Immigration issue

by javaneh29

The UK immigration authorities has refused permission to stay to my brother in law on the basis that he is safe to return to Iran and he has little paperwork to evidence his claim for asylum.

They placed him in a town miles from anywhere, in a shabby room which is too small for his height. He has no access to farsi speaking people, except us by telephone and we only get to see him at wkends.

What makes me mad as hell is that he doesnt speak english, he has no legal representation, can you beleive that?? and  and whilst they did provide him with an interpretor for his interview, he has not been provided with one for his appeal hearing. To me it seems they have already made up their mind and the appeal process is a  meaningless empty and unjust process . How can this guy represent himself in a formal court of law? How could he access good legal representation in this backwater town?

I have to go to court this week to speak for him and to  try and get his case adjourned. I thnk they might give us a month and during this time we have to prepare his case. We are desparetly seeking a good immigration lawyer?? Does anyone know of one in the London area??

I tried to get help for him from an organisation called 'life without fear' here in the UK .... set up by Iranians for Iranians and guess what .... they never returned a single call or email. What chance do Iranians have here then?

If anyone has any ideas or contacts here in the UK that might be able to offer us some help or advice please contact me through my email address. We need all the help we can get at the moment.



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Hey Mostafa thanks for the

by javaneh29 on

Hey Mostafa thanks for the link to the movie .. will follow it up sometime. 



I don't know any lawyers in

by Mostafa (not verified) on

I don't know any lawyers in UK but your story about an Iranian seeking asylum reminded me of this movie: