18 Iranians are been beheaded by the Saudi Arabian Government

by iranvatan

Saudi Arabia has already beheaded 4 Iranians.

 It is planning to behead another 18.

  I am not surprised about the silenced of Iranian regime, since the Iranian regime doen't care about its nationals anyway. My susprise comes from the Iranian people.

 You were angry when these Arabs cockroaches were calling Persian Gul Arabian Gulf. Now when they are killing Iranians you are so mute like a mule.

1400 years we wre attacked by the barbaric savages. Now we are been attacked agains. No other country or foreign governmnet has caused so much pain and suffering than Aab Barbaric savages.

 We must stop the execution of the 18 Iranians by teh Arab savages.


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Arash Kamangir

This shows the rivalry betwen Saudis and IR

by Arash Kamangir on

This has been done by saudis purely out of political reasons as they know IR is hopeless and powerless and isolated. Saudis want to show who is in charge. 


No legal court, no justice, no lawyer and no country representat

by iranvatan on

What is wrong with this case?


You are executing foreign nationals without any proper legal represnetation at te international level.

Saudi Arabia has been executing Iranians all the time. No Arab Saudi has ever killed in Iran.

I am not expecting from the current Arab Islamist Fascist to do anything but the international cmmunity. For example there is no mention about them on Amnesty International. But Amnesty is protesting the so Called Arab prosecution by Persians. They talking about our Ahvazi Iranian people as if they are none Iranians.

 Then United States visits Saudi Arabia while the Iranians are beheaded and doesn't say anything.

 And the most shocking think is teh Iranian people who as always are mute like Mules. Their nationals executed by a foreign regime; however if Persian Gulf was name Arbian gulf every Iranian would be mad as hell. 


One Iran for all Iranians


Thank the Saudis

by asadabad on

These 18 iranian shiites are drug traffickers.  They must be executed.  It is the right thing to do.



Yes this is sad

by azadi5 on

But they would have been executed if they were caught and convicted of the same charges in Iran. So they would get death penalty in both countries, of course, death by beheading is far more shocking than hanging.



by yolanda on

All of them are Iranian sailors. 6 years ago they were caught in international waters in possession of drugs.



by jmyt17 on


Right disgusting Arab, but why they begeaded Drug? Rape or just because they are Iranian?



Well said

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I agree this is disgusting act from Arabs.  Absent of human rights.  No one is really worried about IRI.  Even the stupid Mullahs don't know why they brought them & Khomeini to power in Iran, in order to rob and weaken Iran and they succeeded.  Iran is being Africanized.

We are dealing with 1 execution a day with filthy IRI which is spiritually Arabic and now from this physically from Arabs, not a good sign!!!!!!

Still the #1 Issue is the Arabic IRI and then this.



by yolanda on

7 Iranians are still in Saudi prison. 18 have been executed!

These Iranian sailors were arrested 6 years ago.