wikipedia entry on the critics of reza khan

by hoomangolshan

the following passage is from wikipedia on the critics of reza khan :

Reza Shah's main critics were the so-called "new intelligentsia", often educated in Europe, for whom the Shah "was not a state-builder but an `oriental despot` ... not a reformer but a plutocrat strengthening the landed upper class; not a real nationalist but a jack-booted Cossack trained by the Tsarists and brought to power by British imperialists.[49] His defenders included Ahmad Kasravi, an older intellectual who defended the Shah saying

Our younger intellectuals cannot possibly understand, and thus cannot possibly judge Reza Shah. They cannot because they were too young to remember the chaotic and desperate conditions out of which he arose.


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good point kasravi makes

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

its really a shame Mossadeghollahis/Antellectuals & Mullahs are not more valuable, Iran would be in a great position today if they were, as we have lots of them. Haif ke az agleshoon estehfadeh nemikonan. Ba In hameh Olag, azadi va democracy sakhtan khali sakhtar misheh