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by javaneh29

I came across this video and it touched me. The cry of Allah -o -akbar no longer just the cry of moslem people, it has become the call of unity for all.


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The cries or slogans

by Anonymouse on

The cries or slogans of Allah-o Akbar (god is great) was one of the driving forces of the 1979 revolution. In order to understand it you have to imagine yourself living in a dictatorship where a wrong word can land you in hot water, literally.

Then you have to imagine massive uprisings against the injustice and feared secret police which brings the entire population together.  In that moment many seek strength from higher spirits in order to strengthen the uprisings and make it succeed.

It is a call for God the great to intervene and help them defeat the evil.  This is the reason regime does not want people to chant God is great because that would mean admitting to being the devil.

During the 1979 revolution one of Shah's top general (Gen Azhari) was saying these chants are not made by people rather there are cassettes played on stereros.  In return people would chant on rooftops that Azhari the idiot - are these cassettes too? - cassettes don't have legs! *(reference people marching by the hundreds of thousands/millions in the streets during the day in Tehran and other provinces)

I was in Iran recently and these lullabies of Allah-o Akbar are really encouraging and moving.  It really shakes you since we don't find such actions in western countries where we live.  I'm not religious but this chant remains with you.

Everything is sacred.


I knowwwwwwwwwwwww.

by javaneh29 on

This is a blog area is it not ? Not intended to be news. I knew it was 2 months old ... as I said it touched me.

It also leads to an interesting site called the rooftop project, if you followed it through, which is up to date.




by capt_ayhab on

Keep up with the developments

This is rather 2 months old... but enjoyed it nonetheless ;)




by KitGilas on

very symbolic.... and contradictionary for the mullahs..

They are forbidding people to call God?? I would so much love to hear their explanation....

But my heart cries and pray for the souls longing for freedom