Is Islamic Fascist Regime an invading force? Can one argue that they are invaders?


by iranvatan

For more than thirty years this regime has systematically murdered Iranians for no reason other than been Iranian nationals. They have practiced discrimination, racism and ethnic cleansing against Iranian people. More than million Iranians have been murdered in the hands of these murderous invaders.

These occupiers have taken the freedom away from Iranian people. They have imprisoned Iranian nationals in case they practiced their culture, their religion or celebrated their identity and in some case they executed them because of their religion and their identity.

Here are some examples of crimes by these occupiers against the Iranian people:

• Iranian women have been discriminated and harassed for been Iranian women.

• Iranian Bahais, Jews, Christian have been constantly harassed, or executed because of their religion and their freedom to practice their religion in their own country. 

• Iranian ethnic minorities mainly Kurds, Baluch, Azeri and Arabs have been constantly discriminated, harassed and in many cases subjected to racism by this occupying forces. These barbaric occupiers are trying to do whatever they can to create ethnic tension amongst Iranian people. Their goal is to dismantle the country.

• For more than thirty years this regime has harassed, discriminated and in many cases executed Iranians who are homosexuals just because they wanted to be for who they are in their own country.

• For thirty years this occupying force has stolen, and engaged itself in criminal activities such as terrorism, kidnapping and murder in the name of our beloved nation.

• These occupiers have used people’s resource and treasures to fund terrorist organizations, criminal enterprises and create fear and threat inside and outside Iran. They have threatened other countries and in some cases called for their destruction in the name of our motherland.


One million Iranian have so far been murdered by these barbaric savages who have occupied our land.  



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