Separation not the solution - United Iran is a better solution


by iranvatan

Nelson Mandela when he spent 27 years in a CAGE didn't come back and say let us kill all the Apartheid followers. He didn't talk about separation and vengeance.

Martin Luther King this man despite being hated by almost every ignorant nut job and someone who had witnessed hate and RACISM as well being subject to vicious crimes, didn't come out and say let us Separate and have our own states or governments or regions.

So, these two people, two MEN and many other like them Ghandi, Ken Saro-Wiwa and many more they looked at real problems and issues and that was using Legal Systems to create protection, fairness and equality for everyone.

We need to understand the real issues and real problem that currently exist which is basically poverty, lack of legal systems that protects everyone and education. Not having a legal system and justice system that protects it citizen is the core flaw of this current regime. That is why peopl's fundamental rights are not protected.

The current legal and justice system based on a 2000 year old Sharia law and hatred is destroying the very fabric of our society and our culture and causing our country to fall apart. Corruption, mismanagement and embezzlement are becoming so rampant and ubiquitous that the core of the legal system the very root of it is ROTTEN.

We need to protect Iran and Iran's right and the only way is to change the system and teh current status qou.

We need to fight not for individuals, groups or organization we need to fight for the whole nation. We need to fight for our country, the future of our children.

What do you think you will achieve if you are thinking selfishly and only about your own cause...NOTHING

Until the day we don't understand the value of unity and what we are fighting for and where we want to go we will be exploited and soon we will lose the country.

Do your part, stand up for what you believe in, stand up for those who are ignorant and stupid as it seems uncomfortable and scary at times you will become successful.

I tell you one thing until we don't unite and all these opposition groups, individuals don't create a unity amongst people we will not Succeed and we will lose this war.


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