I give up

I give up
by عموجان

Can't compete with them they are having more fun than I do. I didn't do any editing, this for real.


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۱۳۵۰ : باید


۱۳۵۰ : باید انقلاب کنیم تا خوشبخت بشیم ...
۱۳۶۰ : جنگ تموم بشه صد در صد خوشبختیم ...!
۱۳۷۰ : باید کشورمونو بسازیم تا شاید خوشبخت شیم ...!!
۱۳۸۰ : اگه معجزه بشه احتمال اینکه خوشبخت بشیم هست ...!!
۱۳۹۰ : خدایا کمک کن از اینکه هست بد بخت تر نشیم ...!!!
۱۴۰۰ : ..............................

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


He was handed to us on an Air France you buggers

by divaneh on

I heard that they have frozen his testicles in a lab with the hope of recreating him and taking all of us back to the golden era of Imam again. Can't wait.


Faramarz, can't wait for...

by عموجان on

Cardbord Emam Zaman. 

your up to something here. you even can take picture with him!


Emam has no feet!

by Faramarz on

Thank you Amoo Jaan.

The cardboard replica reminds me of life-size Elvis that I took some pictures with!