what if reza shah had stayed in power longer in iran ?

by hoomangolshan

reza shah was an iron-willed king, and caused major changes in iran during his rule...  what if he had stayed in power longer ?  how would iran be different ?


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He would have stabilised the

by Simorgh5555 on

He would have stabilised the country for many years. He would have cpmpletely eradicated the influence of Islam in society and reduced the mullahs into lounge lizards never ever daring to interfere in the governance of Iran. He would never have sent Khomeini into exile TWICE like his son did but would have killed him on the spot.
On the negative side he might not have accepted democratic change and relinquish power to form a comstitutional monarchy. However, I firmly believe autocratic rule was right for Iran up until the nineteen seventies to ward off threats from the Russians, communists and Islamists who are nearly destroying the country.


Iran could be like China Today....

by omeedvar on

Last year I visited China. I was amazed to see a country with 1.3 Billion population, that was poor and communist for several decades, has changed to a dynamic and progressive country in less than three decades. The educational system, factories, infrastructures and government work in harmony and with dicipline, therefore, they have been able to export their products all over the world, making China a strong economy. Majority of Chinese, love and respect Mao for what he has done for Them.

I believe, Reza Shah could have done the same for Iran, if he had remained in power longer. 

Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

اگر بیشتر مانده بود و حکومت کرده بود، امروزه ما شاید ده ها هزار الفاظ و واژه های بیشتری در کلکسیون فحشهای خواهر و مادر داشتیم که تمام آنها از زمان پهلوی باب شد و بیشتر آنها را مدیون شخص رضا شاه هستیم