Iranian personals

by javaneh29

And I see Shahram, a friend of mine!! How strange to see a face I know there.

It got me to thinking about dating sites and their place in the scheme of todays dating world.

Two things go through my mind: the first is that I guess its not always easy for some to meet people out there in the real world these days. However, the so called ''virtual world' is very much part of my world these days and like many people I use the interent for most things to save me from hours of long haul investigation. So why not search for a partner on the interent too. Its probably safer .. I mean you could meet a guy in a bar, under the influence of alcohol, your judgement might be impaired ..... Im thinking that behind a screen you could get to know someone and I guess that depends on the integrity of the people involved.

The second thing I was thinking was that it could also be a minefield. I have heard many stories from people I know about distasterous dates made via these sites. Many might view it as a place only to find sexual contacts.... nothing wrong with that so long as both know the score.

On the other hand I have three friends who met and are now married having met their husbands on a dating site. There's even a tv programme about internet dating.

By the way Shahram is a really nice guy!!






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Iranian Personals = Waste of Money

by PandaKopoloo (not verified) on

95% of the profiles on the Iranian Personals belong to the people who no longer exist. Their E.mail addresses are changed, they're married or no longer interested.
The site owners intentionally avoid deleting outdated profiles to make people think they have a large members to choose from.
The best way to find an Iranian wife find a middle-age or older Iranian lady and tell her that you have a doctorate degree in medicine and own a chain of hotels. Within days she will spread the news among the relatives and single, shallow Iranian girls will pop out :)

bajenaghe naghi

javaneh jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

the best way is to ask friends to find a nice boy or girl. they know the person hopefully long enough to recommend someone who fits your needs and tempraments. there are to many crazy people on line who lie and cheat. i would not do it that way. 


Online dating

by Richard Tehrani (not verified) on

I know this short fat bald Iranian dude. He posted a profile on one of these Iranian sites. He is 50 years old and single. He gets so many girl friends from the Iranian dating sites. He was a physician in Iran many years ago but he came to Los Angeles and became a Taxi driver. He also has a shish kabob stand business on the weekends. The Iranian chicks are into that stuff. And his pot belly is like a speed bump when they're having sex. I just don't get how he get all these Iranian women. They're like giving him blow jobs left and right. I advised him if he's getting all these Iranian girlfirends and they are the one's taking him out for dinner and tea and then they have dirty sex maybe, he should become a porn star. He could recruit his girl friends as the next generation porn star.


I have had horrible

by berkeh (not verified) on

I have had horrible experience about online dating. Exaggerations & lies galore... it is pathetic. Not only do they lie about their age, physical and academic attributes, their character flaws can shock in a nasty way which sometimes may take a long time to figure out. What a waste.