do you think that iran's script will change from arabic to latin ?

by hoomangolshan

i have noticed that many people used the latin alphabet to communicate in farsi... do you think that with the passage of time, iran's script will change from arabic to latin ?


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i wonder if it will change

by hoomangolshan on

i wonder if it will change with the passage of time...


Before the age of 'texting',

by benross on

Before the age of 'texting', I was a supporter of the idea in my youth. Over the time, I understood better the intricacy of a language. So now, although not a fanatic opponent to the idea, I believe the Arabic script is best suited for the language. The deterioration of the quality of the language in 'texting' must be a sign how helpful this idea might be.

Recently I mentioned this issue with a linguist friend of mine. She said 'then you haven't seen the tears in the eyes of a young Turk asking me to write his name in old Ottoman script... because he didn't know how to do it'.