Iranian Regime an Islamic Apartheid Fascist State thanks to Damn Mujahedin and Monarchist

by iranvatan

For more than 30 years we the Iranians have been invaded by the enemies of Iran and Iranian people. Although our fault due to ignorance and illiteracy but we also have to thank our previous government and regime. We fell trapped and we have digged ourselves into a hole that we have a hard time to get out.

Foreigners took advantage of the weak Monarchy lead by a coward puppet and used groups and traitors such as Mujahedin to infiltrated Iran and Iranian system and install Islamic Cockroaches with level 2 education to mainly corrupt our culture, our foundation and our loyalty to land and people.

 Once a proud nation and proud people with high culture and rich history we have become a nation of cowards and have become so much corrupted that we cannot even defend our Namus and our dignity and pride.

 Foreigners of course have taken advantage of the situation. Europe and USA have made billion of dollars from the Mullah Regime more than any previous regime. The Mullah fascist Regime in Iran has sold Iran to Foreigners. They have destroyed and decapitated the country. It will take years to build Iran and its foundation.

 At this point Iran is destroyed.

Islamic Reformers (Moussavi), Monarchist and Mujahedin with the communist groups are trying to fight for power but these groups are so weak and are so corrupt that they have no clue about how to run and lead the nation.

We need a FRESH start. We need an Iran with young, nationalistic idea. We need the youth to take over and get rid of the bunch of OLD FARTS with corrupt ideas.

 Mujahedin and Monarchist betrayed and sold Iran so no Iranian trusts them.

I believe in Nationalism and I believe in our Youth. 

I think they will take over Iran and make Iran once again a powerful and prosperous nation in Middle East that respects the right of all Iranians and is inclusive.

 Vote for Nationalism  


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. Ayatoilet1 از کوزه برون تراود آنچه در اوست.


All past and present records speak for itself and you are Not the judge here. As Patrick Moynihan once said” you are only entitled to your own opinion, NOT your OWN FACTS.”

I must however congratulate you on “popularity” issue. I had no idea that what people do at is part of a process called “Beauty Contest”, “Popularity Show Down”; or something like that. Who gets more Bah-Bah and Chah- Chah is the winner and gets the first  prize!  National Inquirer, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine, sites full of trash and rubbish, and the rest certainly are very popular as well.

I am sure You KNOW the “Facts” of your popularity and certainly you deserve the first prize and I congratulate you again. Keep it up, the more you inform people, the better it is.  Informing and directing  the  “uninformed people,”  those without “facts,” those who can’t say anything expect “name calling,” those who have “nothing to say,” those who are so sophomoric and shallow and “don’t get ” the depth and sophistication of highly intelligent scholarly works you have presented now or in the past, and hopefully do more in future,   those who are not able to “rebuttal” but instead perhaps are the master of equivocation and Internet skullduggery,  and the rest of bumpkins LIKE ME who apparently their lack of something is SO  “OBVIOUSE” to you that has made you jittery and , and you know it, a little angry.

What did you consider “personal attack?” Highlight, point out ONE word and statement that made you jittery? Statements about history of your gig on an Iranian TV and my absolute factual comments about the general nature of that programming based on my own personal observations, tapes are there?  Is that it? Hiding behind ambiguous generalization here is not the sign of courage. If I have ATTACKED anyone on his/her OWN SELF, I have to be corrected and must apologize. SO SHOW ME the FACT?  “Tactics of IRI, childish and immature” were part of this PERSONAL ATTACK? A Holy-Moly sanctimonious I take the high road but I really do something else, perhaps turbidity and confabulation is not intentional, but it is laughable.

I am challenging and disagreeing with most of the things you have said—in concept and quality.  you don’t see that way, SEE IT PERSONAL and then have the audacity to twist the same thing around, advise me and bring it to my attention that personal and public issues are two different things?! This is simply twisted and absurd.

If I question your credibility, scholarship and authenticity that is MY RIGHT to do so, and if I write that I think you DO NOT HAVE ANY, that is MY OPINION and I have the RIGHT to express it. That clearly INCLUES informing, but NOT ADVISING, (don’t put words in my or someone else’s mouth) THIS COMMUNITY or any other community as well. To let them know who I BELIEVE is phony, who is worth his/her two cents, is dishonest, cheats doing cut and paste, etc. Others have a MIND OF THEIR OWN, they can DECIDE for themselves, so what is your problem here? Like many others are you suffering from alethophobia?  NO, I am not YOUR father or a NAAZEM, or the gate keeper. Pedestal or not I WILL say it as I SEE it—no chips on the shoulders and I do not receive my MOGHARARY from anywhere!  

 You don’t like to hear what I think about the content of your posts, then all of the sudden MY OPPINION becomes a PERSONAL ATTACK?! Where in the world this kind of thinking comes from? Eat your own medicine, don’t like it, don’t READ IT and don’t RESPOND! Isn’t that what you are telling me?! Is there some smell of hypocrisy around?     

From my side there will be no further communication regarding this subject.




Defend Iran

by alimostofi on

Monarchists put Iran above politics and religion. A system needs to be around to protect Iran. You can call it what you like. But you can't have democracy or religion if you do not have Iran first.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi


Zonumbaa - When someone has nothing to say, no rebuttal...

by ayatoilet1 on

Obviously you have nothing to say and  no rebuttal, and you now want to resort to cheap comments like linking everything to a TV show. Focus on the facts please. Only the facts. Nothing else.

And I am sure you are a very deep and intellectual person. So deep that you can even stand on a pedestal and advise the community on about who is deep and intellectual.

You have a choice don't read my blogs and comments. The reality is, when I do publish, my blogs to 10x better in readership and comments then other blogs. They are popular.

So again, focus on facts. And avoid personal attacks. Your tactics are the same as the IRI's. Attacking individuals instead of addressing key issues that impact people's lives. Its somewhat childish and immature.


Iranvatan, yes free democratic secular country is a worthy goal

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It won't be done by a few people, but requires the entire leadership of the country.  That in turn requires Nationalism in the sense that it requires those who understand what irans National Culture is and who are among the most important of several thousands of Iranians who created the National Culture of Iran and why.  On No One Trusts Monachy???? are you so sure you are not deceiving yourself?  That doesn't reflect the view of most young Iranians born after the revolution that believe their Parents made a mistake.  That the Pahlavi's in less than 50 years helped Iranians go from
having donkeys only in the streets of the capital to having a society
with the 9th largest GDP in the world on its way to being the 4th and
with one of the most advanced and well equipt militaries in the world and were then attacked
says volumes about the state of mind of Iranians and their lack of appreciation for the Shah
and his team.  Calling him a traitor or a puppet is disingenuous, its why your views are seen by me as being false and leading to the creation of false nationalism.  I prefer the real thing.

I disagree with your view on mistrust of monarchy, Iranians do now know of the importance of their culture today, they are more trusting of their heritage than at any other time, especially since they have come face to face with anti-iranian mollahs.  


why the name calling

by iranvatan on

Dear Mr. amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

See people like you who get into name calling and labeling are not going to free Iran.

I am not going to argue against you but with you.

We all agree Iran must be free and must become a democratic secular country.

The only way to do it is through Nationalism.

No one trusts the Mujahedin, the Monarchist and islamist.

We want Iranian and an Iranian to rule Iran and no Traitor or Puppet. 

One Iran for all Iranians


Amir-Parviz, , Ayatoilet and Iranvatan

by Zorumbaa on

In case of  Ayatoilet, Credibility, authenticity, and scholarship that must go into developing and presenting and argument regarding such serious matter simply do not exist. Convoluted syntax, at times diatribe, circular reasoning and generalizations and vagueness are the trade mark of rather long posts by Ayattoilet 1. If I am not mistaking in his failed gig at an Iranian TV, (same NAME, same person in picture) broadcasting from Washington DC, although he was getting his talking points from the so called the owner-boss, the self-proclaimed (although very bashful and coy about it!) next wishful thinking President, Shah, King, Rahabar of Iran after he liberated the country by telling his followers to send him money and  write  vulgarity  against regime (on the walls and the currency) , program went off the air rather soon. Now I believe he is using IC as a replacement. That is of course perfectly fine, it is the freedom of speech that shows the depth of thinking and intellect of a person as well as where is he/she coming from?


Ayatoilet and Iranvatan

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

2 False Nationalists not unlike mossadegh, i.e. ignorant of the national culture of Iran and the real opposition Iran has faced in its aim of achieving both progress and secular democracy, leading to blame, confusion & misunderstanding regarding the Pahlavi's and Irans recent History.  Awareness is a process and only comes by revisiting the past, its why it is important, stay with it, so you can release self deceptions mr "Rampant corruption and torture!" a totally disingenuous misrepresentation of the late Shahs Iran.


??????? Iran has been the leading power with its Monarchy

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

since pre-industrialization.  A monarchy that produced more Champions than Rome and defeated it in 10 out of 12 wars.  Not sure how you see producing champions, for me it is using the institution of Monarchy to Develop a society that acts based on Friendship, Respect and Fair Play. When the people can not exhibit these towards their own honest King how do we expect them to do this towards each other and the world at large? And Yes Democracy is a part of our future, though not at the expense of Irans Independence.  We need to build the capability to have it, not at the expense of being able to progress like India and other countries that will have had democratic systems for over a century only to be the most inhumane and regressive places to live.


Amir-Parviz: when will you ...

by ayatoilet1 on

When will you start focusing on the other 74,999,999 iranians instead of just one dude? Stop this! The only way Iran will get ahead is if we all focus on being the tidethat lifts all boats instead of just lifting one boat (even if its a large boat)!

Yes the Monarchy is important, and frankly so is Shia Islam - but Iran AND Iranians can only get ahead if they define themselves beyond the Monarchy and Shia Islam. Nations are defined not by the head of state or their religions but what they contribute to humanity.

Think about it, when you think of America is it Obama or the Methodist faith that immediately comes to mind OR, Apple iPads, iPods..; or NASA and the Space Shuttle...; or NBA Basketball...or ...

Or when you think of Brazil do you think about the Their female President and the Catholic Faith OR Brazilian Football (Soccer) players and teams; or Rio's Carnival ....; or Brazil's very strong current economy (Iron Ore, Offshore Oil, etc.)

Its not about the Monarchy, its about what the people do, what they accomplish, how they live!

Please get off your bandwagon. The Monarchy and religion are second order, derivative issues - should not be central or primary in anyway.

A nation's health and prosperity is far more important. Every citizen is a monarch, is a king. Every citizen needs to be worshiped and admired. Every citizen is sacred. A nation only gets ahead when people have this sort of attitude about each other. And we have to be in this to elevate everyone and help them make the most of their lives and accomplish the very most they can. We want 75  Million Champions - Olimpians. Not just one.


On Why The People of Iran Lost the Late Shah

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The behavior and actions of Iranians was not that of Friendship, Respect and Fair Play.  In that respect Iranians were at fault, however Iranians were not as ignorant as they appear, the USA & UK perfected the Industrialization of Media and improved on Goebels Propaganda approaches, the ignorance we see among some was infact manufactured or as is said in the UK "served with an agenda to thwart Iranians".

This is a conclusion I came to recently after studying how the USA/UK/Frances policies are being and were executed on others.  The only things that were rampant in Iran and among Iranians of the previous generation were the "rampant use of the world media" to represent the king as a dictator, and portray iranians as suffering from rampant corruption, when the country had gone from the 109th wealthiest to the 9th wealthiest in a generation and on its way to being the 4th largest world economy in 10 years to come to the benefit of the people of iran above all, a country that had more agencies than any developed country to fight corruption, portraying the secret service as torturing it's citizens is a testimony to how low the so-called Free & so-called Democratic World stooped to serve their corporate aims & thwart the movement for Freedom and Democracy in Iran as well as removing the late shah who worked his entire life for Iranians to one day achieve ther own noble goals.   The only people responsible for creating an air of terror were the western media's nasty propaganda on the subject.  The Industrialization of the Media, for propaganda purposes, and the Industrial creation of "ideological charities" organized for the purposes of creating lack of co-operation and dis-harmony ie the muslim brotherhood were used, though are becoming increasingly ineffective as the policy the west pursued and is still sticking to was flawed from the beginning in terms of being sustainable.


Ayatoillet, If Iranians remain as unwise in their views

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and beliefs as yours, then Iran will never have the opportunity to thrive again & its exactly how the west would like it.  Awakening is a Process and is not something that is one day done, so don't beat yourself up either, stay with the process and you'll live to throw away the non-sense you thought you knew. The late Shah was not governing but delegated his power to his team, who were in many disgraceful cases taking actions and then throwing all the blame on the shah, which for a "New Generation" would be a disgrace to continue, as blaming the king had become, thanks to the world media's acts of spreading "misinformation" a pass-time with disasterous consequences.

On "rampant corruption and torture" that's a pure lie, in a factual sense these were not rampant.  5 institutions alone had been created to fight corruption, Iran had more anti-corruption expenditures per capita than exist in the West Today, clueless one.  If Comparing Iran with the USA, the UK or France, these 3, then corruption and torture were comparatively Non-existant in the late Shahs Iran.  Reality is so far from what you state.  MOST Iranians within Iran based on personal experiences remember that Peace, Progress and Human Rights were all Improving in Iran at rates far higher than anywhere else on Earth.   


Iranvatan it is impossible to be a Nationalist Iranian

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and not recognize Monarchists as Patriotic, especially after our history and the outstanding and majestic accomplishments of the Pahlavi's in the face of their teams independent advance forward for all iranians, with the opposition and suppression of the Free World, namely the USA, UK and France, united against iranians.  If you ever come to wondering what the late shah was doing working 90 hours a week for Iranians, you would stop blaming him and start understanding what his team and himself were facing.


LOL on last line

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

goo-goo-li-gooooooo LOL


Pahalavi, Rajavi, Moussavi and Khamenei

by iranvatan on

The mentioned above names are BAD for Iran and Iranian people, we will never move forwar or prosper if these people are involved.

They are all thieves, corrupt and THUGS. 


One Iran for all Iranians



by iranvatan on

It is not about blaming. This is fact. Which is normal stronger countries take advantage of the weaker. It is the fault of weaker countries to be taken advantage of.

We have had many weak leaders and as a matter of fact puppets ruling Iran.

The Mullahs although they say they are anti west but they have been the best partners of the West, either directly or indirectly.

It is obvious we Iranians have never had the distiny an dthe fate of our nation in our own hand and that is because of our own ignorance.

It is time for FRESH Blood and the Young to take on and OUT with the OLD. 

One Iran for all Iranians


WIth You Brother ...there is a New (Better) Direction

by ayatoilet1 on

Monarchists say lets compare what we have now with what we had then. Its true, it was better under the Shah, but it was NOT good enough. Iran has been destroyed (and by the way will get even worse) under the Mullahs, and frankly was NOT good enough under the shah with rampant corruption and torture. A mark of who the monarchists truly are - is how they alligned with Saddam Hussein to run Radio Baghdad during the Iran-Iraq war, and how they alligned with him to give away Iranian military secrets. They wanted power, money and priviledge that the shah afforded them, NOT to serve Iran and Iranians. (The Mullahs are the same - its all about power, money and priviledge).

The Mojahedin's have sold their soul - like whores - to Iran's enemies not once but throughout their history aligning first with Russians as Islamic Marxists (killing Americans), then with Saddam Hussein (Killing Iranians) and Now to Israel (Killing Scientists).

There is a new way. A governemnt by the people, for the people of Iran. A government with public servants - to the true meaning of that word. A government dedicated to the prosperity of the country and its people - very much like many nations here in the west. Free enterprise, free expression - true freedom and liberty.

You are right IranVatan. There is a new, different way for Iran. And by the way, the reformists (Karroubi, Moussavi etc. are NOT it), they are false opponents of the current regime.  If only the Shah or Khamenei could understand that their role was NOT TO GOVERN, but to be the guarantors of a system where the people can govern themselves. If only there was  a leader like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson - that understood HOW to implement and maintain a true democracy - AND not impose his or her own will.

Iran needs new, great modern leaders and leadership.

Darius Kadivar

First define 'Nationalism' in a Land of Kings ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Then I will see if I will be ready to join you ...


SATIRE: The Burqa Republic of Our IRANICAN Dreams ;0)


Cause Quite Frankly Being a 'Jomhurykhah' in a 'Land of Kings' is an Oxymoron ... 


MONARCHY MATTERS: Khosro Fravahar say’s Iranian Jomhurykahs live in denial 






An Unapologetic Monarchist (Constitutional or Not)


"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death"-Saul Bellow. 



Haven't you got anything new to say?

by anglophile on

"Foreigners took advantage of the weak Monarchy lead by a coward puppet and used groups and traitors such as Mujahedin to infiltrated Iran and Iranian system ..." Don't you get bored of repeating this same drivel over and over again?