Baseeji head quaters secretly recorded.

Baseeji head quaters secretly recorded.
by javaneh29

Baseeji head quarters meeting is secretly recorded by one brave person. They discuss how to break up the protests, identify the leaders of the protests..... It's rather long but you will want to hear it all.


I dont know why Im surprised by this.



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Date of......

by Majid on

If you listen carefully right before the meeting conductor starts wrapping up he talks about hiring some additional "Khodi" photographers to add to different news agency's staff with some additional monetary incentives, he then mentions that for that "additional pay!" he'll ask for some extra fund in the 1378 budget proposal. With that in mind (if I'm not wrong) this multi day meeting took place in 1377 (1998). 

Anonymous Observer

It May be More Recent

by Anonymous Observer on

I thought that it was from 1998 as well.  But they talk a lot about everyone having cell phones.  I know that even in the U.S., in 1998 not too many people had cell phones, and in Iran it was more difficult.  Also, they talk a lot about digital computer recordings which i don't think were in common use at that time.   


Hmmm ....

by javaneh29 on

We're listening to it now and so far its very ambiguous as to whether it is from 1989 or it refers to 'sardar' which was not in existence in 1989?  Possibly 1998 yes.  But I bow to your greater knowledge. Javaneh

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

This was linked today by Darius Kadivar. Some of those who saw it recognized it as a meeting that took place after 18 Tir disturbances in 1998. Here are all the audio files: