What is the Plan?

by iranvatan

What are the Iranians concerned about? Iranians want the same thing as Americans have: Food, Shelter, Education, Job, Prosperity, Growth and FREEDOM.

Culture and Tradition don't create Jobs for you.

However, none of the opposition leaders talk about these dilemmas, these issues. With unemployment rate and inflations in double digit numbers, an economy on the very f collapse, Iranian regime can declare bankruptcy anyway if it wasn't because of OIL.

We are giving oil to damn Chinese and Indians for FREE.

We let the Gulf States to dig into Persian Gulf Gas reservoirs without criticizing them.

We let countries such as Azerbaijan who have been exploiting Caspian seas like PIRATES and we have been silent.

Over 65% of Iran's population lives in poverty. We have the highest child poverty in the Middle East than our Persian Gulf Neighbors.

Arabs in UAE and Saudi Arabia live in castles while Iranian workers are struggling to earn money for bread.

Buying a dozen eggs has become a luxury. Eating chicken with your dinner is just for rich. Paying Electricity and water bill is not anymore for average Iranians.

None of these opposition leaders have any plan. They just bark like a dumb ass dog. The Monarchist always go back to 5o years ago. The mujahedin (forget about these traitors) and the Green Movement they are from the same system so there is no hope.

It is none sense, the garbage and BS that is going on and the people are suffering.

People Democratic Party of Iran

Hezbeh Democracy Mardome Iran


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Seems You Are RIGHT

by Azarbanoo on

I hope we are wrong and some IRANI BaGHYRATS are doing something for IRAN & IRANI.