Rise & Fight


Rise & Fight
by Hovakhshatare

When I say fight, I mean taking a step every day. Political arguments are dime a dozen but as it has always been the case, actions speak louder than words. And those who show up end up running the show. I really don't care what your political view is or what language of Iranian peoples your parents speak and how far left or right you are but if in your heart of hearts think there is a shred of humanity or decency in islamic regime, or believe there is no hope, or that Iran's future is in someone else's hand, then stop reading. Else, you must rise and fight, in any manner you think appropriate. It is your duty, your obligation, your future & that of your children and grand children. Don't let this reign of murder and terror go on to the next generation of Iranians because you want & need your annual Iran trip or a slew of other reasons and justifications to make you feel good about your absence from where and when it truly matters

It is in the interest of Iran and Iranian people to rise and replace the islamic regime before these murderous bunch bring more poverty, shame, treason, misery and war to our homeland. Diaspora that has awakened since last year's selection, is yet to show its full might. We are a powerful, creative and resourceful bunch that needs to coalesce faster around simple principles that we all share already. Putting pressure on all international entities is something we can do on a sustained basis while Iranians inside lead the fight.

Please sign and massively circulate these petitions that MM had circulated a few days back: Islamic Regime is not representative of Iranian People and جمهوری اسلامی نمایندهٔ مردم ایران نیست

These petitions parallel what was done to Apartheid South Africa before its demise. We have until September to make this a viral campaign so put in your best effort. This regime will be gone but it is up to us to push them over the cliff sooner and then decide what comes next before they put it on our door steps.

From Akbar Mohammadi's last will:

"و طن ا ز شما ميشو د ر و سپيد

بغير ا ز شما بر كه بند د ا ميد "


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Problem is

by Fair on

this sick pet keeps following decent people being the sage velgard he is.  Az yeh kharejee-ye-doshmane Iran cheh entezaree daree.  Een adam keh vatan nadare, az ye mosht vahshee va ashghal va jenayatkar hemayat meekoneh.

Beechareh an kessee beh mesleh een mozdoore badbakht beevatan ast va az khodash heechee nadareh.  Hata darejash ro ham khodesh bayad be khodesh bedeh:)



by Doctor X on

Keep America "sargord" moving.


Cheers Louie

by Hovakhshatare on

he is like a sick pet I never had and never wanted.

Don't forget to sign and distribute.

divaneh jaan, saw your gracious note on the fake avatar threads a few months back. Doroud.

Louie Louie


by Louie Louie on

That was a funny comment Hovakh jaan, glad to see you back!


'R' is the way to go

by Hovakhshatare on

Keep the eyes on the ball. Target 'R'. 

sargerd, I had politely asked you months ago to kindly stay away from my blogs. I don't run a lunatic assylum.

ISK, subset of sargerd.




by oktaby on

و آنگاه که به سراغ من آمدند

great piece from Brecht

SP, I would give 1 penny to see your face on that day when isalmic system is going to fall apart like a house of cards that it is. Then you would need another one to fill the gaping hole in your life. My money says you'll become a rabid anarchist because it is even more flexible than islamic rapism in spewing nonsense




You are becoming divisive

by benross on

You are becoming divisive that is my problem.

Okay I'll watch my tone more carefully.  Those who made a carrier out of Pahlavi bashing need some breathing room. But the carrier is over.

On 'divisive' issue, and just to refresh your memory, just look at first comment in 'Reza Pahlavi: 1989' blog. They've been on it for thirty years.

I'm out now. 


Mehrban - no way

by MM on




by Mehrban on

you really think I am an apologist for IR?!!!  


Thanks Hovakhshatare

by MM on

You know you have hit a nerve when apologizers come out in force.

Benross - many of us did not want the current regime and clearly saw what was coming, so please leave what should remain in the sewer in the sewer.


No Benross - not the desicion point

by Mehrban on

It is your and other's sudden smear campain on all things seemingly non Monarchist ie. Nationalists, Republicans, Mossadegh, etc. etc.  I am all for turning the page of the past but not by smearing but by honoring all good deeds and accepting mistakes.  People do not have to eat shit as you direct them to do almost on a daily basis.  

In what will be left of Iran after IR we all have to live together, this is what the green (?) marchers understood.   This is what made them more powerful than any opposition outside of Iran.  You are becoming divisive that is my problem.  


Despot: I do not mean RP

by benross on

I'm glad you noticed that. But RP could not come to IC and throw jabs at captain worm could he? He could not come and expose the anti-Semites for who they were, without being a 'stooge' (the term still going on by likes of sargord) and AIPAC agent and Chalabi lookalike etc. could he?

What didn't make me despot then that is making despot now? ...decision moment.

Otherwise, my remarks are right here for everybody to respond to the points I brought up if they choose to do so. That's a fair game. Calling me 'despot' is not.

Darius Kadivar

Halah Yeh Film Deedanoh ... Dota Ketab Khoondan ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Va Khial Meekonand keh Donya Siaho Sepideh ...


Sorry But I'm Out too !




You have become so despotic in promoting what it was

by Mehrban on

you were saying a year ago.   If we want despots, we have khameneii, honestly I don't care if the next despot is a little better dressed.  

I have no political affiliations but I know despotism can come in any political shape or form (party) and so can patriotism and freedom.  

Despot: I do not mean RP.  


Dear Mehrban

by benross on

I don't say anything new here. I'm saying what I said from the beginning a year ago. If it is becoming unbearable now and it wasn't unbearable then, it's because the time of making a real decision is getting closer and closer. This is how I see it. The twilight zone hang-out is no longer sustainable.

But you Mehrban, are still fully bearable to me! 



by Mehrban on

delete pls

Darius Kadivar

Well Said Benross Jaan !

by Darius Kadivar on

I'm With You on this !

Long Live the "R" ...



nation replies

by benross on

Speak for yourself. Nation brought Khomeini... and it wasn't hijacked. And now, each individual Iranian citizen is speaking up, not on behalf of 'nation', but on behalf of his/her self, asking for freedom. Khomeini took away whatever freedom we had, he did not bring freedom that we were lacking. Am I wrong? Do you enjoy the 'goh' you ate? Then get out of here and enjoy your life... and take your 'nationalism' antiques with you while you are at it.

Enough of this garbage. After 30 years, there is no more room for negh-o-noogh. Snap out of your denial and take your responsibility.


nation replies

by i_support_khamenie on

خير اريا مهر، عزت ، شرف و يكمى حرمت ميخواستيم~~ و همجنين كسى كه بيش از حد اريا بوست نباشد~ دولتو بهلوان كاقزى~~~

Sargord Pirouz

Melodramatic, wouldn't you

by Sargord Pirouz on

Melodramatic, wouldn't you say?

Time again to face the fact: It ain't happenin', brother.


و آنگاه که به سراغ من آمدند...