Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’s (IRGC) War Room

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’s (IRGC) War Room
by عموجان

First us, second us, third us and since West putting sanction on Iran then there is enough money for us only, and who ever gets pay the most he gets to leave the country first, we worry about Emam Zaman's share later for now he is invisible any way. That's what Toppoly is sayning


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The Fars picture even has the caption:

by thexmaster on

"Photo: leader in war room".  Agent Pirouz obviously has reading comprehension problems at the basic levels. 

pastor bill rennick

Now, this would be a perfect target for 100 MOPs!

by pastor bill rennick on

Isn't there supposed to be a boshkeh in the middle of the room?

What is that boy doing in the middle of the room?

Are these fat rag-heads going to make him undress?


But Seriously Amoo Jan, I do wonder how they split the loot..

by fooladi on

Based on age, seniority or just the good old mafia style, the godfather khamenei gets the most?

Nevertheless, thanks for the really funny post, enjoyd it. looking forward to more:)


Sorry Jenab Sargord if I got you all excited

by عموجان on

I just tell it (show it) the way I see it. That's the advantageof living in open society you tell your story and I tell mine and nobody get raped or executed. Also in open society they let you see their war room when you ask (not in war time) but in Iran they have to kill you after you see it. So I made up mine and i think it is very close to the original one.

Sargord Pirouz

Shucks. And I was hoping

by Sargord Pirouz on

Shucks. And I was hoping this post would be informative. What was I thinking? Just another screed.

BTW: That's simply an audience, not a "war room". Not that it matters to those with minds more concerned with hate, in place of genuine curiosity.