The next Ethiopia of Middle East will be Iran

by iranvatan

This is serious my Iranian friends. This is very serious. Your country is the next Horn of Africa. Please don't ignore it and share it if you are a lover of Iran.

65% of Iran's population is living in poverty.

This is the numbers published by the Islamic fascist Regime:

"Between 44.5 and 55 percent of Iran's urban population lives under the poverty line, according to a new report titled "Measurement and Economic Analysis of Urban Poverty."

In 1998 report IMF said 53% of Iran's population lives i povrty. That was 1998.

Iran's GDP per capita in 1975 was $1611 and in 1998 was $1275
USA GDP per capita in 1975 was $19364 and in 1998 was $29683

and Iran is a wealthy country in natural resources with educated population....Shame on Islamic Fascists





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Indeed, Shame on IRR akhoonds & thugs

by Azarbanoo on

they brought this sad situation for IRAN & IRANIANS.



by yolanda on

Very sad!

We need can food drive!