Gathering momentum

Gathering momentum
by Hovakhshatare

This petition to declare the representatives of islamic republic are not representatives of Iranian people is of high symbolic value and was done to South Africa before demise of apartheid.

It is gathering momentum and advertised distribution has just begun.

Do your part. Iran needs Iranians more than ever. Sign & distribute widely:

English:   //

Farsi:      //


Sites promoting right now are Iran Global & Iranian Writers Association. More coming soon:




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hova jaan thanks

by shushtari on

that was my next question, I will disseminate this info as much as I can



IRR criminals photos

by Hovakhshatare on

are a good idea shushtari, and being collected by several sources including this one on facebook: //

Several youtube videos: //

and a few sites (names & cases) like

OI, AO, Azarin, Cyclic, shushtari, thanks and hope to meet you all in free Iran



by cyclicforward on

  I am also signing this petition. SP, you are at it again and that was the stupidest comment I have hear in a year this time. How can you take a pole in a country that people dragged into Evin just because they said something. Next time to take a pole in North Korea, I am sure they are all for dear leader. I wonder when you are going to grow up.


we need

by shushtari on

to have to photos of these freaks on a large poster for sale, so every iranian can have it on their wall, and one by one we can cross them out :)

Azarin Sadegh

Just signed it..

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous Observer

Thanks Hovakh for posting this

by Anonymous Observer on

IRI terrorist mafia is truly not a representative of Iran and Iranian people.  Signed and sealed.


keep wishing sarjookhe

by shushtari on

your mullahs' time has come......

in fact, they would have been gone much sooner had saddam not invaded iran.....


you're the only fool that is defending the mullahs here......and that says a lot

I wonder if you are typing from feyzeeye qom or are living in the belly of the great satan LOL 


Done - Thank you.

by Onlyiran on



Credentials Committee

by Hovakhshatare on

Next step: persuasion & pressure on individual members of the credentials committee of the U.N.  //

All, thanks and keep going. Yes, even you SP, for entertaining us.



by Majid on

Just did and and will forward it.



Have already signed it but thanks for spreading the word

by Bavafa on




by Fatollah on

and passed on ...



by oktaby on

and distributing.


Sargord Pirouz

Here's the major flaw in the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Here's the major flaw in the petition: while it may echo the sentiments of the exile community, it isn't representative of a large majority inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. But don't take my word on the matter. Here are three polls taken after the 2009 election:


Anyway, the exile crowd has been promoting this sort of thing for 31 years now, and I don't expect a change of behavior until this external demographic passes away. That process should be well underway in another 20-30 years.



by yolanda on

I signed already!

Thank you for your blog and link!



by yolanda on

I signed already!

Thank you for your blog and link!


DONE - thanks Hovakhshatare

by MM on

Once enough people signed this petition, we may think about filing against all these Islamists at the International Court of Law in The Hague for crimes against humanity, even if it is a symbolic gesture.



by Hovakhshatare on



signed & passed on

by Monda on

thank you for this post Hovakhshatare.