Batebi : Iranian of the month I think

Batebi : Iranian of the month I think
by javaneh29

He has become known as the Johnny Depp of Iran and is already well  known for his picture on the front page of the Economist in '99 when he was a student. holding the bloodied t shirt of his friend.  

This article tells of the torture he suffered during his 8 years of a 15 year sentence. He suffered kidney damage and had a stroke leaving him with no feelings on one side of his body ... poor guy. He spent 2 yrs in solitary confinement //

He is really a hero and I think he should be on the Iranian of the day list. What do you think?



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The VOA interview

by baback on

To the individuals who fault Mr. Batebi for the VOA interview, what in the interview did you hear or see to doubt his sincerity regarding his motives and his future plans? What was evident to me was someone who was very measured and "matin" in light of his experiences. I wish you would exercise the same measure of temperament and "metaanat".


Batebi, the movie star

by asdf (not verified) on

Mr. Kadivar: don't you think Batebi's life should be made into a movie or a book?? He certainly looks like a star!...LOL


Johnny Depp?

by Anonymous44 (not verified) on

Why Johhny Depp? What is that supposed to mean? I mean Johnny Depp is a pretty cool cat, but what is the relationship to batebi?


In a previous round there were unsettling questions

by mostaghel on

In a previous round there were questions raised by posters when it was announced that Batebi has come to Washington DC. Many of those questions are unsettling and need answer. Here are some that I recall: 

1. A "hero" who spends 9 years in jail for a cause, after freedom stays to continue his/her fight .

2. There was a poster who claimed knew his friend back from many years ago at the university. Stated that "his motives were unclear". He did not say he was  spy or any of that just that his motives were unclear. This coming froma former colleague is important to consider.

3. US is spending $400M on dis-stabalizing Iran, particulary through the minorities (kurds, baluchis, etc.). Batebi fled Iran through Kurdestan and Iraq (his interview on VoA). What is his role or link to the US dollars on that project?

4. Batebi's first interview was with VoA. This is an organ of US government with strong affiliation with the CIA. That same organization that wishes iranians death and estruction, going back to the coup of 1953. He is a "freedom figher" for who? For Iranains? Why then the move?




Yek Irani

The Problem

by Yek Irani on

Is that we’re constantly looking for “heroes”. But unfortunately heroes cannot do a damn thing to change our problems. The only way to get rid of IRI and at the same time stand up to savages like Israel and their puppet, the US government, is to change our culture. We should stand by each other, respect each other, stop cheating each other and be kind to each other. Until these things happen nothing will change. All these heroes don’t worth a dime.


He is a here, no doubt, but...

by botshekan (not verified) on

my point is that before we fall into the hero-worship pitfall, we have to examine the facts thorougly. Remember, we also have a hero in John McCain! But does he make a good leader?

Thanks for your civil reply Javaneh. I don't get it so often these days.




by javaneh29 on

I agree with you, there is always that possibility. So I begun a little investigation for my own curiosity.

There isn't much explicit detail about Batebi's escape available and although he recorded his journey on a pocket camera, it didnt explain how he came to be out of prison in the first place. . However I did find this fairly quickly. I will continue to look.


This man suffered much throughout his 9 yesrs in prison and witnessed horrific unimaginable events because he spoke out. In my eyes anyone who can survive these ordeals is some kind of hero. Im sure there are more like him that we never hear about. For now ... the focus is on him. Let it be and allow him this glory.  


p.s He was released for medical treatment at the time of his escape


A good hero is a jailed or dead hero!

by ali reza (not verified) on

Many people think that one person can change a government or make drastic changes in the government,but ime has changed.We had a revolution because Khomeini had millions of supporters.One person would not make a big difference unless that person has a lot of support.That person is not anywhere to be found.


The Proof is in the Pudding

by botshekan (not verified) on

Well, I think, it is left to me to say something different (as my name implies).

Whether Batebi is "khod forukhteh", is not the issue here and no one can say it for sure. But what is most suspicious is for the Islamic regime to allow their most valued detainee to slip out of their hands just like that! But could it be that he was "allowed" to slip away? Or is he as much valued as we are made to believe? These questions remain unanswered.

It is easy for Javaneh and other romanticly oriented members of the public to give in to Batebi's magnetic charm and hail him as Iran's answer to Nelson Mandela. But is this why Batebi is out? I seriously doubt it. The regime's intelligence services have performed in a much sophisticated manner in recent years than ever before. To them Batebi's value could be much higher as a free "activist", opening a new front among the opposition, hence a source of disunity, than as a captivated "dissident."

The jury is still out.


Modern day Kaveh Ahangar

by Aziz (not verified) on

A friend of mine named Farhad in Tehran U. once said:
Too many Farhad's and too few Kaveh's.
This was 40 years ago..

ebi amirhosseini

You have....

by ebi amirhosseini on

my vote too !.


Mr Batabi is our modern day hero

by Tahirih on

He should be ,and is Iranian of the day. He will be remembered in our history books. He is our 21st " Rostam".


Forget about torture

by Abarmard on

My hats off to even those Iranians who just get cut and need
to be picked up by their parents from the police station. We desperately need
social freedom in our country. This is absolutely ridiculous in the 21st

Thanks for posting this.


He's Iranian of the............

by Majid on


یک ضرب المثل ترکی هست که میگه:

زمستان چکمین بلبل  بهارین گدرینی بیلمز

"بلبل زمستان ندیده قدر بهار را نمیداند"

این برای تمام آن‌ها ایست که او را متهم به خود فروختگی میکنند



by Fair on

All of us should be proud that our country produces so many fine young brave men and women, whose struggle he has come to symbolize in this epic picture.

This is a sign of a great civilization and deep rooted rich culture that cannot be beaten.

You have my vote for sure.


I agree!

by IRANdokht on

I am so glad he's finally out and he looks well in the new picture too.

thanks for posting the news


Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Hope that one day no more Iranians will have to undergo such a treatment in a Free and Democratic Iran.

Lets Hope for the Best,


PS: The Cinefil in me would even see him play the title role in Prince of Persia  ;0)