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by javaneh29

Its been a few weeks since I was active here .... life has been hectic to say the least. But I have time on my hands once more as the other half is busy in the shed .... !

Here is like a soap. You can put it down for a while and pick it up again and still follow whats going on. I see a few new members and some familiar ones ;) Thank goodness some things dont change.

I was thinking that there are some advantages in being anonymous but I am also intrigued about ppl too and thought it would be kind of interesting to know a little about each other,  just generally I mean.

Ok .... me! So it may seem obvious to many of you that Im not iranian by birth. I first went to Iran when I was 17! For a holiday initially but ended up staying because I loved it so much there and felt like I was at home there . I lived in Teheran until the revolution made it impossible for me to stay longer. I had married, converted to zartushti religion and had 2 daughters by then. I have duel nationality... speak farsi fluently but dont read at all and write it badly! as you  might have noticed!!!   So forgive me my errors please.

I consider myself half iranian, if not by birth but by circumstances and events in my life. My connections with Iran are as alive today as they were in the past. My husband is kurdish iranian. I have an Iranian passport and identity card and  Im a great cook !!! even though I say so myself and I have no idea how to cook uk food!!! My grandchildren are learning farsi and most of my friends are iranian.

My name is really Javaneh! This is the name my iranian family gave me when I converted religion .And  I have been known as Javaneh ever since ... some 35 years now.

Im a social worker and  psychologist and work in mental health for the UK GP system. I have three children .. all grown up, Rebecca, Roshanak and william. I have two adorable grandchildren Harri 4 and Phoebe 10 months.

So how about you?



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ebi amirhosseini

American Wife aziz,Johny Joon,Yummy

by ebi amirhosseini on


Most probably you've heard about him!!. An El Salvadorian man who owns and operates a Iranian Resturaunt in Germantown Maryland. Best restaurant cooked Iranian food I have ever had , hands down!

Hope you taste his food,Unbeielvable ! he is No Uno for catering among Irnaians in D.C area ( long before he open his own place).Tastes like homecooked meal.


American Wife

loobia polow

by American Wife on

Thanks SO much for the receipe.  It's one of my favorites and definitely our youngest son's fav so I've tried several times.  I am determined to get it right this time.  But I'll probably have to surprise them because I'm sure when I mention what I'm fixing for dinner, I'll get that "oh, I thought we'd have pizza tonight"....LOL

I hope more people participate.  It's not as bad as those e-mail forwards "which do you prefer...frosted pop tarts or unfrosted pop tarts"...:-)

It's just fun hearing about other people and where they've come from! 


American wife jan

by javaneh29 on

Thanks for joining in the spirit of things and sharing some of yourself here. I really feel it has brought some of us a little closer without sounding gooey.

Ahh but  it pains me to think of your lubia polou !! I recall my early days of getting it wrong!  The first time I attempted polou ... OMG  it came out like a big blob of white gunge but my husband and friends ate it without a word ... poor guys! Typically polite they thanked me for a delicious dinner ! And I cringed as I knew it was a complete disaster.  

Anyway I have a fail proof recipe for lubia polou.. I tried to send it to you by mail but you dont have a mail address

This makes enough for about 3-4  ppl. My measurments are approx as i dont usually measure out ingrediants.

approx 500gr rice  

400gr of minced lamb or lamb in small cubes

400gr of lubia cut into 2cm pieces

1 large onion chopped  

1/3 teasp zarchubeh (tumeric)

tomato paste to taste


2 tblesp ab limu

1 clove garlic chopped ( my taste)

1. fry chopped onion until golden, add zarchubeh and continue to stir.

2. add meat and fry until brown. cover with water and simmer at a low heat for about 20 mins or until water has reduced.

3. Add tomato paste to own taste, salt and ab limu, ( add garlic) . stir in and add lubia. Add about 2 large cups of water and cook on a meduim heat until sauce has almost gone. This should take about 1/2 hr.

Meanwhile cook polou in boiling water in the usual way and rinse. I usually make a sib zamine tah dig, add a good layer of polou and then add the meat mixture, followed with remaining polou. Cook for about 1/2 - 3/4 hr and it will be perfect!

Mix well before serving.

Good luck next time, let me know how it goes :)


American Wife


by American Wife on

If after the disasterious looia polow last night, he even lets me try again!  Green beans weren't done... meat was not tender enough... it was reaaaaaaaaal  But the tah dig was perfect... golden crisp...hmmmmm.  It well with the

I think I redeemed myself with his second favorite dessert... not bastini noone... but his second favorite circe.  Hand fed, of course.

So much for the cookbook... I'm going to have to wing it by myself...try and try again!  lol

We hope we'll get to actually meet more of y'all.  You're all awesome!

ebi amirhosseini

Ashu Javaaneh!!

by ebi amirhosseini on

I'm like ' Gaave Pishooni Sefid' here,real name,real pix & have bragged enough about myself here,so if anything more,let me know!.thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


Dear American wife:

"can make a decent tah dig." You have found the Achilles heel of every pure blood Iranian !!.

let's go to Japan everybody:


Ask your hubby to help you with Farsi here:



American Wife


by American Wife on

I never would have thought you weren't Iranian!  This is a cool idea but I agree that alot of people will be too inhibited to respond... for whatever reasons.  I, however, am not that

Born and raised in the coastal SouthEast... typical Irish Catholic family of seven... with a twin brother that I adore.  Majored in English and minored in Math at an all-girl college (I think I'm supposed to say "woman's college" now) which went co-ed my junior year which totally sucked.

Proud mother of a son... soon to be 23... who is in school in PA right now after serving four years in the Marines.  I miss him terribly.  Two wonderful step sons with whom I'm very close and am enjoying having nearby.

Moved to Orange County from the East Coast almost two years ago with my Iranian husband... love it here but miss home, family and friends.

I've loved learning and sharing the Persian culture with him... regret that I haven't learned Farsi better... can ALMOST hold my own in takteh... finally perfected my maast-o-khiar... make a decent loobia polow (but screwed it up last night) and can make a decent tah dig.

Liberal Democrat who is hoping and praying for a much needed change in our government come November!!!!!

I'm loyal and committed... I've had three jobs in my career... my current job being so casual and laid back after an incredibly stressful job as property manager for a gated community on the East coast that I'm sometimes even bored!  Who knew you could actually just work from 9 to 5!!!!

Love boating... reading is my passion... listen to Blues and classic rock... and finally have a convertible which I LOVE driving up and down PCH!!!

I guess that's it!



I am Anonymous

by Anonymous User (not verified) on

Nice to meet you. I am Anonymous User and I love it. JJ is a genius for allowing anonymous people like me to post their comments, and combine that with monitoring system that filters out unacceptable speeches to be posted, this is a great way for me to feel as if I have some connection with this cyberspace community of ours, as imaginary and unreal as it might be and even as a one-way communication system.

Well more about me, I’m really a very flexible person. I easily change and I have no desire to stay rigid. I go with the flow. I react to situation at hand according to how I feel at the moment. I don’t have to remain one dimensional, true to any perceived character. I adapt easily and if I ever make a mistake, which is often, I don’t have to worry about it too much, and I don’t feel as if I have to provide explanation to save my ass. Just call me coward if you want, but that would be begging for a reply, which I would provide or won’t depending on how I feel, or I just simply move on. No one here is any braver than others. The brave ones are the ones in Evin Prison, and even at that I have issues with it too.

I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. I passed that delusion long time ago. Good Luck with your blogs.



Although I have nothing

by Souri on

Although I have nothing exciting to say about myself, just participate here to support your idea.

I was raised in an average intellectual family. Attending Shiraz
university at the age of 17, had encounter too much adversities from the religious activists. At that time I was very hyper !! wearing too much make up and following the super stars fashion :D) so I've got lots of attack
from the rebellious student, such as being beaten, stole my personal
stuff in my room at the dormitory...etc. At the end of the year (June
77) when the religious girl throw "mercurochrome" on my whole body, I
decided to go back to Tehran and live with my parents.

Thus I passed the concour again and was admitted in Political Sciences at National University (Melli) in September 77. It was great the first year, but
"happened difficulties" again as it was the year before the revolution
and finally they closed the universities.

Then I decided to go to US, despite my father's opposition to the idea. It took too long for me to have my admission in "Pharmacy studies" from UTAH university. By then, the revolution had already happened and they had almost closed the US Embassy !

The only country which was giving visa to the student was France. My father agreed that I could leave for France. I didn't know a word in French neither I knew anybody in France, when I first arrived there in June 1979. I was just 20.

Learning French for two years at Sorbonne, having too many problem entering universities in France, finally I went back to Iran, in dec 82 to continue studying in Melli university after the cultural revolution. One year later I went back to Paris, because I wasn't satisfy with the situation at
the university in Iran.

In January 1984, just two weeks after my second immigration to France, I knew my husband who had rented the room next door to me ! Destiny ??!! Six months later we got married. We have two boys 23 and
14 now.

We moved to Canada in 1998, and since then I am not happy with my situation ! I don't like my life here. I always cherished that old dream of my childhood to live in US. I tried many times to get a green card and am still trying!! I have became the "mamal
Emrikaee" for the whole family who for a big part is living in US now.

I love traveling. I do travel out of country, at least 4/5 times a year. I got a seasonal job. Sometimes I do work and sometimes I don't. Most of the time I read and learn and sometimes also I work with the humanitarian organization, especially for the "beaten women". Sometimes also I do help them at court as a translator....

Here it was about me, the rest is already known to everybody.



امیر کبیر در حال استخاره که آیا دلاک صدا کند یا خیر... (not verified)

نماینده مردم هستیم وگرفتار یک دولت دزد و وطن فروش و ملتی خرافاتی. هدف ما مبارزه باکشت خشخاش، دفع آفات نباتی، دفع شیعه اثنی عشری و مبارزه با مالاریا و جهل عمومی میباشد.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Nice to meet you Lady .

Listen to this,I hope you like it :=) .



Lonely, Nazy and Jamshid.... thank you for your responses

by javaneh29 on

Hey I was suprised to recieve such friendly responses! I didnt expect any response. So many thanks.

Lonely .. im sorry you are lonely. I hope things improve.

It's great to know a little about you Nazy jaan. And it is difficult to write about yourself in this context so I thank you for responding so openly. It takes a little courage even though its anonymous. I have an idea about you now and it somehow means more when I read your blogs/ comments.

I am originally english from the UK, born to english parents. I know I dont particularly look english and it confuses many ppl to learn that Im not actually iranian. Which, believe me, was a bonus  back in Teheran those months after september '78! I have greenish eyes and naturally black hair,.. ! It was a scary time for me back then! but thats another story for another time maybe!

Jamshid the truth is that I have been married twice! My first husband was zartushti and the reason I converted 35 yrs ago and my 2nd husband is also. I cant say we are 'religious' as such but as I've said before, we try to live by the general principles. I think although I didnt really understand the significance of the convertion when I was 17 yrs old, it came to mean more to me later and I believe I was one of the first westerners to be allowed to convert.... well so I was told at the time. So I am proud to call myself zartushti . To my thinking .... it is a way of life and religion is a personal issue, between me and god. Everyone to thier own.



Re: Javaneh

by jamshid on

I always become happy when I learn an Iranian (or half Iranian) chose to go back to its roots of Zoroastrism. I would too, if I wanted to have a religion.

It is difficult to express oneself in this site as you did. I think the reason is that there are so much venom and fighting going on that our personal side had diminished in favor of our "opinions", specially religious and political opinions which dominate most of the discussions.

I am just curious, and I hope you don't mind my asking, did your Kurdish husband convert to Zoroastrism as well?

Nazy Kaviani

I am

by Nazy Kaviani on

a woman, a mother, a sister, and a friend. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my younger son who attends college nearby. My older son transferred to a university this fall and I miss him. I came to attend college in the US in 1978, a few months before the Revolution. I went back to live in Iran for a few years to attend familial matters. I work at a university and enjoy my spare time reading, writing, volunteering, and blogging. I am fortunate to be surrounded by loving family and friends. I am an Iranian-American who loves Iran and Iranians and US and Americans.

Currently I am enjoying my mid-life growth spurt (!) which has helped me develop tolerance and ways to express myself better. I consider myself a very lucky individual, full of hope and wonder about the world in which I live, taking responsibility for the time that I have to live on this planet. I live a mostly regret-free life, crying easily, laughing even more easily, and trying to do my best in making that delicious lemonade whenever I am dealt a lemon!

Javaneh, so where are you originally from? And thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us. Sitting here, taking entirely too long to type these few sentences, I know what a hard thing it is to talk about myself under my real name amidst so many anonymous individuals and fictitious characters. I love them just the same, well, most of them, but I'm not surprised they wouldn't participate in your call. They would be defeating the purpose of their anonymity if they came and told us about themselves, wouldn't they?! That's quite fine with me.

Oh, and by the way, I should say I like your new avatar!


I am

by مرد مجرد (not verified) on

lonely as hell.