast-be-gardan" Is?
    Heard of it but have no idea what it is!


    Well done!

    by American Wife (not verified) on

    Yes, finally a conversation without  Before this gets too long and eventually deleted, I'm going to open a file to save these suggestions and receipes.  Isn't it cool how many men are participating!  It's probably too early to get tooooo organized but since this has potential for being an integral part of now, maybe we could set up some guidelines.  Might I suggest, if Javaneh Jaan is willing, that we submit questions and receipes to her... then she could introduce a specific subject in each article or blog.  There is so much I need to learn and I don't want to miss anything! 


    I happen to know

    by Abarmard on

    a few tricks to make delicious and healthy dishes. I love cooking, if time permits I will share a few of my own secrets...Although my family thinks I should never give a way some of my famous ones ;)


    Great idea, Javaneh!!

    by farshadjon on

    Actually, I was thinking about having some receipe as my ability to cook are limited to about 6-7 different types of food and it is getting really boring these past couple of weeks.

    As per my last conversation with my mom, I declared the following phrase:

    "Ghorbone ghazahaye ghati patit beram"


    So I am 100% behind this idea and I will do my best to contribute to this section.


    Thank you, Javaneh.


     Hey persian westender I

    by javaneh29 on

     Hey persian westender I think that was really close to the recipe I remember. The only one I found used green beans and suggested mange tout which I know was not it. It most definatley had baadamjaan in it .... i love to eat any thing made with baadamjooon. I will try it and let you know if I swoon too! And couldnt agree more ! !

    Sherlock... aka Ebi , the mrs and skatermom I wrote to JJ about this and he suggested we do it as a blog or article. I think we can make it what ever we want it to be .... and it can include everything and anything about this subject so close to our hearts!

    One of the things that always interests me is how everyone has their own versions of making everyday dishes and it might be interesting to include this too. For example feesenjan with duck, turkey or chicken?  Estamboli polou mmmmmm... has many variatins according to the cook.

    OMG.... do you think we might have found a subject that will not include nasty comments and bickering??????????

    Samsan1111 ... will try abgoosht bazbash. Thanks for the idea. Do you have a recipe for it?

    Thanks for all your replies, enthusiasm and encouragement.

    best wishes



    Imam Bayildi

    by Critic (not verified) on

    Dear all,

    I can't imagine that you guys have never been to a Turkish restaurant! Imam Bayilid (also written as Bayalidi or Bayouldi) is an unmistakable ingridient of every starter, meze, in any Turkish restaurant. It is definitely Turkish and not Persian or any other ethnic dish. Aubergine based and quite delicious (of course, not as tasty as our own kashko bademjoon or mirza ghassemi).

    There are variations to its meaning and the story behind it, including Imam fainted and Imam died. Here are a few interesting links:



    and for a more appetizing clip:


    Bon Appetite


    Very Interesting! I came up

    by persian_westender (not verified) on

    Very Interesting!
    I came up with this finding about "molla ghash kardeh": it is in fact a turkish(or indian) dish and the name is "swooned priest"; an equal word for molla ghash kardeh!
    check the link for reciepe

    i hope someone one day make a reciepe as 'molla saghat shodeh'!


    Ancient Chef here..while Ebi is searching 4 chef boyardi

    by samsam1111 on

    When it comes to food..I,m the man(among many other things)...It,s mostly due to being single and later on single dad..My ex(Yugoslavian) wasn,t a great chef because 1st off too young and 2ndly Serbs don,t have much to offer except after the 1st 6 months was fired from my kitchen..I have come up with my own mix of different cuisines via many burned food nights & 2am after club cravings..half chinese half indian seafood..french seafood mixed with robeh anar sided with sabzi polo..Fesenjoon indian style..greek lamb chops with lebenese kous kous and side order of tabouli with irani kashk u see these are the menues of a drunken chef..

    Funny Angelina: I wasn,t invited by any ancient Iranis to their parties but I hear Ancient Iranians ate barbecued Ox and camel..they loved tons of different deserts . I read once that their favourite was rice pudding and thick icy anar sherbats..the findings were done through excavations of Jars found in Lurestan. and for your info the Indian "Chicken beriyani" with rice and almond is the oldest Irani food that was brought to India by Parsis who fled the Arabs in sassanid time..but indians later spiced it ironicaly indian chicken beryani is the oldest persian food over 1500 yrs next time you eat beryani think about it!! You may very well be eating what King khosru Parviz & concubine lover "shirin" ate 14 centuries ago!!

    cheers & bone petite but ...remember the work out after pigging yourself.not every one has my slim genes.

    Javaneh..try abgoosht bozbash..from my mom,s town of Nahavand..vegetable,s probably the oldest irani abgoosht..uhmmm all this talk got me thinkin food now you bastards!

    ebi amirhosseini

    My suggestion for food section !

    by ebi amirhosseini on

    Since you can find different Persian recepie books on line( everybody knows how to make polow,khoresht & Kabob),I suggest that the food section would be dedicated to " Regional recepies". Every contributer can write a recepie from his/her hometown.What do you think!?

    Comment please.

    JJ what do you think!? is it feasable ? can the site designate a space for it!?

    best wishes

    ebi amirhosseini

    You had me at Mollah !!

    by ebi amirhosseini on

    Beats me,never heard of it,but I do my best to solve the mystery!.

    Sherlock goes to work !.


    Thanks Javaneh for getting

    by skatermom (not verified) on

    Thanks Javaneh for getting the ball rolling. I would love to see this recipe. I would also love it if our fellow members would share recipes that are regional. There are of course your standard Persian dishes. It would be nice to share dishes from the different "Ostans".


    Hello, was it indeed an old

    by TheMrs on

    Hello, was it indeed an old recepie? This is fascinating. I would love to try dishes people would eat 300 and 1500 years ago. I once read an article about how Iranians had over 300 contraceptives back in the days of antiquities. They were probably herbal or something. But I think it would be fascinating to read through them and see what people were doing back then. I guess we will never know. I wonder if samsam the historian here has any information on these subjects.