Israel’s’ Six Day War with Iran


by iranvatan

We are getting very close to another war in Middle East. A war that will be very costly for all parties but by far the cost of humanity and its consequences of the region supersede any other costs.

In a conventional war you have two sides, usually the Good vs. Evil again depending who you are talking about. But conventional wars have ended almost right after the 2nd world war. Any war after that has been about Money and Making Money. Even that war was very much profitable for USA who after that became a super power.

The concept of countries and borders is bull shit there is no such a thing as borders. We all are slaves to few nations and few conglomerate corporations. And between you and I there are some people who will suffer and pay as a result of games, trades and deals that these nations and corporations do with each other.

The Islamic Fascist Apartheid Regime in Iran who by the way like his past predecessors going back 150 years had been placed in power by these nations and corporation who have decided our fate.

But coming to our turf and territory and what we can control and have say is that Israel’s war with Iran will be a disaster on many fronts.

First the Israelis will not be able to destroy the nuclear facilities or cause any damage unless they drop nuclear bombs but even that will be very tough because the Islamic Regime has learned from the Iraq’s fate in the 1980s when Israelis destroyed Saddam's nuclear plant.

Second an attack on the Islamic Fascist regime will only strengthen the Mullahs in Iran and nothing else. They will be much more power in will take Iran to a next worst level a military state like North Korea.

Third and final is the human and environmental disaster. As I mentioned the only way to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities is by dropping some sort of a nuclear bomb or the so call Bunker Busters that Israel has received. The destruction of Iran’s Uranium enrichment facilities will release the most harmful material in the air which will cause the most humanitarian and environmental catastrophe in the 21 century. Not to mention the starvation, and the psychological damage that this war can bring upon people.

So who are the players? In Israel you have Benjamin Netanyahu who is from the same school as Ariel Sharron. We know the fate of Sharron and we also know the deals and criminal activities he and his sons were involved with the settlers. These are the most right wing in the Jewish state.

Benjamin Netanyahu has support of right wing national Jewish Israelis in Knesset but he also receives a great deal of money and support from the Evangelical groups and association here in USA. Some of the Evangelical such as John Hagee, Patterson as well Graham (//

Mr. Netanyahu like his predecessor Sharon is involved in settlements and has great stakes in them. They do business through their families who either are contractors or investors. The settlement business in Israel is big money maker. Please also remember Israel is in a very bad economic situation it has two digit unemployment rates with a very young population. So Netanyahu has many other reasons for a speedy war with the Fascist Mullahs and none are security related.

One thing I like to share with you is that most Israelis do not Favor a war with Iran

The other players are AIPAC. This organization that acts as an Israeli lobbyist group has been established to protect the rights of Israeli citizen as well as the sovereignty of the state of Israel. They are so powerful that very USA president has been attending their annual meetings in order to get their support. I see AIPAC no different than the two terrorist organization HAMAS or Hezbollah. The only difference is that they dress nicer and kill people differently.

It is so funny that the Iranian diasporas is so wary of NIAC the only organization who does give voice to the Iranian people and are in such a desperate need for our support. But that is a different story.

There are other players such as the contractors and people who will greatly benefit from a war with Iran these contractors include the ones who provide manpower, logistics, soldiers and equipment. The contractors have gained a great deal of power and have penetrated all aspects of the State Department and Pentagon. Blackwater was one of the most prominent contractors who had made deals in billions they changed their names after investigation by human rights and civil rights organizations against them for atrocities and crimes against humanity. They are still at it and have made billions of dollars from blood of other people.

As we talked about the players who can benefit for this war let us talk about the LOSERS of this war. The LOSERS are the Israeli and the Iranian people. The people who really don’t want have anything to do with the dirt politics of theses barbaric savages who gain momentum for the blood and sorrow of other.

At the end we all agree that the Mullahs need to be removed from the power but I think what we disagree is how. I am from the school of thought by empowering the people and through intelligence gathering and encouraging the Iranian nation to overthrow the regime and no one else.

Those who think WAR will bring PEAXCE and DEMOCRACY are either stupid or fooling themselves because the only thing that will happen is more prolonged hostility in Middle East and more hatred across the region.

Isolation of the regime and its leaders and empowerment of the people is the only solution.


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maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

let's all join the "thar el lah" and just keep saying  marg bar...!!

NO WAR is needed .

Just    close all the Iranian embassies world wide and shut down the UN mission and you'll be almost there.